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Kids First Professional Education Committee presents:  2013 Annual Fall Conference


GETTING FROM "NO WAY" TO "OK": rubic Divorce Professionals Share Their Secrets for Successfully Working with Families
in Conflict 

Friday, October 25, 2013  8:30 - 3:30 pm

This workshop is intended for professionals who specialize in working with separating and divorcing parents entrenched in conflict. 

We have gathered leaders from the constellation of divorce professionals in Southern Maine to teach their expertise in moving parents away from insisting that their perspective is the only correct perspective.  Our goal is to help you help parents arrive at a more neutral stance that fosters reaching consensus that everyone can live with and tolerate in order to have the best possible outcome for their children.

We will be addressing how best to take current theory and practice in family law and employ these trends across disciplines.

Justice Andrew M. Horton, Hon. John David Kennedy, Hon. Keith A. Powers,  
Magistrate Lindsay Cadwallader

Jed French, Esq., Margaret Lavoie, Esq., Karen Frink Wolf, Esq.

TImothy Robbins, Esq., M. Thomasine Burke, Esq., Janet Kantz, Esq.

Deborah Belanger, LCPC, Christopher Causey, Esq., Joanne Fryer, Esq.

Sarah Maloney, LCSW, Steve Young, LCSW, Paula Curran, LCSW,  
Dana Prescott, Esq., LMSW

Learning Objectives 
1.  Understand roles, approaches and best practices of different disciplines in helping  
clients resolve their family conflicts

2.  Gain new strategies, techniques and skills to assist clients in resolving differences

3.  Learn how to help clients shift from parent-centered views to child-centered views

4.  Learn how to cooperate and collaborate across professional disciplines to provide the most beneficial outcomes to families

5.  Understand what judges consider to be most or least important in making decisions about children 

Suggested Audience  
Judges, magistrates, attorneys, mediators, Guardians ad Litem, mental health  
professionals, educators.  Any professional working with the complexities of high conflict divorce

Continuing Education Units
CLEs have been applied for 6 hrs., including 1 ethics, and applications have been made for CEUs for mental health professionals and GALs.  All other attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for 6 clock hours.

location:  Harraseeket Inn    Freeport Maine
fee:  $165 if registered before 10/1/13; $175 after 10/1/13

(early bird price must register by phone (761-2709) or by mail) 
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