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July 2014

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Your innovation and creativity in obtaining grants sets the standard for Mason GWI10 excellence in your campus programs! Congratulations on your enthusiastic endeavors. Oklahoma higher education and communities are enhanced by your expertise and willingness to work hard for your student programs and research in your field. Please enjoy this newsletter and share with your colleagues. If you would like to see more grant announcements in this newsletter, please send the information to




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OU Fulbright Scholar
NWOSU Grants                               

Oklahoma Humanities Council - $1,000

Dr. Shawn Holliday, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of English and Interim Department Chair, received funding for The Oklahoma Poets Laureate: Learning about the State through its Poetry. This grant will fund a lecture series at public libraries and high schools in the five towns where six of Oklahoma's poets laureate resided during their tenure.



Oklahoma Arts Council - $7,800

Dr. Irene Messoloras, Chair, Department of Fine Arts; Director of Choral Activities and Vocal Studies; and Director of Music Education, received funding for a NWOSU Concert Series, providing the local community with performances by the following acts: Mountain Smoke; Bravo Brass Quintet; Breath of Soul; Perpetual Motion.


Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission - $11,286

Tulsa Community College received an education grant for a two-week Aviation Career Academy. The funds will provide full scholarships to 20 traditionally underserved students in Tulsa high school 10th, 11th and 12th grades to attend "Soaring to Success" in June 2015. The academy is at R.L. Jones-Riverside Airport. Dr. Matthew Wise, Director and Chief Flight Instructor for the TCC Aviation Sciences program, will lead the first week and Xan Black, the Tulsa Alliance for Engineering Program Coordinator, will lead the second week. TCC's Aviation Career Academy was established in 1993 to heighten awareness of aviation careers in both young men and women in the Tulsa area. The Aviation Career Academy offers tours and hands-on activities. Students will experience simulated and actual flights, with each activity intentionally designed to provide broad aviation experiences. Students will learn about aviation history, unmanned aircrafts, flight simulators, air traffic control, aerospace engineering, and flight and navigation training. Projects, activities, field trips, and videos will create a multi-tiered approach to engaging students and increasing their

interest in pursuing aviation careers.


OCAST - $270,000

The Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences was awarded $270,000 in grant funding for biomedical research from the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST). Dr. Randall Davis and Dr. Rashmi Kaul were each awarded $135,000 through the OCAST Health Research program.

Davis, director of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program and associate professor of pharmacology, is researching a treatment to reduce neuro-inflammation, a common symptom of major depressive disorder and a wide range of brain disorders. The project's results could be effective in developing new drug treatments for these disorders. The study focuses on a chemical that is typically used to block the effects of painkillers on the nervous system. Davis is building on previous research that showed the compound prevents inflammatory signals from reaching the brain.


Kaul, associate professor of immunology, is researching the use of diamond nanoparticles in the treatment of urinary tract infections. These infections are commonly treated with antibiotics, but the development of several drug-resistant bacteria strains has created a need for new treatments.



National Science Foundation - $1,449,955

Dr. John K. Coleman, Associate Professor of Chemistry, received funding for the project, "Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Tomorrow's Outstanding STEM Teachers in Oklahoma." 




The Foundation for Physical Therapy New Investigator Fellowship Training Initiative (NIFTI) - $78,000

Dr. Maggie Horn, of Langston University and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, received a new investigator award for "Comparison of Healthcare Utilization and Costs in Physical Therapy Utilizers and Non-Physical Therapy Utilizers Seeking Care for Neck Pain." Horn's research focuses on describing and comparing the patterns and costs of health care utilization in those both receiving and not receiving physical therapist intervention for neck pain, and to elucidate the effect of timing of physical therapy services on downstream health care costs and utilization.

Oklahoma Commission Teacher Preparation - $7,200      

Dr. Ruth Jackson, Dean of Education and Behavioral Sciences, received funding for the Langston University Teacher Induction Program.

US Department of Agriculture Borlaug Fellows Program (Kenya) - $64,092

Dr. Tilahun Sahlu, Research Professor and Director of the Institute for Goat Research, received funding for "Applied Reproductive Technologies for Caprine Embryo and Gemete Management: Langston University Expression of Interest for Borlaug Fellow (Kenya)." Dr. Sahlu's research program has been broad, encompassing areas such as nutrient requirements of dairy, meat, and fiber-producing goats, regulation and control of fiber growth, and energy expenditure by goats during grazing, and application of fundamental research approaches to solve production problems and constraints.



Oklahoma State Department of Education-$100,000

Dr. Rahmona Thompson and East Central University received funding to underwrite the Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair which will be held in March, 2015




Oklahoma Child Care Resource and Referral Center-$121,585

Cheryl Bell and ECU received funding to provide services and training to child care providers in southeastern Oklahoma.





Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation-$160,000

Dr. Regina Smith, PI of this grant, will work with beginning teachers to improve job satisfaction and retention rates.




Oklahoma Department of Human Services-$336,854

Kathy Roblin, Director of this state-wide grant project, received funding to provide training to personnel who provide services for people with developmental disabilities.



Oklahoma Highway Safety Office-$105,055

Lindsey Tilley, director of the project, and ECU received funding to provide training for judges and other judiciary personnel regarding the prosecution and adjudication of impaired drivers.


OU Fulbright Scholar

Fulbright Scholar Grant

Dr. Paul Goode, University of Okla­homa political science associate professor and director of Political Science graduate studies, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to examine the ways daily patriotic and nationalist practices translate into support for and legitimacy of the Russian regime. He also directs the newly established OU Center for the Study of National­ism. Goode plans to travel to Tyumen, Russia, in July to conduct research that will include ethnographic observation, interviews with political parties and marketing firms, and focus groups with a variety of Russian citizens. 

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Smart Start - $101,559

Greg Wilson, Assistant VP of Research and Grants, received funding to provide professional staffing services to support the infrastructure of the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness.




Oklahoma State Department of Education - $479,898

Sandra Kent, Executive Director of OK A+ Schools, received funding to increase the effectiveness of teachers and principals through the systematic use of ongoing professional development, networking, and research within the A+ Essentials™ framework.

Oklahoma State Department of Education - $379,802

Elizabeth Allan, Associate Professor Biology, received funding to build upon the OKSCi and OKMath Leadership programs to develop a statewide network of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Master Teachers to provide local, high quality professional development for PreK-12 teachers to improve student learning in the STEM fields.   

National Science Foundation - $900,000

Dr. Robert Palmer, director of the Center for Applied Research and Development and professor of engineering and meteorology, received funding for designing and building new technology that could help prevent injuries and deaths from one of Oklahoma's most common disasters. His team of engineers and meteorologists at the University of Oklahoma is creating the next generation of weather radar. In most tornadoes, many injuries are sustained from flying debris. When meteorologists know when a tornado is on the ground sooner, they can perform better forecasts and warn people faster. In the May 20, 2013, tornado that ripped through Moore, meteorologists received radar updates every few minutes as the equipment scanned the storm. Radars used by TV meteorologists and National Weather Service scientists take a few minutes to make a complete scan. The image is current for a few moments, but then the radar continues to scan. Palmer's team is working to create instruments and systems that can scan storms in a matter of seconds.


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - $572,000

Dr. Samuel J. Huskey, chair of the OU department of classics and letters, received funding for the development of a digital library of Latin texts of all eras. The Digital Latin Library represents a significant collaborative effort to advance access to these texts, which will enhance scholarly endeavors on an international scale.  The Society for Classical Studies (formerly the American Philological Association), the Medieval Academy of America and the Renaissance Society of America endorsed this project. will be principal investigator on the project.   



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