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 April 2013
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Student Bake Sale
SIM Center Relocates
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CMSRU Faculty Provide Global Health Care
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CMSRU Breaking News! 

Students Holding Bake Sale April 9th and 11th 

The Student National Medical Association and Latino Medical Student Association are holding a Bake Sale on Tuesday, April 9th and Thursday, April 11th, from Noon to 2 p.m., to raise funds to support mission outreach projects in the City of Camden and beyond.  Cookies, brownies, cupcakes and other assorted sweets will be available for purchase outside of the hospital's employee cafeteria.  Please support our medical students in this important cause!

Cooper Sim Center Relocates to CMSRU

The Kelemen 9 South Simulation Laboratory has transitioned to the Medical School. All coursework previously scheduled in the Kelemen space is now held in the Simulation Lab on the second floor of CMSRU. The building is accessed via the main entrance, located at Benson and Broadway; sign-in at security is required of ALL personnel attending simulation training.For questions and/or additional information, email Greg Staman, Director of Simulation Operations at Cooper University Hospital, at  Staman-Greg@CooperHealth.edu.


Faculty News

Katz_headshot_large file
Paul Katz, MD, CMSRU Dean, is leading two breakout sessions at the annual
AAMC Council of Deans meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. The session, entitled "Having a Vision: Imagining a Future for Academic Medicine," will focus on innovations, efficiencies and learning environments at the new U.S. medical schools.
Thomas P. Drake, MD,
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, authored a chapter in the recently released medical book Pediatric Neurocritical Care. The chapter is entitled "Rehabilitation: Indications, Management, and Timing." 

Michael E. Goldberg, MD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Cooper's Chief of Anesthesiology, and
Muhammad Muntazar, MD,
Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Head of the Division of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia at Cooper, published a Case Study in the March 2013 issue of Anesthesiology News. Click HERE to view the article.

Pediatric resident Merrian Brooks, MD,

was selected to be a New Century Scholar by the Academic Pediatric Association. She was one of only seven residents nationwide to be chosen for this prestigious honor that recognizes second year pediatric residents for their potential to become future leaders in academic research and education.


Val Weil
Valerie P. Weil, MD, CMSRU's Associate Dean for Finance, Administration and Operations, will present at the meeting of the Society for College and University Planning on April 8, 2013. The educational conference,
"Academic Relevance - Is Higher Education still the Gateway for Opportunity in America?"is being held in Georgetown. Dr. Weil will present "Teaching Students the Way They Learn: Curriculum and Facility Strategies at CMSRU," which will provide an overview of how CMSRU used neuroscience and educational science to construct both its curriculum and the facility design. 
The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions will play a major role in the AAMC's GRMC/NEGSA/ NEOSR/ NEAAHP Spring 2013 Meeting next week in Atlantic City, NJ. With the theme
"Developing and Sustaining our Aspiring Healthcare Leaders," this uniquely collaborative event is drawing nationally-recognized leaders and educators who will share inspirational visions for the future of health care. Presenting at the event are:

John F. McGeehan, MD,
Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions

Catherine Dayton, PhD,
Director of Admissions

Marion J. Lombardi,
Chief Student Affairs Officer

Also presenting are CMSRU students
Imoh Ikpot, Gita Byraiah, and Mei Chia (Rebecca) Lee.

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Making the Rounds

Gross Anatomy Course Begins with Special Ceremony
GA Lab_close-up
According to most physicians, one of the strongest and most impactful memories of medical school was their experience in Gross Anatomy (GA). On March 28, CMSRU's first year students marked the start of this experience with a ceremony to honor the individuals who gave that most generous gift of themselves - their cadavers. The class also took time to reflect on the key principles they will be putting into practice during GA: professionalism, teamwork, respect and communication.


After the students were placed into lab groups of five and led to their cadavers for the first time, Paul Katz, MD, CMSRU Dean, remarked on the significance of the experience and the important role these "first patients" will play in the students' medical education. "These cadavers are individuals, and they were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers," he said. "You will think about these individuals and the knowledge you gained from them and from this experience many times throughout your career. They deserve our profound respect and gratitude."


Annette Reboli, MD, CMSRU Vice Dean, marked the significance of the occasion by reciting a reflective essay by Dr. Ranit Mishori of Georgetown University entitled "The Past Life of My Cadaver: Medical Student Learns More Than Anatomy From Studying a Courageous Woman." An excerpt from Dr. Mishori's essay reads:"Perhaps her family was among those praying and singing in the Georgetown chapel. Perhaps not. As I tried to keep up with the hymns, I decided what I would have said had I met them, that their aunt, or mother or grandmother or great-grandmother had just begun a new life deep in that part of my brain that is going to make me a doctor." Click HERE to read the full version of this powerful commentary.


The ceremony closed with a moving personal story from Hector Lopez, MD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, about a conversation he had many years ago with a would-be donor."I asked her, 'Why do you want to do this?'" he said. "She told me that she had lived a full life, and accomplished nearly all of her dreams, except for one. She wanted to be a teacher." Donating her body to help students learn, Dr. Lopez explained, was her way of fulfilling that dream. "These cadavers are our teachers - learn from them," he added.


The CMSRU students will officially begin their GA course the week of April 8, when they return from Spring Break.

