May 2014

Dr. Mason

This newsletter is a way of sharing with you and your colleagues some of the exciting and rewarding grant-supported research and development projects in Oklahoma higher education institutions. If you would like to include your information in the GRANT NEWS, please send the a description of the project, the PI, the amount of funding and the grant source along with a jpg photograph to lmason@osrhe.edu by the 27th of the month. We would love to hear about your accomplishments!




INBRE - $126,060
INBRE Small Equipment - $15,000
INBRE Summer Mentor - $2,200 
Dr. Morshed Khandaker, Engineering and Physics, received funding for  "Effect of nanoscale surface treatments on the biomechanical performances of titanium implant," funding for small equipment to support research, and a mentoring grant to purchase research supplies to assist a student researcher conducting research in the summer.
 UCO Jicheng Fu
INBRE - $246,699
INBRE Summer Mentor - $2,200
Dr. Jicheng Fu, Computer Science, received funding for "Personalized Pressure Ulcer Prevention for Spinal Cord-Injured Wheelchair Users" and a mentoring grant for supplies to support a student researcher for the summer.


Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education - $160,000

Dr. Bryan Duke, College of Education & Professional Studies received funding for the Resident Teacher Support Program. This program provides support to beginning teachers. Funding allows individual face-to- face meetings at the schools of the beginning teachers as well as Regional Professional Development meetings for program coordinators to interact with their former students and address needs and challenges that novice teachers are experiencing.


Department of Rehabilitation Services - $46,159

Dr. Linda Sealey, Department of Advanced Professional & Special Services, received funding for the UCO Regional Preschool Program, Hearing Impaired. This program provides classroom teacher/speech pathologist, minimum of 40 classroom hours per week of graduate assistants' services and audio-logical services by licensed audiologists.



INBRE $32,842

Dr. Yuhao Jiang, Engineering and Physics, received a mini-grant for "Perception and Model Prediction in X-ray and MR Images."





National Science Foundation - $20,940

Dr. John Barthell, Biology, received supplemental funding for the REU Site, Integrative Biological Studies of Honey Bees in the Republic of Turkey. This supplement allows travel and students to conduct international studies of bee species that are invasive within the United States.





Fish and Wildlife Service - $11,341

Dr. Christopher Butler, Biology, received funding for "Status of Birds in Region 6." This project provides analysis of existing data gathered for 6-10 species of birds which is needed for better management decisions and to determine which species are in need of better data.


INBRE - $9,888UCO Chooback

Dr. Lilian Chooback, Chemistry, received funding for equipment for "Inhibiting    E. Coli Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase: A path to Drug Design." Chooback purchased a UV/VIS Spectrophotometer and BIOSPEC NANO software. The spectrophotometer will also be used students conducting research. 





INBRE - $10,000

Dr. Hari Kotturi, Biology, received funding for "Resveratrol Analogues against Hepatitis C Virus," The Trimethoxy-cis-resveratrol (T MCR) is likely to negatively affect action of the putative CSC marker, DCLK1, during hepatocarcinogenesis.

(Easy for him to say....)



Oklahoma Department of Substance Abuse, OK Co. Sheriff's Office - $5,000

Jeff Harp, UCO Police Services, received funding for the Youth Alcohol Campus Community Task Force, a project to increase the safety of youth through the reduction of illegal alcohol sales and underage drinking activity in Edmond and on the University of Central Oklahoma campus.




INBRE Summer Mentor - $2,200

Mohammad Hossan, Engineering and Physics, received funding for supplies for a student researcher conducting research in the summer.






Texoma Health Foundation - $55,000

The ECU Department of Nursing received funding to update its facility and expand opportunities for 32 additional nursing candidates by placing them in a more enhanced learning environment and benefit the residents of a four-county area in Oklahoma and Texas. The funds will create space for a new physical assessment lab. Kristy Calloway, a certified nursing educator is the Program Coordinator.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute - $1.5 million

Dr. Donald French and OSU received funding to implement a multi-disciplinary track for undergraduate research in the life sciences.  French will lead the project with Dr. John Gelder, Dr. John Gustafson, Dr. Gilbert John, Dr. Wouter Hoff and Dr. Janette Steets serving as key personnel to help meet that challenge. The funding will enable faculty from multiple departments to revise and assess introductory science courses and create a new and exciting research track for our students, with multiple entry points to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of students. The project will allow them to be introduced to research and researchers at OSU and to get them involved in related experiences as early as possible allowing them to make the best decision about their academic and career choices.

National Science Foundation - Research Experience for Undergraduates
Dr. Sheila Kennison and Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven, Psychology, received an NSF REU grant to provide 10 undergraduate students with an in-depth, hands-on research experience focused on the biological basis of human or animal behavior.

US Department of Agriculture - $1 million

Dr. Megan Rolf, an animal scientist and principal investigator, received funding is to develop beef cattle and production systems that are more readily adaptable to the negative effects of drought. One of the primary emphases of the project is the development of a water management resources tool, working in conjunction with the Oklahoma Mesonet to access a cattle comfort index to fine-tune operational management decisions related to animal well-being, and to essentially do so in real time, as well as forecast possible future concerns.

