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 November 2012

Thank you so much to those who participated in the EMS inaugural session at the Obesity 2012, 30th Annual Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, TX. Our section luncheon, kindly sponsored by the Feed Your Kids Foundation, had a great turn out with over 70 people in attendance. Dr. Wendy J. Nilsen of the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research received the first EMS Pioneer Award for excellence in the field and delivered a brilliant presentation outlining the current situation and future opportunities for mHealth interventions focused on obesity. We also recognized outstanding ongoing research in the field by presenting awards to the authors of five of the best posters with an eHealth/mHealth focus (a list of the winners with links to the abstracts is provided below).  


During our Luncheon, we received a number of great ideas for the EMS to implement over the upcoming year, from offering a preconference eHealth/mHealth workshop to hosting a technology showcase and demonstration. In an effort to make these a reality we are continuing our fundraising efforts and would certainly appreciate any ideas for potential sponsors. In addition, as we look ahead to Obesity Week 2013 we encourage you to submit your symposia ideas for eHealth/mHealth topics (please see further information below).


For more information about the Section and the EMS Luncheon, and to provide input, please visit our website at www.tos-ems.org  


Thanks for a successful kickoff and looking forward to a productive and innovative year,


Susan J. Woolford
Chair On Behalf of the EMS Steering Committee


EMS Poster Award Winners
First Annual Poster Award for Excellence

in Science with a Focus on eHealth and mHealth


The following five abstracts were judged to be the best in the eHealth/mHealth field from posters accepted at this year's conference. We are delighted to recognize the authors' excellence in science and contribution to this growing field of research and practice.


325-P - Facebook Participation During a Worksite Program Is Associated With Greater Weight Loss

Kasia Burton, Sheri Wells-Chesley, Kristin Reimers


308-P - Examining Non-usage Attrition in an eHealth Weight Loss Intervention

Ilana B. Schriftman, Sandy Askew, Gary G. Bennett


313-P - Innovative Technology to Improve Patient Adherence to Physician Weight Loss Recommendations

Graham Thomas, Tricia M. Leahey, Katelyn M. Gettens, Rena R. Wing


366-P - Self-Monitoring on the Go: Mobile App Self-Monitoring is Related to Increased Energy Expenditure, Decreased Energy Intake, and Weight Loss

Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy, Michael Beets, Justin B. Moore, Andrew Kaczynski, Daheia J. Barr-Anderson, Deborah F. Tate


383-P - Efficacy of Web-Based Self-Care Lifestyle Modification Program For Weight Loss in Type 2 DM Patients

Kanji Akai, Kathy Kleyn, Hideto Takase, Paul Tutt, Neal D. Kaufman


You may view the abstracts in the 2012 Abstract Book
Symposia Ideas for 2013

Believe it or not, it is time to start planning the 2013 meeting of The Obesity Society! The EMS leadership is soliciting ideas and proposals for eHealth and mHealth symposia and also keynote speakers. 


So, do you have an idea for a wonderful symposium around eHealth or mHealth? If so, we encourage you to send us your ideas by November 15, 2012. The EMS Council will review all ideas and select some to promote to TOS Program Committee as a potential session that we would endorse at Obesity Week 2013. To submit your ideas, please send the following:


  • Title of the session
  • Brief paragraph about your symposium idea
  • Any potential speakers and chairs for the symposium or keynote speakers


Obtaining support from the eHealth/mHealth Section for your proposal may improve the likelihood of being accepted for the 2013 meeting. However, you do not need to obtain support from the EMS to submit it directly to the Program Committee.

Please send your ideas to Sadie Campbell (scampbell@obesity.org) by November 15th with the subject line "TOS EMS Symposium idea."


You will receive notification from the EMS Council by Monday, November 26th at which time you may directly submit your symposium proposal idea directly to TOS for review (TOS deadline: November 30th).

Share Your eHealth and mHealth News and Ideas! 

Please submit eHealth and mHealth news items and we'll add them to the EMS webpage. Contact Sadie Campbell at scampbell@obesity.org if you have something you want highlighted in the EMS Newsletter. News items may include new publications, career awards, new centers, large projects, upcoming conferences, etc. All items will be reviewed by the EMS Steering Committee prior to posting. We also look forward to comments, suggestions and ideas for future topics for the next publication of the EMS Newsletter.

EMS Steering Committee 

Susan Woolford, MD, MPH

Donna Spruijt-Metz, MFA, PhD

Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, MS, RD

Monica L. Baskin, PhD

Jon K. Moon, PhD

Thomas Baranowski, PhD

Elsie M. Taveras, MD, MPH


Website Content: Emma Squillace

Newsletter Content: Melanie Hingle PhD, MPH, RD

Poster Awards: Annalousie O'Connor, PhD 

For questions about this communication or about The Obesity Society, please contact Sadie Campbell at: scampbell@obesity.org.