91 Project Update
November 2015

Special Edition
Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Transportation Commission's 91 Project. This monthly e-bulletin offers news and updates about this project, which is under construction in Corona and Riverside. For the latest information, please stay connected through the links below and the project helpline.
Message from Executive Director, Anne Mayer

Corona Residents and 91 Commuters,
Last month, storm damage forced a closure of a lane on the Westbound 91 which made a challenging commute even worse. Although the damage was quickly repaired, the impact it had on the local community was intolerable.
RCTC needs to do a better job communicating directly to those impacted by the construction of the 91 and its traffic impacts. During the last few weeks we have enhanced our efforts to work closely with our partners at the City of Corona to get the facts out and address your concerns. We are committed to improving communication and we need your help.
RCTC is creating a Corona Community Task Force (CCTF) to create a productive forum for citizens to raise their concerns and provide feedback to our team on what works and what doesn't. A good two-way conversation starts with facts and information and the task force will be a good place to have that conversation. The primary topic will be on traffic and how to address the impact of the construction work on residents, but we could also cover other issues involving the project which might impact local residents.
We would like to form this committee quickly and have it in place for the length of the project. If you have an interest in serving, we encourage you to apply here and return to our office.
The 91 Project is more than 50% complete and great progress is being made on improvements that will benefit commuters and the City of Corona for years to come. We are committed to improving communication and minimizing the impacts where we can. Join us in making this work for your community.
Thank you,
Anne Mayer

Agency Coordination Ongoing for 91 Project; Safety a Priority

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), Caltrans and the City of Corona have been long-term partners in the construction of the 91 Project. We maintain ongoing communication across agencies and have cooperative agreements in place to help with safety and traffic management.

Please know that safety along the project corridor is of utmost importance to us. Collisions along the 91 have increased, and we are working with the California Highway Patrol to analyze the most common accident types and causes. We will provide more information about the CHP findings once it becomes available.

Please remember to slow down. Yes, we know that travel speeds are slow during peak morning and afternoon commute hours, but drivers are putting the pedal to the metal at other times of the day. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour within the project limits on the 91 and on Interstate 15. This speed limit is in effect at all times - even if you don't see construction workers present. Traffic fines are doubled on both the highway and on local streets. Please be alert and watch for changing conditions, and please save the cell phone call for later. We want everyone to get home safely.  

The following coordination efforts have been implemented:
  • Traffic Enforcement: RCTC is funding the services of a full-time officer for the Corona Police Department to help with enhance traffic flow within Corona
  • City Resources: RCTC is reimbursing the City of Corona for any public safety resources, such as law enforcement, traffic management and fire services that are used during construction of the 91 Project.
  • Safe Routes to Schools: The project team is meeting with school principals to review safe routes to schools and implement changes as needed. Access to Cesar Chavez Academy has been improved through the addition of a crossing guard at Pine Crest Drive and Paseo Grande and the installation of a flashing beacon on Paseo Grande, a cost sharing arrangement between RCTC and the Corona Norco Unified School District.
  • Emergency Responder Coordination: RCTC hosted a joint emergency responders/maintenance of traffic meeting in late September to discuss potential traffic control and safety measures. This meeting is in addition to ongoing briefings between the project team and emergency responders that have been occurring.
  • Freeway Service Patrol: RCTC is funding extra Freeway Service Patrol vehicles that roam the corridor to assist stranded motorists. Tow truck drivers are able to change flat tires, jump-start batteries, provide a gallon of gas, perform other minor mechanical repairs, and tow vehicles from the 91 and the 15 to designated locations. 
RCTC Seeking Members for New Corona Community Task Force

To complement the existing 91 Project public outreach program, we are forming a new Corona Community Task Force to enhance two-way conversations with you, the residents. The group will discuss traffic flow and provide recommendations for reducing impacts to the Corona area. The task force is expected to begin meeting this fall and continue to meet on a monthly basis. Meetings will be held on a weeknight from approximately 7 pm to 9 pm. To apply to become a task force member, please click here.

Project Signs and Quality Control

The community has asked for improved project signage, and we are responding. Our team is reviewing the placement of changeable message signs and permanent signs to determine if more signs are needed, if signs need to be placed in different locations, and if signs are accurate and clear to motorists. We are assigning a project team member specifically to perform quality control of the project's signage and will report back to the team regarding any problems and recommendations for improvement. 

Stay Connected

Your feedback is important! RCTC reminds the community of ways to stay connected to the 91 Project. Please use any of the following methods to ask questions, provide comments, register to receive updates or check real-time traffic:
All questions and comments are researched and responded to by project team members. Thank you in advance for staying connected. 

Project Overview

Led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the 91 Project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and a direct express lane connector from northbound 15 to westbound 91 and eastbound 91 to  southbound 15. Improvements to interchanges, bridges, ramps,  and local streets also will be made along the 91.

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