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Whether it's snowy or sunny, we look forward to seeing you at our Shabbat service at 10:30 a.m. this Saturday, April 6 at the MNJCC.

*CORRECTION* - Upcoming Service

Next month's Shabbat service, being held on Saturday, May 4th, is being co-led by long-time member Charlie Lior and our chazzan Daniela Gesundheit, not by Daniela and Lorne Blumer, as was mistakenly announced in our March 31st e update. Our apologies for the error and many thanks to both Charlie and Lorne, for their longstanding and ongoing support.

Additional Community Announcement

Yiddishtog - Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yiddishtog is a community celebration featuring Yiddish-language lectures, as well as musical and family programming, highlighting contemporary directions in Yiddish studies. Speakers will include Professors Rebecca Margolis, Anna Shternshis, Kalman Weiser, and Sholem Berger, MD. The day includes a special reading for kids of Curious George and of stories by Dr. Seuss in Yiddish, and a performance by the MNJCC Klezmer Music Ensemble. At the MNJCC (750 Spadina @ Bloor), beginning at 11 a.m.

In the evening, a CD release concert by Toronto's Lenka Lichtenberg and her ensemble, Fray will take place at Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front Street West).


* $10 for access to all lectures

* Kids' readings and klezmer performance FREE

* Lenka Lichtenberg concert $25 / $15 for students & seniors

Presenters of this event include Ashkenaz Festival and the Miles Nadal JCC.

Additional News About Shir Libeynu People


Barbara Center, one of our earliest members, is a writer, a film maker and a cancer survivor. She writes:


Last year during treatment I wrote an essay called "Counting the Omer with Cancer"... [I]t was published in the March 28th edition of The Canadian Jewish News as part of their Passover Literary Supplement.


Barbara's moving essay can be read here. If you have a copy of the supplement, please hold onto it for Barbara when you're done reading it. You can usually find Barbara at our monthly Shabbat services.

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