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Apr 2014 

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Financial Trainer Program Expands, Shows Success
Become a Certified Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer
Wells Fargo Invests $15k in HUD Counseling
$5k in Match Savings & Microloans to Support Homeownership
Anahola Homeownership Center Gets Upgrade
Hilo Office Builds Capacity with VISTA
Need a Car Loan? Apply Today!
AmeriCorps VISTA Positions Available
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2014 Homebuyer
Workshop Schedule 

Kahua Waiwai Homebuyer Ed Cover

Workshops are free to attend
Attendees MUST  first submit a completed client intake packet before workshop registration
Kapolei - DHHL Hale Ponoi
8:30a - 5:30p 
  • May 3rd
  • Jun 21st
  • Jul 19th
  • Aug 16th
  • Sept 20th
  • Oct 18th
  • Nov 15th
  • Dec 20th



Wailuku - Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center
8:30a - 5:30p
  • May 17th
  • Jun 28th
  • Jul 19th
  • Aug 23rd
  • Sept 27th
  • Oct 25th
  • Nov 15th
  • Dec 13th
  • TBA
  • TBA
Big Island
Hilo - Hawaii County Office 
8:30a - 5p  
  • May 31st
  • Jun 28th
  • Jul 19th
  • Aug 30th
  • Sept 27th
  • Oct 25th
  • Nov 22nd
  • Dec 20th




Kauai County Building -

includes 2 part workshop series
5p - 9p 

  • May 13th & 15th
  • Jun 10th & 12th
  • Jul 15th & 17th
  • Aug 12th & 14th
  • Sept 16th & 18th
  • Oct 14th & 16th
  • Nov 18th & 20th
  • Dec 9th & 11th



For more information or to register for a workshop in your community, contact HCA at (toll-free) 1.866.400.1116.






Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA) is a HUD certified housing counseling agency and Native community development financial institution.  HCA offers this quarterly newsletter to provide you with updated information on current programs and services.
HCA's mission is to build the capacity of low and moderate income communities to achieve and sustain economic self-sufficiency with a particular focus on Native Hawaiians.

HCA services and products include:  
  • Youth and Family Financial Education
  • Renter Education and Counseling 
  • Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education and Counseling
  • Post-Purchase Education and Counseling
  • Foreclosure/Lease Cancellation Prevention Services
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • MATCH Savings (IDAs)
  • Micro-Loans
  • Loan Packaging
HCA & Partners Celebrate Financial Capability Month by Serving 440 Children in April


HAWAII - HCA and its partners celebrated April as Financial Capabilty Month Month by bringing free, place-based financial education to 440 Waianae High School students using its locally-developed Kahua Waiwai: Building a Foundation of Wealth(c) curriculum.



Using its train-the-trainer model, HCA certifies and leverages local community members and volunteers to provide low-income children and families with Kahua Waiwai Financial Education workshops promoting savings and wise financial decision making.


During the month, HCA and its certified Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainers brought financial education into the Waianae High School 9th grade class.  The Financial Trainers introduced how to create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time Sensitive).  By the end of the workshops, all 440 students had created SMART career and college goals.



Students also learned how to identify fixed, flexible, and luxury expenses and developed and adjusted mock spending plans (budgets) based on real life situations and limited financial resources.


The Kahua Waiwai Financial Education workshops were delivered as part of a contract between HCA and University of Hawaii, West Oahu's GEAR UP program, which is dedicated to increasing enrollment of Waianae and Nanakuli high school students in college.  Through the partnership, HCA is gathering data to determine the effectiveness of its service delivery approach on increasing financial access and improving the financial capability of participant students and families.


HCA secured support from its Annual Partners in 2013 for the delivery of workshops at both Nanakuli and Waianae High Schools.  Starting next year, HCA staff and certified Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainers will test new strategies and tools to help students and their families navigate financial decision making around postsecondary education, student financial aid, and accessing and paying student loans.


In addition, HCA will seek to offer students and their families classes on employment, micro-business development and homeownership complimented to build the economic self-sufficiency of the Waianae and Nanakuli communities.  Internships and career training opportunities will be pursued with local businesses to allow students to apply their skills during summer breaks as part of broader youth employment programs at the County and State levels.


Mahalo to Our Annual Partners for Their Investment in Our Next Generation!


