September 2014
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New ASPHN Success Stories
Increasing Access to Drinking Water
Safe Use of Salad Bars
ASPHN Needs You!
Get to Know ASPHN Consultants
Invite Your Colleagues to Join
Calling all Fruit and Vegetable Coordinators
PHHSBG Guiding Principles
ASPHN Expands Story Bank of Members' Successes   

Check out our new obesity prevention and maternal and child health stories that highlight our members' great work in their states!

We have six obesity prevention stories now posted on our website:
  • Diane Peck's project to promote salad bars in Alaska schools.
  • Amy Ellings' SAFE Salad Bars in Schools project in Washington state.
  • Christine Twait's Twist and Sprout Child Care project in Minnesota.
  • Patrice Isabel's TOP Star Child Care Program in Utah.
  • Donna McDuffie's Healthy Beverages in Health Care in Minnesota.
  • Leslie Lewis' Helping Kids Eat Healthy Foods project in Louisiana.
We now have four maternal and child health success stories on our website:
  • Lissa Sirois project to increase the breastfeeding counseling skills of home visit staff in New Hampshire.
  • Robin Stanton and her work with the Nutrition Council of Oregon to launch the Shared Meals Initiative.
  • Elaine Russell's coalition work to develop an Early Care and Education nutrition and physical activity strategic plan in Kentucky.
  • Lisa Richard's project in New Hampshire to build the nutrition counseling skills of home visit  and health center staff.
We like to share our members' successes!  And we like to spread the word about how important public health nutritionists are.  We hope that the experiences of your fellow members can give you ideas for programs that might work in your state.


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New ASPHN Powerpoint:
The State Health Agency's Role in Increasing Access to Drinking Water
This new Powerpoint Presentation can help state health department staff promote water access in key settings, including communities, worksites, government agencies, schools, and early care and education.  The customizable presentation allows health department staff to educate themselves and their key partners on the importance of drinking water access and ways to implement this strategy.  State health agency staff can adapt the slide set to suit their needs and share it at coalition meetings, workgroups and other settings.  The Powerpoint also can help colleagues understand the importance of incorporating water access strategies into existing state efforts.  ASPHN developed the Powerpoint and the accompanying user guide in collaboration with state health department staff and CDC-DNPAO.

New ASPHN Fact Sheet: 
Safe Use of Salad Bars in Schools 
ASPHN's Salad Bar Task Force created this modifiable fact sheet to assist state Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators in their work to promote salad bars in schools.  The fact sheet includes guidelines, codes and food safety procedures.  Each state can adapt the fact sheet to address its specific requirements.  Safe Use is accompanied by a guide that explains how to customize the fact sheet.

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ASPHN Needs You to Get Involved!  
There's no time like the present to get involved in your Association! We are looking for members to get involved in a number of ASPHN's committees and councils.  Click on the links below to learn more, and contact the consultants listed for more information.

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Get to Know the ASPHN Consultants  
This month we're  profiling ASPHN's Executive Director, Karen Probert, MS, RD.   Karen took the helm as Executive Director in 2007, but she was no newcomer to the Association!  Karen worked for ASPHN from 1994 - 1997 and consulted with the Association as a trainer from 1997 - 2007. 

As Executive Director, Karen is responsible for all aspects of the Association's operations.  She works directly with the ASPHN consultant team and with the Board of Directors.  She also raises grant funds and manages those grants.

Karen says, "It's exciting for me to see how popular public health nutrition has become over the past 20 years.  I am proud of the many products ASPHN has produced and our many contributions to the field.  I'm also excited to see all the new leaders who are getting involved and contributing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge." 

Karen just left the mountains of rural western Colorado for desert city life in Tucson.  She is looking forward to settling in and finding fun things to do in her new community!

Invite Your Colleagues to Join ASPHN  
The ASPHN Membership Committee encourages you to invite your colleagues to join ASPHN!  Not sure if your co-workers are members?  Check the membership directory for listings in your state.  Not sure what to say?  Click here to learn about the benefits of membership in ASPHN.  And click here to take a look at Key Messages about ASPHN.

Fruit and Vegetable Coordinators: We want to hear from you! 
The National Council of Fruit and Vegetable Coordinators would like to hear from Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators about your work!  We'll post your updates on the revised and updated Council webpage.

If your state does not have a Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator, contact Allison McGuigan, ASPHN consultant, Membership Committee.

Guiding Principles for the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant    
ASTHO has released proposed principles to frame the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant (PHHSBG) guidance and will share these principles with CDC for review and consideration.  In collaboration with the Affiliate Council, ASTHO developed these five key guiding principles to ensure that PHHSBG demonstrates its importance and impact as a high-performing program. 

The proposed guiding principles promote alignment of the PHHSBG and related prevention programs and introduce potential levels of measurement associated with national prevention initiatives.  ASTHO believes implementing these guidelines will ensure effective implementation of the PHHSBG and improve the health and safety of people in every state and territory.

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists  (ASPHN) is a non-profit membership organization that develops leaders in public health nutrition who strengthen policy, programs and

environments, making it possible for everyone to make healthy food choices and achieve healthy, active lifestyles.


Our vision is to create new environmental norms where healthy eating and active living are the easy and natural choices for all Americans.  We welcome your involvement in our growing organization.  Learn more about us at About ASPHN.