January 7, 2014

New on the Mac's List Blog

Cecilia Bianco gives you four ways to ease the transition back to work after the holidays.


Guest contributor, Tiana Tozer interviews two Portland employers about why they still search for candidates at job fairs.


Prichard Communications is hiring for a Finance and Office Manager, and Cecilia explains more about the position in her post on the latest jobs and employers.


Finally, I want to welcome Ashley Heinonen to the "Mac's List" team as our new Assistant Account Executive. We're thrilled to have her on board! 


If you're interested in being featured as the job of the week, contact us today.  




Jessica Williams

"Mac's List" Editor

Job of the Week
Prichard Communications is hiring a Finance and Office Manager! Read more about this great opportunity on the "Mac's List" blog.
Featured Listings
Serendipity (Portland) is hosting the event Collaborative Change: A Workshop Series for Transitions in Nonprofit Leadership. Cost: $295.

Arts People (Portland) is hiring a Web Developer. Salary: $70,000/yr.

(Portland) is hiring a Community Hematology Oncology Nurse Manager 1. Salary: DOE.

Prichard Communications (Portland) is hiring a Finance and Office Manager. Salary: $20,000 - $25,000/yr.
New Jobs
1. Regional Arts & Culture Council (Portland) is hiring a Work for Art Campaign Assistant. Salary: $16/hr.

2. Pop Art (Portland) is hiring an Art Director. Salary: DOE.

3. The Bulletin (Bend, OR) is hiring a Special Projects Image Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

4. ROSEN Convergence Marketing (Portland) is hiring a Marketing Associate. Salary: $15 - $18/hr.

5. Luke-Dorf, Inc. (Washington County) is hiring a Homeless Outreach Specialist. Salary: $36,000/yr.

6. Henry V (Portland) is hiring a Tour Manager. Salary: DOE.

7. The Nature Conservancy (Portland) is hiring an Oregon Marketing Manager. Salary: DOE.

8. Mercy Corps (Portland) is hiring a Deputy Controller. Salary: DOE.

9. Center for Earth Leadership (Portland) is hiring a Program Coordinator. Salary: DOE.

10. De La Salle North Catholic High School (Portland) is hiring a President/CEO. Salary: DOE.

11. Delete Blood Cancer|DKMS Americas (Portland) is hiring a Donor Recruitment Junior Coordinator-Portland, OR. Salary: DOE.

12. Oregon Episcopal School (Portland) is hiring a Spanish Teacher - Temporary. Salary: DOE.

13. Peninsula Children's Learning Center (Portland) is hiring a Director of Development. Salary: $50,000 - $56,000/yr.

14. Regional Arts & Culture Council (Portland) is hiring a Data Analyst / Systems Support Technician. Salary: Compensation: $38,000 - $45,000/yr.

15. Reed College (Portland) is hiring an Administrative Manager. Salary: $42,278/yr.

16. National Psoriasis Foundation (Portland) is hiring a Science Writer. Salary: DOE.

17. Western Wood Preservers Institute (Vancouver, WA) is hiring a Program and Communications Manager. Salary: DOE.

18. Hacienda CDC (Portland) is hiring a Homeownership Counselor. Salary: $17 - $19/hr.

19. NAYA Family Center (Portland) is hiring a Youth Development Advocate. Salary: DOE.

20. Bradley Angle (Portland) is hiring a Youth & Family Support Services Manager. Salary: $17 - $18/hr.

21. Subtext (Portland) is hiring a UX/Visual Designer. Salary: DOE.

22. Register Tapes Unlimited (Portland) is hiring an Outside Sales Professional. Salary: $50,000 - $80,000/yr.

23. Janus Youth Programs, Inc. (Portland) is hiring a Fiscal Director. Salary:  $75,000 - $80,000/yr.

24. Macdonald Center (Portland) is hiring a Director of Development and Marketing. Salary: DOE.

25. Up and Out (Portland) is hiring a Residential Program Manager. Salary: $26,000 - $28,000/yr.

26. Up and Out (Portland) is hiring a Direct Care Instructor. Salary: $9.25/hr.

27. Simple Finance Technology Corp. (Portland) is hiring a Customer Relations Representative. Salary: DOE.

28. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. (Portland) is hiring a Web Merchandising and Social Media Coordinator. Salary: $35,000 - $40,000/yr.

To see all 86 "Mac's List" jobs check out our website
1. Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC (Portland) is hiring a Communications and Engagement Intern. Salary: DOE.

2. Meals on Wheels People, Inc. (Portland) is seeking a Social Media Marketing Intern.

3. Voice for Oregon Innovation and Sustainability (Portland) is seeking a Member Services Intern.

4. Solar Oregon (Portland) is hiring an Events Coordinator. Salary: $10/hr.

5. XRAY.fm (Portland) is seeking a Membership and Outreach Intern.  

6. ProgressiveResearch411 (Portland) is hiring a Research Intern for Progressive Issues. Salary: DOE.

7. Schoolhouse Supplies (Portland) is hiring a Development Assistant. Salary: $10/hr.  
Volunteer Jobs
1. Northwest Outward Bound School (Portland) is seeking Volunteer Board Members.

2. AMA PDX (Portland) is seeking Nonprofit Volunteers.   
1/11/2014 (Medical Teams International)

2. LinkedIn Workshop: Writing Compelling Profiles
1/11/2014 (2732 NE Broadway, Portland)

3. The Art of the Special Appeal: Getting the Most Out of the Room
1/14/2014 (WVDO 1st Floor Training Room)

4. Jeff Mapes Lunch Forum
1/16/2014 (Portland)

5. The Key to Your Career: An Astrological Approach to Your Life's Work with Aubrie DeClerck
1/18/2014 (Unfold Studios)

6. Heidi Vorhees Webinar
1/23/2014 (Webinar)

7. Practical and Useful Evaluation of Volunteer Engagement
1/23/2014 (OMSI)

8. Collaborative Change: A Workshop Series for Transitions in Non-Profit Leadership
1/29/2014 (The Frank Estate)

9. Interviewing & Networking Practice Workshop
2/7/2014 (516 SE Morrison St.)

10. Micro-networking with Don Krupp
2/20/2014 (TBA)

11. SearchFest 2014
2/28/2014 (The Governor Hotel) 

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