724VK2 - New Product The SCS 724VK2 Verification Tester is used to
perform periodic testing of the SCS 724 Workstation Monitor. The Verification Tester allows the user to perform NIST traceable calibration verifying that the 724 Workstation Monitor is operating within tolerances. Using the 724VK2 takes only a few minutes and is designed to be used on the shop floor at the workstation to virtually eliminate downtime.
  • Used to perform periodic calibration testing of the 724 Workstation Monitor 
  • Test at various resistance values using the selector knob
  • Eliminate downtime by verifying on-site that your tester is operating within tolerances
  • Made in the United States of America
  • In Stock, ships from Chino, CA
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Verification Tester
Note: Replaces previous item 724VK
"Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained to provide evidence of conformity to the technical requirements. The test equipment selected shall be capable of making the measurements defined in the Compliance Verification Plan." [ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 section 7.4 Compliance Verification Plan]
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