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High Holy Days Registration Has Begun
High Holy Days, 2014/5775: Our Chai Year!!!!
Summer has just arrived, but your board has already made plans for this fall's High Holy Days (September 24 - October 4).  As always, you can expect joyous, meaningful and participatory services, led by Aviva Goldberg and Daniela Gesundheit.  Here is the membership and ticket fee structure for the holidays.

Shir Libeynu's first High Holy Day services took place 18 years ago, in 1996, making this our Chai year. This year marks the first of a multi-year plan to expand our programming extensively and, eventually, to repair our Torah (or buy a new one) and purchase new High Holy Day machzorim. The slight rise in prices reflects these goals as well as our ongoing realities.  Shir Libeynu is an unaffiliated shul, with no current foundational support, and your donations, membership and ticket fees make up our entire revenue.  Those fees pay not only for the High Holy Day expenses, they also fund: monthly Shabbat services and other services all year; staff and clergy costs; rentals of our venues; our education programs, such as the after-service learning sessions; the free children's programming and childcare we always offer; Pride activities; holiday celebrations; subsidies for the most needy among us; as well as all kiddushes and receptions.


The fee changes reflect our commitment to both fiscal responsibility and accessibility for all. Congregation Shir Libeynu's membership fees and ticket prices remain equal to or lower than similar organizations in Toronto. We can do it because of our dedicated clergy and staff, a hard-working group of volunteers and your support, to keep the "little shul that could, and does" running, in this, our Chai year. Be a part of it by joining us all year long.



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Shir Libeynu Fund

Proceeds from the fund will go towards ensuring that Shir Libeynu continues to thrive while ensuring access to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.


Click here to donate to the Shir Libeynu Fund (please note that we do not have credit card capability - just PayPal). 


Alternatively, you can make out a cheque to Congregation Shir Libeynu (please write "Shir Libeynu Fund" in the "Memo" or "Re" section on the cheque) and mail it to


Shir Libeynu, 

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Please send an email message to 
 stating the reason for your donation so we can acknowledge it in the Shabbat handout and on our website. Donations in any amount are welcome and income tax receipts will be issued. 




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The congregation holds Shabbat services one Saturday morning of each month, in the Michael Bernstein Chapel, on the 3rd floor of the Miles Nadal JCC, followed by a light Kiddush. A free Shabbat program is offered for children during services. We also offer adult education workshops and programs, the opportunity to participate in our choir and chanting events, as well as holiday celebrations and Oneg Shabbat dinners throughout the year.


Shir Libeynu is a liberal, egalitarian congregation, unaffiliated with any particular stream of Judaism. Our participatory services combine tradition and innovation. Shir Libeynu is Hebrew for "song of our hearts," and our services include prayers and music both ancient and modern. Our diverse community is a welcoming one.