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September 29, 2014


Panaewa Teen Graduates   

Sip of Aloha

A Fundraiser to Fight Child Poverty in Hawaii  

An evening of live music, wine tasting, and silent art auction with 100% of proceeds to support the free, place-based Kahua Waiwai Financial Education for Hawaii's children living in poverty.


Contact Helene for more information  at 808.587.7652 or

HCA Financial Trainer Program Shows Success: 257 Individuals Served in Just 6 Months, Expands to Molokai


HAWAII - HCA has reported its Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Program expanded significantly since October 2013 with the organization's certified Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainers successfully serving 257 individuals with free, place-based financial education in the 6 months leading up to April.


"The demand for unbiased, quality, place-based financial education is on the rise in Hawaii and so are those who are willing to be part of a movement to bring this information to our low-income families," shared Executive Director, Jeff Gilbreath.  "Communities are asking for education that goes beyond concepts of budgeting, savings, or banking to include understanding the economics of Hawaii - past and present, how values shape our financial behaviors, and importance of hands-on application of financial skills to make ends meet, strengthen families, and build self-sufficient, multicultural communities throughout the islands."


Gilbreath facilitate the community-based effort  to establish the Kahua Waiwai: Building a Foundation of Wealth(c) curriculum and Financial Trainer Program in 2008-9 in response to the housing and economic crises.  Since starting the program, HCA has certified over 250 individuals to deliver free, place-based financial education workshops using the organization's Kahua Waiwai(c) curriculum, which was developed for and by local families and children.  Certified trainers work with HCA to integrate financial education into existing service programs across the state and report participant information to the organization in order to strengthen data-driven results. 


Program Expands to Molokai

In April, HCA expanded the Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Program to Molokai.  In partnership with Sustainable Molokai HCA conducted a 2-day intensive course to certify 5 community members from Alu Like, UpLink, Sustainable Molokai, and a network t of homeschool teachers (see right).


"This older dog learned some new tricks and I wish I learned and applied them when I was a young pup," said Alu Like Librarian and Certification course attendee, Nani Kaawa.


Ms. Kaawa plans to work with Sustainable Molokai AmeriCorps VISTA, Jennifer Brown, to deliver financial education workshops as part of Library Week activities meant to connect Friendly Isle children and families to community resources.


For more information or to register for a HCA Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Certification Course in your community, contact Lahela Williams at 808.587.7660 or via email at

Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Certification Course

Hawaii's Only Course Offering Trainer Certification in Place-Based Financial Education



Kahua Waiwai CoverCertification training offered by Hawaii-based, nonprofit HUD-certified financial education provider, Hawaiian Community Assets.  Certifies staff and volunteers from community-based organizations, education and financial institutions, government agencies, and businesses to deliver place-based financial education using the Kahua Waiwai: Building a Foundation of Wealth(c) curriculum.


"[Kahua Waiwai] is the only culturally-competent financial education curriculum I've seen out there."

~ Alex Logan, Salvation Army Trainer, 2009


Attendees receive:

*16 hours of training and instruction

*1 participant handbook

*1 instructors guide with instructor cd-rom

*Access to Kahua Waiwai(c) curriculum for youth and adult participants

*Ongoing training and technical assistance

*Free credit report review and counseling by HUD-certified HCA staff




Click Here to Register for Upcoming

Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Certification Course

in Your Community for Only $150! *




*Kahua Waiwai Financial Trainer Certification Courses to be delivered August 2014 on Maui, Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Oahu.  Courses limited to 20 individuals.  Your email will place you on a special early-bird registration list.

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Invests in HCA for Foreclosure Prevention Counseling to Target Homeowners in "Hardest Hit" Communities


HAWAII - HCA recently secured a $15,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation to partner in coordinating and conducting virtual servicer fairs targeting homeowners in Hawaii communities with high rates of foreclosure and mortgage delinquency.


The partnership will allow for HCA to bring free, HUD-certified housing counseling to homeowners across the state who are at-risk of losing their home to foreclosure and been unable to access free assistance.


"We mahalo Wells Fargo Housing Foundation for their partnership in assisting Hawaii families hardest hit by the ongoing housing crisis," said HCA Executive Director, Jeff Gilbreath.  "Our organization will leverage funds from the National Mortgage Settlement to bring relief t0 families by engaging them in intensive budget counseling, financial crisis planning, and deployment of short-term emergency loans to reinstate delinquent mortgages."


