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February 2013
Mason BlackGreetings, faculty members and administrators,
We wish you a great new year in 2013. It appears that there are more grant opportunities than ever. Even though some federal agencies are reducing, there are many other agencies and foundations that are increasing their grant funding. You are encouraged to seek what external funding will help in accomplishing your innovative mission, and apply. You won't get if you don't submit! 
Enjoy reading about the grants obtained by some of your colleagues in Oklahoma Higher Education. And send information about your own grant projects to If you got this issue from a friend, and you want to receive your own, send an email to be put on the list.
Have a great year!  

Morningside Healthcare Foundation - $92,489


The Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation has awarded a grant to the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences to provide free specialty eye care services and surgery to indigent people in Tulsa. The $92,488.91 grant will be used to purchase ophthalmological equipment for use in the treatment of eye conditions on patients referred to OSU-CHS by Good Samaritan Health Services. Good Samaritan Health Services, which operates several mobile medical units to provide free medical care to poor and underserved people in Tulsa, has partnered with OSU-CHS to provide patient referrals to Timothy Frink, clinical assistant professor of surgery-ophthalmology, for treatment.

Cancer Sucks - $40,000


Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences has received $40,000 from Cancer Sucks Inc. for liver and uterine cancer research. The grant helps utilize newer technologies to understand the impact of hormones on the growth of cancer cells. Rashmi Kaul, OSU-CHS associate professor of immunology directs the project. The goal of Kaul's research is to find early detection markers for cancer, which will greatly increase the chances of successful treatment and survival. OSU-CHS will also continue its efforts in training students in the cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies. Cancer Sucks has donated a total of $107,600 to OSU-CHS. 

OSRHE Science Detectives Summer Academy $52,800
For the next three years, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education funds the 2013 Science Detectives Summer Academy at Cameron University for 40 students.
Dr. Joe Langley is the Director of the Southwest Area Health Education Center 


OSRHE Nano-Explorer Summer Academy - $31,680
The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education funds the 2013 Nano Explorer Summer Academy at Cameron University for 24 students. Dr. Ann Nalley is a Professor in the Department of Physical Sciences 




Oklahoma Humanities Council Public Policy 
Forum VII - $8,100 


The Oklahoma Humanities Council funds Public Policy Forum VII, The Philosophy and Practice of Economic Policy in Oklahoma, aimed at discussing and understanding the region's economic development in light of the philosophical and practical policy context of our current economic system. Dr. Tony Wohlers is Director of Academic Enrichment and Dr. Douglas Catterall is an Associate Professor in the Department of History and Government.


Dr. Douglas Catterall 











OSRHE MASH Camp Summer Academy - $25,440

Summer Academy proposal for Math and Science in Health (MASH) Camp has been approved by OSRHE for funding in the amount of $25,440 for 48 students. Pat Turner is the camp director.



Texoma Health Foundation - $83,190


ECU's Department of Nursing received money to renovate an ITV room on the campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Through the use of ITV, ECU and SE have provided training for nurses to receive their BSN. Dr. Deborah Flowers will oversee the implementation of this grant.





AT&T - $10,000


The goal of the AT&T funded project is to support the Vision Bank Presidential Leadership Class which is a comprehensive four year program designed to develop leaders within ECU's student body. The program introduces and explores leadership theory, practice and the context in which leaders operate. Dr. Shelley Ross Hamby is the director of this program.



Sarkey Foundation--$50,000


This award provides the funds to establish the Rudolph Hargrave Moot Court Room. The mock e-courtroom will provide a real-world environment so graduates are prepared to enter and navigate in today's modern legal setting. Expertise gained will include how to digitize evidence, prepare PowerPoints, organize electronic presentations, and coordinate oral and visual presentations of evidence.


US Department of Justice--$500,000


This program provides basic and/or advanced training on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking for a wide range of professionals which includes judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, child protection officials and other relevant partners responding to such crimes. Leah Lyon directs this program.