CMSRU Offers Disaster Prep for Students, Faculty & Staff

Keeping students, faculty and staff safe during emergencies requires education and preparation. On Wednesday, April 10, from Noon to 1 p.m., CMSRU will host a presentation to build awareness about what to do in the event of an Active Shooter
situation in the CMSRU building. The program, which will be held in the auditorium, will feature Sgt. Mike Fitzgibbon from the Rowan University Department of Public Safety Police and Emergency Service Section.


"Chances are that we will never need to implement any measures that will be reviewed during the class," explains Sgt. Fitzgibbons. "But programs like this are important on all campuses, just in case. It's a fact that pre-incident training and preparation can potentially save lives."


Since the training is specific to the CMSRU building, faculty who are in the building on a regular basis are encouraged to attend.

CMSRU Faculty Providing Care around the Globe
In February, Saifuddin T. Mama, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and David Fish, MD, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, participated in a two week medical mission to Kigali, Rwanda through the International Organization for Women and Development (www.iowd.org). IOWD is a non-profit committed to addressing the widespread issue of obstetric fistulas after childbirth and its devastating consequences for women in Africa.


Drs. Mama and Fish worked with approximately 250 women from all parts of the country who presented at Kibagabaga Hospital with continuous urinary or fecal incontinence. "We arrived on Saturday, started evaluating patients on Sunday and operated continuously every day until we left the country," explained Dr. Mama, who has participated in IOWD mission trips for the past 9 years. "This was truly a team effort with volunteer surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses."


Reflecting on the experience, Dr. Mama wrote: "Women, many of them teenagers, as well as women in their 40's who had been living with continuous urinary and fecal leakage for decades, came in for evaluation with both hope and desperation. And only after several days post surgery with no leakage did they ever smile. For the team, their spontaneous happiness at the possibility of being dry and not smelling for the first time in a long time is always deeply moving, no matter how many times we witness this. For many team members who participate, these mission trips are the highlight of their year and a source of deep satisfaction."


Rwanda_DrFish This was Dr. Fish's first global health mission, and he found the experience rewarding both personally and professionally. "We were forced to think outside the box and truly work as a team, and we were able to deliver excellent care to these women who really needed it."


IOWD is celebrating its 10th year as a non profit. A primary goal aside from care of patients and the repair of obstetric fistula, is to leave behind concrete training and skills for the doctors, residents, medical students and nursing staff.



Earlier this year, Frank W. Bowen III, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, along with surgical resident Miguel Villalobos, MD, and Cooper University Hospital nurse Heather Marshall, RN, traveled to Retalhuleu, Guatemala on an 11-day medical mission. Click HERE to read about the Guatemala mission in the March 2013 issue of Cooper News.


Class of 2017 Interviews Conclude 

CMSRU reached another milestone in March by holding the last of 13 Interview Days for the Class of 2017. A total of 314 prospective students were interviewed this cycle, out of 3,880 applications submitted to the school.

The total applications surpassed last year's number by over 1000!


"The student pool for this year was remarkable," noted John F. McGeehan, MD,
Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Admissions. "Last year we worked hard to find students that matched our mission. This year, they found us. The students we accepted have excellent academic records along with a passion for working with the underserved." 


Of the 314 interviewees, 117 were offered admission. Many of the students have multiple acceptances, and the deadline for choosing one school is May 15. In the end, CMSRU expects to welcome about 60 members to its Class of 2017.


Of those accepted to CMSRU, the average grade point average is 3.66 and Medical College Admission Test score is 31; 61 percent are from New Jersey; and 28 percent are from groups underrepresented in medicine. The students will be announced this summer in a special edition ofMaking the Rounds.

Medical Staff Honors Five Docs 

Four longtime Cooper faculty members and one junior faculty member were honored last month at the Cooper Medical Staff Annual Meeting. The award ceremony was the first in what is to become a tradition of celebrating the dedication and commitment of one senior and one junior faculty member each year.


According to Annette Reboli, MD, CMSRU Vice Dean and President of the Medical Staff, the decision to honor multiple senior faculty members this year was made because of the significant depth of renowned faculty at Cooper. "All four of the senior faculty members who were honored have a long history at Cooper of dedication to patient care, physician training and ensuring a great future for the hospital."


Senior faculty honored included: Carolyn E. Bekes, MD; Ronald Jaffe, MD; Eugene Principato, MD;and Edward D. Viner, MD. The junior faculty awardee was Charlene Bierl, MD, PhD. Click HERE to read bios on each of the winners.
CMSRU Hosts Well-Known Lecturers in March
Renowned bioethicist Arthur Caplan, PhD, visited CMSRU in early March as the keynote speaker for the First Annual Berkowitz Lecture. This Grand Rounds event was open to all students, faculty, residents, fellows and staff. Dr. Caplan provided food-for-thought on an array of potential controversies surrounding the emerging area of personalized medicine to the filled auditorium. Dr. Caplan also provided an interactive session with CMSRU's first year students. Click HERE to read in-depth coverage of the event by NJSpotlight.

A week later, CMSRU hosted David Hirsh, MD, Director and Co-founder of the Harvard Medical School-Cambridge Integrated Clerkship, and several of his colleagues. The group participated in an evening Faculty Development event, followed the next day by Grand Rounds and a special session with our students - all in preparation for the Cooper Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (CLIC), which will occur during the students' third year.

"We look forward to hosting many more programs like these in the next academic year,""said Annette Reboli, MD, CMSRU Vice Dean.  

CMSRU's website lists upcoming events for faculty under the Faculty tab. Visit Rowan.edu/coopermed/faculty/announcements often for updates.
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