August 19, 2014

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Our next Mac's List Meets event is set for Sept. 17 at Hatch. Space is limited, so register today!  


Cecilia Bianco announces our expert panelists in the featured listing of the week: "The Balancing Act: Learn How to Find Success as a Working Parent at Our Fall Event."  


I share how to correctly use "The LinkedIn Connect Button." 




Jessica Williams

"Mac's List" Editor

Listing of the Week
Mac's List announces the fall event "A Panel for Working Parents: How to Find Success!" Read more about this great opportunity on the "Mac's List" blog.
Featured Listings
Camp Fire Columbia (Portland Metro) is hiring a President & CEO. Salary: $100,000 - $110,000/yr. 

Growing Gardens (Portland Metro) is hiring a Development Director. Salary: $45,000 - $55,000/yr.

Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland Metro) is hiring a Museum Giving Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

ImpactFlow (Portland Metro) is hiring a Sales Representative (Web-Startup). Salary: DOE.
New Jobs
1. Oregon BEST (Portland Metro) is hiring an Executive/Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR). Salary: DOE.

2. World Pulse Voices (Portland Metro) is hiring an Online Community Lead. Salary: $33,000 - $37,000/yr.

3. Oregon Episcopal School (Portland Metro) is hiring a Band Director for Independent K-12 School. Salary: DOE plus $7,000 stipend.

4. ZoomCare (Portland Metro) is hiring a Business Lead. Salary: DOE.

5. Park Academy (Portland Metro) is hiring a Director of Development. Salary: $40,000/yr.

6. Regional Water Providers Consortium (Portland Metro) is hiring a Part-time Print Media Consultant. Salary: DOE.

7. Metro (Portland Metro) is hiring a Real Estate Negotiator. Salary: $63,940 - $85,579/yr.

8. New Avenues for Youth (Portland Metro) is hiring a Program Supervisor. Salary: DOE.

9. Sparkloft Media (Portland Metro) is hiring a Senior Social Media Strategist. Salary: DOE.

10. Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage (Portland Metro) is hiring an Architectural Salvage Sales Associate. Salary: $12 - $15/hr.

11. Centerlogic, Inc. (Portland Metro) is hiring a Help Desk Consultant. Salary: DOE.

12. Centerlogic, Inc. (Portland Metro) is hiring a Network Consultant. Salary: DOE.

13. Oregon Opportunity Network (Portland Metro) is hiring an Administrative Assistant. Salary: $14 - $16/hr.

14. YWCA Clark County (Vancouver, WA) is hiring a Director of Philanthropy. Salary: $65,000/yr.

15. 1000 Friends of Oregon (Portland Metro) is hiring a Communications & Membership Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

16. Oregon Primary Care Association (Portland Metro) is hiring a Technical Assistance and Training Project Manager. Salary: DOE.

17. Youth Music Project (Portland Metro) is hiring a Fiddle Instructor - Part-time. Salary: $27/class.

18. DoveLewis (Portland Metro) is hiring a Chief Development Officer. Salary: DOE.

19. Mercy Corps (Portland Metro) is hiring a Sr. Graphic Designer. Salary: DOE.

20. Regional Arts & Culture Council (Portland Metro) is hiring a Community Services Coordinator. Salary: $18/hr.

21. Portland YouthBuilders (Portland Metro) is hiring a Development Program Assistant- full time VISTA volunteer. Salary: $11,352/yr.

22. Portland YouthBuilders (Portland Metro) is hiring an AmeriCorps Volunteer Position- Personal Development Services Dept.. Salary: $1,050/mo.

23. De La Salle North Catholic High School (Portland Metro) is hiring a Benefits Development Manager. Salary: $55,000 - $60,000/yr.

24. Collier Mfg (Portland Metro) is hiring a Sales Manager. Salary: DOE.

25. ECONorthwest (Portland Metro) is hiring a Research Analyst - Quantitative Economics. Salary: DOE.

26. Salem Psychiatric Associates (Salem) is hiring an Executive Director. Salary: $100,000 - $130,000/yr.

27. Opus Events Agency (Portland Metro) is hiring a Technical Production (Web). Salary: DOE.

28. ADX (Portland Metro) is hiring an Education Director. Salary: $33,000/yr.

29. Oregon Wild (Portland Metro) is hiring a Communications Associate. Salary: $32,000 - $38,000/yr.

30. Pacific University (Portland Metro) is hiring a Prospect Researcher. Salary: DOE.

31. Cascade AIDS Project (Portland Metro) is hiring a Director of Prevention and Education Services. Salary: $68,000 - $78,000/yr.

32. University of Portland (Portland Metro) is hiring a Nurse Practitioner for University Health Center. Salary: $60,000 - $67,000/yr.

33. Pacific University (Portland Metro) is hiring an Assistant Director of Annual Giving. Salary: $32,000 - $36,000/yr.

34. Social Enterprises (Portland Metro) is hiring a Program Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

35. University of Oregon (Eugene) is hiring an Associate Director of Development, Research and Graduate Education. Salary: $55,000 - $75,000/yr.

36. Community Action Team, Inc. Child & Family Development Programs (Coastal Region) is hiring a Family Worker for Tillamook Head Start center. Salary: $9.96/hr.

37. Portland Business Alliance (Portland Metro) is hiring a Director of Communications and Digital Media. Salary: DOE .

38. Northwest Housing Alternatives (Portland Metro) is hiring a Housing Support Specialist. Salary: $17.50 - $19.50/hr.

39. The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (Portland Metro) is hiring a Mental Health Counselor. Salary: $34,000 - $38,000/yr.

To see all 169 "Mac's List" jobs check out our website

1. Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. (Portland Metro) is seeking a Building Girls Work Crew. Salary: $150 stipend.

2. Gifford Pinchot Task Force (Portland Metro) is hiring a Communications and Events Intern. Salary: $10 - $12/hr.

3. HandsOn Network (Portland Metro) is hiring a Project Operations Intern. Salary: $500/mo. stipend.

4. HandsOn Network (Portland Metro) is hiring a Research & Development Intern. Salary: $500/mo. stipend.

5. Albertina Kerr (Portland Metro) is seeking an Event Planning Intern.

6. WholeSelf Wellness (Portland Metro) is seeking a Business Development/Web Design/Communications Intern.

7. Bridge Advantage (Portland Metro) is seeking a Marketing Coordinator Intern.

8. Oregon Humanities (Portland Metro) is seeking a Finance Intern.

9. Oregon Humanities (Portland Metro) is seeking a Programs Intern.

10. Oregon Humanities (Portland Metro) is seeking a Classroom Assistant Intern.

11. Oregon Humanities (Portland Metro) is seeking an Annual Fund Intern.

12. Sseko Designs (Portland Metro) is seeking Fall Interns: Marketing & Operations.

13. Lines for Life (Portland Metro) is seeking a Social Media Intern.
Volunteer Jobs

1. Bonamici for Congress (Portland Metro) is seeking a Volunteer Intern.

2. Albina Cooperative Garden (Portland Metro) is seeking a Community Coordinator.

3. PDX Pop Now! (Portland Metro) is seeking a Development Director.

4. Minds Matter Portland (Portland Metro) is seeking Mentors.

5. Mac's List (Portland Metro) is seeking an OLCC Licensed Bartender.

6. SMART (Portland Metro) is seeking a Site Coordinator.

7. Oregon Environmental Council (Portland Metro) is seeking a Graphic Design & Photo Editing Volunteer.

8. SAGE (Portland Metro) is seeking a Legacy Fellow.

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