June 6, 2016

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Have a Wonderful Summer!
Now that the 2015-16 school year has come to a close, take the time now to check your email subscriptions for next year:

Class Email Lists:  Incoming freshmensophomores and juniors, be sure that you are subscribed to your class email list so you don't miss out on grade-specific information.  This is particularly important for junior families, where preparation for graduation activities ramps up during the junior year.  Go to the Sequoia PTSA website and subscribe in the "Stay Informed" section on the sidebar or in the main menu.  Questions, contact  

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Enjoy this last Sentinel issue for the 2015-16 year; be sure to read all the way to the bottom for EOY news, summer workshops, and back-to-school dates!

Seniors Sent Off with Style
The last week at Sequoia for the Class of 2016 was filled with celebrations -- a barbecue on Wednesday, brunch on Thursday before graduation practice, and a Grad Night cruise on the San Francisco Bay Friday night!

A huge thank you to the many, many volunteers who helped make the events happen, and a special thanks to the 2016 Grad Committee who spent countless hours over the last two years to fundraise and plan for these events:  Heather Alexander, Tobey Bergen, Sylvie Blumstein, Kathy Croft, Marta Roig, Lisa Pokorny, Heidi Pucel, Grace Schulz, Robin Walton, Kristine Westerlind, and chairpersons Cecilia Canale and Pam Ross!

Best wishes to the Class of 2016!

Above - Seniors enjoy delicious food at the Grad BBQ.  Below - Students are entertained by the teacher band at the BBQ.

Below - Seniors enjoy the Grad Brunch, where they received words of wisdom from retiring librarian Florian Shasky.

Class of 2016 Alumni Membership
The Sequoia High School Alumni Association is extending a special invitation to members of the Class of 2016 and their family and friends to join the Alumni Association at the special rate of $20.16 for a lifetime membership!  

See this flyer or contact with questions.

Festive Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Last Wednesday Sequoia teachers and staff were treated to a delicious luncheon hosted by the Parent Center and assisted by the PTSA, including fresh tortillas and a beautiful cake!  Retiring staff were also recognized:
Joan Fiser
Clifford Kranz
Theresa Lane
Claudia Meyer-Kispersky
Gloria Murry
Stephen Picchi
Florian Shasky

We are thankful for the wonderful staff at our school!

Thank You Library Helpers
Thank you to all our volunteers who helped collect textbooks over the last two weeks, sorting and stacking many books! 

Volunteers were: Beatrice Carrot, Marta Roig, Grace Schulz, Julie Snyder, Donna Fiore, Patricia Eisenberg, Lisa Pokorny, Christine Peterson, Sherri Horan, Gayle Hoch, Meredith Armienti, Sian Davies, Lauren Pachkowski, Jane Taylor, Makiko Yokoi, Christy Martin and Chris Woo.

Keep Learning Over the Summer
Summer reading assignments for all grades can be found on the Sequoia website under Department / English (

IB assignments for incoming 11th and 12th graders may be found on the Sequoia website under Parents & Community / IB Programme (

Save the Dates for Back-to-School
Monday, Aug. 15, 2-4 PM - Check-In Help Desk will be available to answer questions about back-to-school info. 

Tuesday, Aug. 16
  • 9 AM-noon - Freshman Orientation
  • Afternoon - Check-in and photos taken for sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Watch for details to be sent over the summer.
  • 9 AM-noon and 1-4 PM - Check-In Help Desk will be available to answer questions about back-to-school info. 
In This Issue

Happy summer!

Friday, August 5
Deadline to turn in Athletic Clearance forms for fall sports

Monday, August 15
PTSA help desk available

Tuesday, August 16
PTSA help desk available; school photos taken

9 AM-noon - Freshmen Orientation

Afternoon - Sophomore, Junior, Senior check-in and photos

Wednesday, August 17 
First day of school
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Sequoia+Stanford Summer Workshops 2016
Is your son/daughter interested in poetry, spoken word or creative writing? How about science, medicine or public health?   Sequoia+Stanford Workshops 2016 invites you to join us for a five-week workshop starting June 20th! 



What is spoken word poetry? How can poetry help us better understand ourselves and the world around us? Can art be used to incite change?  Find your voice! Learn how to use the tools you need to write compellingly about your own experiences. Participate in a community of artistic production, dedicated to the craft poetry.
In this five-week creative writing workshop (flyer here), we'll explore a variety of poetic forms, from lyric to hip-hop and everything in between. You will:

-- Develop your own style and voice as a poet
-- Have the opportunity to craft a portfolio of poems dealing with topics that impact you and your community
-- Learn how to use your writing to communicate about yourself and the issues you care about (something you'll need for college essays down the road!)
-- Identify the types of stories and writing techniques that make for effective personal narratives
-- Build your confidence and skills in the performance elements of poetry so that you can communicate your ideas to a live audience
-- Learn how art can function as a tool for social justice, self-exploration, community-building and social change
Where: Sequoia High School, Rooms 242-245
When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3-5 PM, June 21-July 22
Cost: FREE to Sequoia HS 2016-17 students
Instructor: Nora Engel-Hall, Stanford EdYD Fellow
Interested? Fill out a workshop application:



This exciting summer opportunity (flyer here) is open to all Sequoia students -- whether you love science, enjoy solving mysteries, are curious about public health policy, or are just interested in learning about your own everyday health and wellness. We will begin with diseases and our immune system, investigating disease spread/pathology, immunology, and other topics in microbiology. Afterwards, we'll take a look at vaccines, analyzing one of the most powerful citizen activist movements in our nation's history -- the anti-vaccine movement. In a discussion-based, interactive classroom, you'll be exposed to scientific topics that are complex but applicable to your own life. By the end of the course, you will be able to critically evaluate scientific media around your community and identify the essential components for producing and delivering an effective presentation for a particular audience.
Where: Sequoia High School, Rooms 242+245
When: Mondays & Wednesdays, 3-5 PM, June 20-July 25
Cost:  FREE for Sequoia HS 2016-17 students
Instructor:  Daimen Sagastume, CSWS Fellow
Interested? Fill out a workshop application here:


For more information about either workshop, please contact:
Elisa Niño-Sears
Director, ATLAS/Sequoia High School