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February 2013 

Greetings to our friends and supporters,      


We hope you are all managing to stay warm during this cold winter snap Maine is experiencing; before you know it, we will all be grateful for some 35 degree weather!


The month of February at Kids First will feature two Saturday morning Kids First Programs and a Separation, Divorce & Dads meeting. Our afterschool support groups for kids are all in full swing (with new ones scheduled to start in March). In addition, we are offering a free evening workshop on Monday, February 4, focusing on Separation, Divorce & the Very Young Child. There is still room available in this workshop, but the workshop scheduled for Monday January 28 (Forgiveness & Letting Go of the Past) is full.


Please review the schedule below for details. And don't forget, mark your calendar early for our Annual Gala coming up on May 16, 2013. Think spring!


Warmest regards,

Peg Libby

Executive Director

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A Child Needs Both Parents
February Calendar of Events

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A Child Needs BOTH Parents    clingy_child


One issue around divorce and separation that arises frequently at Kids First is the concern from parents that their child does not want to go to the other parent's home. This is not an uncommon scenario, and here at Kids First we stress the need for children to have a relationship with both parents whenever possible - when safety concerns are not an issue - and for both parents to support that relationship in whatever way they can. A commitment to developing effective co-parenting skills is the answer to much of this problem. In most cases, it is truly what's in the best interest of the child.


Please read further for an excellent viewpoint by Jann Blackstone on this touchy subject.


Ex-Etiquette: Clingy Child Needs To See Parents Communicating

By Jann Blackstone


Q.  My ex and I broke up last year about this time.  We're riding the wave, but the biggest problem is that my son, age 8, cries and gets very clingy when he is supposed to go to his dad's.  My ex always let me take care of things.  Now that I'm not around him I'm worried he's not handling things correctly and my son misses me.  I don't want to make my son do something he doesn't want to do.  What's good ex-etiquette?


FEBRUARY 2013 girl kissing father



Kids First Program 

Saturday, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm 

February 2 - Portland (207-761-2709)

February 2 - Skowhegan (207-859-1514) February 9 - Biddeford (207-761-2709)
February 9 - Lewiston 8:00 am (207-783-3990)

February 9 - Belfast (207-338-2200 x109)

February 16 - Augusta (207-859-1514)

February 16 - Portland (207-761-2709) 


(similar program) February 2 - Rockland (207-596-0359)

(similar program) February 9 - Bangor(207-942-9329)

(similar program) February 16 - Ellsworth (207-942-9329) 


Separation, Divorce & Dads

Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
February 5 - Portland


Free Evening Workshop

Separation, Divorce & the Very Young Child

Monday, 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

February 4 - Portland     


upcoming special events:  2013 Auction/Gala  May 16, 2013  





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