US Department of Agriculture - $484,000

Dave Shideler, OSU Cooperative Extension economist is one of the project's lead researchers. The research team will work with farmers, ranchers, co-op managers, aggregators and others involved with local and regional food systems across the nation to develop typical economic structures of various businesses. Though national in scope, the project has the potential to affect any small and medium sized producer and agriculture business in Oklahoma to receive assistance. The work will apply to the farmer operating a roadside fruit stand, as well as to the producer in who wants to begin selling products to the local school.


National Institutes of Health - $200,000

Tom Curtis, Gerwald Köhler, Kathleen Curtis and the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences received funding to study the interaction between estrogen and the trillions of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. The research will examine what effect fluctuations in the levels of estrogen have on intestinal microbiota. Changes in the numbers and types of gut microbes can significantly alter how the human body functions and may play a role in weight gain, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal disorders.


National Cancer Center of National Institutes of Health - $6 million

The OU Stephenson Cancer Center was selected as a Lead Academic Site through a highly competitive process evaluating its scientific contributions at a national level and its ability to conduct high-quality clinical trials research. Dr. Robert Mannel and the Center received funding for individualized cancer research. This recognition puts the Stephenson Cancer Center among the leading cancer centers in the nation. Each year 18,000 Oklahomans are diagnosed with cancer; 66 percent will survive. That 33 percent who still will succumb to their disease, that's not an acceptable number, and the cancer research will drive that number to zero. In the past 30 years, most of the efforts have been to find a drug that works against a type of cancer, such as breast cancer or lung cancer. That drug may work very well for one patient, but not another. The question is why. Moving forward, new technology allows researchers to look at the mutation specific to an individual cancer. 


Defense Threat Reduction Agency - $4.5 million

Dr. Helen Zgurskaya, principal investigator and professor of chemistry and biochemistry at OU. received funding to address the growing problem of three specific antibiotic resistant pathogens causing devastating infections in hospitals and in persons with cystic fibrosis.. Co-investigators on the project include Dr. Valentin Rybenkov, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at OU, and Dr. James Aggen, professor of medicinal chemistry at Northeastern University. The team will investigate how antibiotics get into the cell.


Great Expectations 2014 - $3,110,562

Dr. Linda Dzialo and NSU received funding for the Great Expectations program that teaches innovative and inspirational education techniques to school teachers to help revolutionize the classroom educational experience for children.


Oklahoma Humanities Council - $850NSU Louderback

National Endowment for the Arts - $15,000

Dr. Pam Louderback received funding for Let's Talk About It Oklahoma 2014 to provided scholarly presentations to the community. She also received funding for The Big Read, a local community celebration of Ursula K. LeGruin's "A Wizard of Earthsea" with a variety of science fiction and fantasy events. The goal of the program is to inspire the community members to read.


US Department of Education Teacher Quality - $60,964

Dr. April Adams received funding for the NSU Chemistry & Physics Academy to provideprofessional development for certified science teachers who also want to become certified to teach Chemistry and Physics, and teacher candidates in Biology, Physical Science or Earth Science secondary science teacher preparation programs who want to become certified in Chemistry and Physics.




Oklahoma Military Department - $59,983

Dr. Craig Clifford received funding for "The American Burying Beetle 2014-15, " a research project to determine the relationship between, size, metabolic rate, and travel distances for Nicrophorous species and to determine the effect of trap-and-relocate protocols on Nicrophorous species. 



US Department of Health and Human Services, Children and Families via State University of New York, Albany - $735,000

Dr. Virginia Whitekiller and NSU received funding for development of a program of diverse child welfare workforce, particularly Native Americans. It highlights a formal agency partnership with the Cherokee Nation Indian Welfare with the desired outcome that a more effective and efficient bridge will be built between both organizations that will support and enhance tribal child welfare services. This collaboration will include ongoing workforce training as well as a workforce entry and retention plan. It will include 8 BSW traineeships per year for a total of 40 awards over the 5 year period.






INBRE Equipment Grant - $35,000

Dr. Sue Katz received funding for equipment to use in faculty and student research and student training in the Biology Department.






INBRE Equipment Grant - $25,000

Dr. Kasia Roberts received funding for gas chromatography equipment for chemistry and biology instruction and research.







INBRE Mini Grant - $25,000

Dr. Jin Seo received funding for research and supplies to identify molecular mechanisms of the interaction between the unfolded protein response pathway and the mechanical target of rapamycin pathway as it relates to obesity. 






UK and US Governments - $250,000

Dr. John Jiang, of the University of Oklahoma, received funding for "Design and Development of International Electricity Highway Systems,"  in collaboration with Dr. Garreth Taylor of Brunel University (London), Sichuan University (China) and Tsinghua University (China). The initiative is funded by the U.S. Department of State, the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the British Council. The project is part of the Global Innovation Initiative. More information about the competition can be found on the Global Innovation Initiative's website at http://global-innovation-initiative.org/.  

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