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Greetings Friends & Supporters,

January 2016 is fast approaching, and with the new year come opportunities for all of us to take stock of all we have that is good, and examine the parts of our lives that could use a little improvement.  If you, like many, find yourself stuck in a cycle of resentment and blame and wish to make a fresh start in 2016, we are offering our annual workshop this month on "Forgiveness and Letting Go of the Past," presented by Tricia Weyand, LCPC.

In addition, we will have our support groups for Dads and our after school group for kids starting up in January, as well as two offerings of our co-parenting workshop. 

We wish you all the happiest of holidays, and look forward to seeing many of you at our programs and workshops in the coming year!

Warmest Wishes,

Peg Libby
Executive Director

ARTICLE: Teaching By Example, For Better or Worse
CALENDAR: January 2016


Forgiveness 2016: 
Teaching by Example, for Better or Worse
By Mary Swann, Associate Director of Kids First Center
In the 17 years that I have worked here at the Kids First Center, I have talked with thousands of parents, sat in on countless workshops and meetings and read endless facilitators' program notes.  I can say with absolute confidence from these years of observation that the most commonly recurring theme and biggest hurdle parents face when it comes to moving on after divorce centers around the concept of forgiveness.  In fact, one of the workshops that we offer here at Kids First on a regular basis focuses on this very idea, for obvious reasons.

I'm sure that this is not a revelation to you; any image you can conjure up of a divorced couple brings with it an assumption that one or both parties behaved or is behaving badly, and one or both parties is upset about it. Conflict ensues. Grudges are held. No one moves on.
To many, the mere mention of the word "forgiveness" in such a scenario suggests surrender; forgetting or condoning the wrongs that were perpetrated against us; in essence, becoming a doormat.  But this is truly not the idea behind the term.  Particularly in the context of divorce and separation, forgiveness represents, instead, a form of acceptance of the things one cannot change and a way of releasing oneself from the negative and destructive pattern of constantly reliving the hurt.  In the words of Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, "Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation."  And it is stuck in this vortex that, understandably, is where we meet far too many parents here at Kids First.


Jan. 2 - Portland (207-761-2709) Saturday
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Jan. 13 - So. Paris (207-333-6425) Wednesday
Jan. 21 - Portland  (207-761-2709) Thursday  
Jan. 23 - Waterville (207-859-1514) Saturday
Jan. 30 - Skowhegan (207-859-1514) Saturday

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Jan. 9 - Rockland (207-596-0359) Saturday
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Jan. 16 - Bangor (207-942- 8200) Saturday
Jan. 23 - Newcastle (207-596-0359) Saturday

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