Since October 2011, HCA has used its comprehensive program to assist 26 homeowners sustain homeownership, reducing their monthly mortgage payments, on average, by $630.17.  A recent success story included HCA assisting a son and successor of a Hawaiian Homelands lessee to become financially qualified to assume the family's delinquent mortgage, using HCAs short-term, emergency Housing Assistance Loan.  In the coming weeks, the family home will change hands to the successor, ensuring the legacy of homeownership is passed on to the next generation.


"This [funding] represents a significant commitment by Wells Fargo to invest in programs that will strengthen Hawaii communities affected by foreclosure," said Martin Sanchez, community outreach consultant with Wells Fargo Community Relations and Outreach. "We appreciate the perspective and collaboration with HCA, along with their efforts to help and educate local communities"


For more information about HCA's Foreclosure Prevention Program, please call 1.866.400.1116 or email 


Anahola Homeownership Center Celebrates Celebrates 5 Years of Service with Upgrade


ANAHOLA, HI - In April, the Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association's (AHHA) Homeownership Center, the only center of its kind on Hawaiian Homelands, was upgraded to include on-site space for HCA to deliver HUD-certified financial and housing education workshops.


Through the Center, HCA staff provide free individualized counseling to low- and moderate-income families seeking to secure and sustain permanent, affordable housing.  Free services include free group housing and financial education workshops as well as individualized counseling and case management to build savings, improve credit, and access capital to obtain rentals, purchase homes, or prevent foreclosure.


Since 2008, HCA has served 508 families with free HUD-certified education and counseling through the AHHA Homeownership Center, assisting approximately 78 families realize the dream of homeownership.


 "Four of us new homeowners in the Pi`ilani Mai Ke Kai subdivision from the Kuali`i `Ohana were helped by HCA," shared Kauai homeowners, Kipukai Kuali`i.  "My brother and niece got down payment assistance with the matching funds saving account and my sister got a NAHASDA grant to help with her down payment.  We all received help in improving our credit.  HCA played a critical role in making home ownership possible for all of us - we can't thank HCA enough!


To enroll in HCA's homebuyer education program on Kauai, please contact Kaleio Caminos at 808.632.2070 or via email at


Hilo Office Builds Capacity


HILO, HI - HCA is proud to welcome AmeriCorps VISTA member, Kevin Landucci, to its Hilo office.  Kevin was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He attended Whittier College where he studied Psychology while participating in theatre and rugby.  After graduating, Kevin came to HCA's Hilo office to assist with building the organization capacity on island to meet the growing demand for HUD-certified housing counseling and financial education services, primarily through targeted community outreach strategies.  Recently, he has assisted in implementing HCA's County of Hawaii Financial Capability Initiative with the goal of equipping 200 County employees with free, place-based financial education to increase their access to no- and low-cost financial services and their ability to achieve long-term financial success.


Kevin retains his passionate beliefs about national service and is proud to work with HCA in fighting poverty on Hawaii Island.  During his year of service he hopes to spread the word about the organization so that more Hawaiians can reap the benefits of place-based financial education and capital to build asset wealth.







Renter Referral Database: Build Realtor and Landlord Partnership Network Evaluate and enhance client intake and evaluation processes and procedures Develop and implement public education/outreach campaign to promote free financial services and products Develop an Affordable Housing Referral System.


Beneficiary Advocate: Promote financial education, housing counseling, and financial products for beneficiaries of the Native Hawaiian Home Lands Trust.


Employment Curriculum Coordinator: Provide outreach to establish relationships and training commitments from employment resources in the community. Conduct presentations to community groups in order to promote the economic benefits of the program. Develop employment training curriculum partnerships with community resources. Create and test a regular schedule of employment training. Coordinate support team members and community resources. Maintain a database of curriculum outcomes.


Youth Financial Education: Support the delivery of Kahua Waiwai Financial Education by certified community members and volunteers to youth, ages 0-21, promoting and strengthening local economic self-sufficiency.



For more information, contact HCA Vista Program Coordinator, Helene Edelstein, at 587.7652 or via email at