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Hopefully, you've had a chance to listen in to MPBN's recent 'Maine Calling' broadcast about "The Modern Family" and the parenting challenges that have resulted from its evolution.  We are all aware of how much the family landscape has changed over the past 50 years, but it's always interesting to be reminded of just how much!


According to a recent Pew study, only 46% of American children are now born into families with two married, heterosexual parents in their first marriage, as compared to 73% in 1960.  And 41% of American children are now born outside of marriage, compared to 5% in 1960. The definition of family continues to evolve and with it, the roles and responsibilities of its members.


Our own board chair,Terri DeCoster, was featured on this broadcast to discuss one of the more challenging and rewarding aspects of today's modern family, blending families after divorce or separation. If you haven't heard it already, I encourage you to take some time and listen for some great insight from all three speakers on navigating the peaks and valleys of 21st century family life.



Peg Libby

Executive Director


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8 Things Kids Learn From Growing Up In A Blended Family
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8 Things Kids Learn From Growing Up In A Blended Family

The Huffington Post / by Brittany Wong


Each week on HuffPost Divorce, people in stepfamilies share their best advice on blending a family as part of our Blended Family Friday series.  It's usually parents who impart their words of wisdom, but every once in a while, we hear from a stepkid on their unique experience.  Below, eight lessons stepkids learned from growing up "Brady Bunch"-style.

JULY 2015
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