Greetings from the field and Happy New Year!
As we begin 2016, please accept my thank you to the residents and commuters for your patience and support of the 91 Project during 2015. This year, our crews will continue to make great strides to complete the bridges, relocate utilities, and open new on-ramps and off-ramps throughout the project limits. We remain on schedule to open the new lanes in 2017. Once the rainy season is over, I will be able to provide a closer estimate for "opening day."

Our team appreciates the comments and suggestions we have been hearing from the community. Please continue to contact our project helpline at (877) 770-9191, use the Contact Us/Feedback page on our project website or send an email to You also can send an email by clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of our website homepage.

Please note the following:

1. Nighttime full closures of southbound Interstate 15 at the 91. These closures will occur the week of January 11 from 10 pm to 5 am nightly. Please use the eastbound 91, exit on McKinley Street and enter the westbound 91 to reconnect with southbound I-15. Please watch for detours signs and changing conditions in the area. The closures are subject to weather and other field conditions.

2. Nighttime full closures of eastbound Lincoln Avenue on-ramp and off-ramp scheduled. The closures will occur January 11-16 from 9 pm to 5 am for water line installation work. Please use the Main Street off-ramp and the Maple/Paseo Grande on-ramp as detours.

3. El Niņo is upon us in Southern California. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting El Niņo conditions, with more rain than usual this year. RCTC and the 91 Project team members have been actively monitoring weather forecasts to ensure our crews are safe and to plan for construction activities. Due to previous rain events that have caused ramp and lane closures, the 91 Project has conducted a detailed review within the project limits to identify areas that may be prone to flooding and erosion. For more information about the 91 Project's El Niņo preparations, check out the El Niņo FAQ. Before the El Niņo storms roll through our area, please be sure to check your vehicle's tires, wiper blades and brakes. Despite the 55 MPH maximum speed limit in the 91 Project construction zone, it is important to adjust your speed to safely match rainy weather conditions, visibility, and traffic. Don't forget traffic fines are doubled in construction areas! 

4. Additional Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) tow trucks will be on hand within the 91 Project limits during this first week of El Niņo storms and throughout the 2016 rainy season. These specially marked tow trucks patrol the roadways to help stranded motorists. Operators can "jump start" a dead battery, change a flat tire, provide fuel and fluids and perform other minor repairs, all at no charge. They also can tow your car to an approved CHP location. If your car stalls in the construction zone, never cross the lanes on foot. Wait for the FSP tow truck or for the CHP to arrive. 

5. On Christmas Day, vandals hacked an electronic sign located on northbound Interstate 15 between El Cerrito Road and Ontario Avenue to display a political message. The original message related to the southbound I-15 closures noted above. Security measures will be implemented to protect the signs from additional vandalism. 

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