US Department of Environmental Protection Agency--$15,000


Dr. Dane Scott's research goal is to make a solid state organic photovoltaic cell more efficient and economically beneficial.

OSRHE Summer Academy - $15,900


'Engineering Physics Exploration' has been approved for 30 students. PI is Dr. Ronald Miller of the UCO Dept. of Engineering & Physics, College of Mathematics and Science.





OSRHE Summer Academy - $21,200


'Discovering Chemistry in Human Health' has been approved for 40 students. PI is Dr. Dana Rundle of the Dept. of Chemistry, College of Mathematics and Science.


OSRHE Summer Academy - $79,182


Dr. Joselina Cheng, Information Science & Operations Management, in the College of Business, received funding for a Summer Academy.






 OK NASA EPSCoR - $2,499


Dr. Gang Xu, Engineering & Physics, in the College of Mathematics and Science, received funding to study 'Cell Biomechanics Applied to Biomedical and Biofuel Research.'






MidFirst Bank - $2,500,000

The University of Central Oklahoma received $2 million to finish construction of a boathouse on the Oklahoma River. The boathouse will be used for the university's women's rowing team and also will include a live music venue, outdoor performance area and art gallery.

The gift from MidFirst Bank also includes $500,000 more to endow a faculty chair and assist with the university's efforts to renovate the Old North building on the Edmond campus.

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribe - $500,000 


The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes presented $500,000 to the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College, located on the campus of its partner institution, Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.Cheyenne and Arapaho Gov. Janice Boswell made the presentation to Chief Lawrence Hart, chairman of the board of regents for the tribes.Henrietta Mann, President of the tribes, said the presentation was another historically jubilant day for the tribal college in terms of its continuing development as a major investment in the future higher education of their youth.




McAlester Scottish Rite Care Clinic - $26,300


Dr. Karen Patterson received clinic funding to provide speech/language screening, diagnostic and interventions services along with clinical supervision at the NSU-Muskogee campus





US Department of Education - $300,000


Dr. Karen Patterson received funding for an Alternative Education Delivery Program, to create a Speech-Language Pathology training program that is more readily accessible through a combination of evening, weekend, summer and technology-based courses. This project will also provide financial support for graduate students in the program with a stipulation of an employment commitment in the public schools as a condition for receiving the assistance.


Grant Writing Tip: Involve the Community in Planning Your Project

The grant tip of focus is to be sure to include the community that is to be served or studies in the project plan. Often a PI will make a plan that does not have accountability between the community and the project, and then the project results in no change. In a recently published book by Tori Hogan, BEYOND GOOD INTENTSIONS, that very point is made dramatically.
Make your innovative proposals excellent by including the very community to be served or studied in the planning for the effictiveness and accountability of the project.   
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 OneNet Grant Increases Oklahoma Access
OneNet, Oklahoma's only fiber optic internet system, is expanding to bring high-speed internet access to some of Oklahoma's most remote locales.


OCAN, the Oklahoma Community Anchor Network, is a partnership among the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. In August 2010, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), awarded Oklahoma a $74 million grant to fund the OCAN project and expand broadband services across the state. The project is 88% complete, and it is expected to be 100% completed in July, 2013. 


See the You-Tube 5 minute and 45 second segment of the Oklahoma News Report to see how OneNet has spread. We truly can have everything we want, even in the most remote locations in Oklahoma!

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The 4th Annual Promoting Undergraduate Research Conference, Taking Ownership of the Research Experience: Presenting and Publishing Undergraduate Research, is planned for April 19, 2013. This is an excellent opportunity to share how your undergraduate student program is progressing or find out how to enhance undergraduate research on your campus, especially focusing on student presentations and publications. Many grants are available to support research programs for undergraduate students. The retention rate for students in those programs is 90-100% The call for panelist presentations and registration information are at, and presentation proposals are due March 4 to Plan to join us!