LetterFromExecutiveDirectorLetter from Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I'm honored to join the Room to Grow team this summer as Executive Director. This is an exciting time for us with the nation's spotlight on universal preschool and early childhood interventions like ours. At Room to Grow we are reminded daily of the importance and impact of our work with families and we continue to rely on you, our longtime friends, for support. We thank you for your deep loyalty and ongoing commitment to our families and children. The urgency to broaden our reach continues, as the demand for our services in New York City is quickly increasing.

We have exciting plans in the works this summer and hope you will join us! There are many ways to get involved, including a visit to our space to volunteer. You're always welcome! We hope to hear from you soon.

Wishing you all a happy and enjoyable summer.

Allyson Crawford
Executive Director, New York

SeeUsInPeopleSee Us in People!
Founding Board Member Uma Thurman shares how she began her close relationship with Room to Grow in the June 30th issue of People Magazine. Read her story about how she was inspired by a neighbor to help babies in need.


Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic cult classic Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman!


"Seeing Pulp Fiction again after more than a decade, projected on the beach of Cannes to a captive audience, I was amazed and reminded of just how eternal the film really is. I am so happy to share the film again, in a personal way, and to see the film do some real good for babies in need."  - Uma Thurman 


Bid to win an exclusive private screening of the film followed by Q&A and cocktails with Uma Thurman at NeueHouse on September 14, 2014.  


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FallPowerBreakfastFall Power Breakfast: Balancing Happiness


We are thrilled to announce that Brooke Shields, actress and author, will host a conversation with Gretchen Rubin, renowned author of The Happiness Project. Join us as we dive into a discussion about what it truly means to be happy. Brooke and Gretchen will explore the interplay between happiness in adults and happiness in children. They will share practical tips on how to achieve day-to-day happiness at home and in the workplace. The quest for happiness unites all of us, from various walks of life and across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Tickets start at $200 (early bird) and range up to $350 for premiere seating. Lead sponsorship opportunities are available at the $10,000 level with options beginning at $1,000.

ShareALoveofSummerReadingShare a Love of Summer Reading

Join us to promote early literacy and participate in our Summer Reading Book Drive


Room to Grow children take home 40 books each year, while parents receive support and instruction on how to nurture language development. Our social work team emphasizes the importance of daily book sharing and models ways to relate words to images and ideas. By providing low-income families with a library of more than 130 books and helping to instill a love of learning, Room to Grow increases the probability that children will start school on a level playing field with their middle-income peers and improve their chances of breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. 

Help us nurture an early love of reading and learning today!


LucasStoryLucas' Story

Marta and Hector came to the United States from Ecuador to seek a better future for their family. They were referred to Room to Grow when they were expecting their second child, Lucas. They both were nervous about raising a child in a new country with a different culture and although Hector was working 12-hour days, they were still struggling financially.

With the help of Room to Grow, Marta and Hector were able to connect with several community organizations in their neighborhood, where they met other parents and established a social support network. Our bilingual social worker helped direct the family to important resources including a summer day camp program and a Mommy and Me class for Marta and Lucas.

Although Hector spends most of his time working to support his family, he has consistently been able to carve out one-on-one quality time with the children. Over the past two years Lucas has grown into a very independent 27 month old. At their most recent visit to Room to Grow, we were able to identify a slight delay in Lucas' speech that will improve with the right language development support. Lucas has been approved for speech therapy services and is already making great progress.

With dedicated resources and the right support at each stage, Lucas is on the road to a bright future and a 3rd birthday with much to celebrate.

Please join us in supporting families like Lucas'. 

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