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BookExpo America Wrap-Up

Another BEA has come and gone! Whether you were there in person or spirit, you still have a chance to snag these featured titles, hand-picked by our publishers because they don't want you to miss them. Need Help? Find answers & contact support in our Knowledge Base, we love hearing from you!

 Spotlight Title
By Caroline Kepnes   

I Love You To Death.  

A chilling account of unrelenting obsession from debut author Caroline Kepnes, YOU is a thriller more perversely clever and dangerously twisted than any you've read before.

Atria/Emily Bestler Books | Pub Date: Sept 30 2014
Literature/Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers 
The Wolf   
By Lorenzo Carcaterra
The Walled City 
By Ryan Graudin
The Color of Justice
By Ace Collins
In this thrilling novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra--the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Sleepers, Gangster, and Midnight Angels--organized crime goes to war with international terrorism in the name of one man's quest for revenge. 


Ballantine Books
Pub Date:

There are three rules in the Walled City: Trust no one. Always carry your knife. Run fast. A breath-taking novel based on the most dangerous city in the world. A must-read and MUST NOT MISS. 


Little, Brown Books
for Young Readers
Pub Date: Nov 4

Fifty years after his grandfather was murdered in a racially-charged rape trial, attorney Clark Lindsay returns to Justice, Mississippi pursuing a second case. The two cases may be connected, but can Clark stay alive long enough to prove it?


Abingdon Fiction
Pub Date:
Salt & Storm  
By Kendall Kulper
Ruth's Journey 
By Donald McCaig
Accidents of Marriage
By Randy Susan Meyers
Sixteen-year-old Avery Roe is a witch. And she has just foreseen her own murder.
To survive, Avery must unlock her magic, with the help of the one person with the power to determine her fate. And save her life.
Little, Brown Books
for Young Readers
Pub Date:
Authorized by the Margaret Mitchell Estate, here is the first-ever prequel to Gone with the Wind. Ruth's Journey recounts the life of Mammy, one of literature's greatest supporting characters, from her days as a slave girl to the outbreak of the Civil War.


Atria Books
Pub Date: Oct 14 2014

From the bestselling author of The Comfort of Lies comes an engrossing look at the darker side of a marriage and how an ordinary family responds to an extraordinary crisis.

Atria Books  
Pub Date:
Buzz Books 2014:
Young Adult 
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Buzz Books 2014: Fall/Winter
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