91 Project Update
July 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Riverside County Transportation Commission's 91 Project. This monthly e-bulletin offers news and updates about this project, which is starting construction in Corona and Riverside. For the latest information, please stay connected through the links below and the project helpline.
Community Attends 91 Project Open House


Nearly 200 guests attended the 91 Project Open House on June 19 to talk with team members, view maps and learn about upcoming construction activities, project benefits, safety, tolling and more. Not able to attend? Please visit the "News and FAQs" page of the website to view exhibits and maps that were shown at the Open House. 


Full 91 Project Construction Begins in July


While early construction of the 91 Project began this spring, full construction is heating up in July. Upcoming construction work includes: 

  • Lane restriping and carpool lane continuous access: Lanes on the 91, from the 71 to Serfas Club Drive/Auto Center Drive, will be restriped to shift drivers toward the median to allow construction crews to work along the shoulder. Carpool lanes between the 71 to Main Street also will be restriped to allow continuous access, rather than only at selected entry/exit points.  
  • K-rail placement along roadway shoulders: Concrete barriers, also known as K-rail, will be installed along the roadway shoulders to protect workers and drivers during construction. 
  • Staging activities for construction of new westbound 91 Green River Road off-ramp: Construction activities to build the new westbound Green River Road off-ramp and widen the Prado Road Bridge are expected to begin this summer, with most of the work taking place during the day.  
  • Sign installation throughout the corridor: Project signage, including reduced 55 MPH signs, will be installed along the 91 and 15 corridors. 

Stay tuned for details about upcoming construction activity expected to take place on the 15/91 connectors this summer. Plans call for restriping the northbound 15 to westbound 91 connector ramp to include two lanes.


The current number of lanes are expected to be maintained in each direction on the 91 and I-15 during peak travel hours, except during emergencies or special circumstances. Please drive safely, allow extra travel time and be alert to changing conditions within the project area.


The anticipated construction schedule (shown below) is subject to change and is available on the "Design-Build Schedule" section of the project website.


Anticipated Construction Schedule


Schedule subject to change; new lanes are anticipated to open in 2017.


Project Overview

Led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the 91 Project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and a direct express lane connector from northbound 15 to westbound 91 and eastbound 91 to  southbound 15. Improvements to interchanges, bridges, ramps,  and local streets also will be made along the 91.

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