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HR News That You Really Don't Want to Know (But Have To)



Recently I received an email from a legal source that announced, "New Form I-9 required."

Doesn't excite you?  Me neither.  Don't even know what a Form I-9 is?  No shame, you can ask me.  But you have to start using the new form by May 7, 2013 or be exposed to penalties of $1,000 per I-9 for non-compliance.   


It is that kind of detail that can make the difference between a good and a bad Labor Department audit of your employee files.  It can make the difference between your business being protected and paying fines and penalties.   

Here is a checklist that you can use to make sure that you have the basics covered:

* Create a folder (or electronic file) for each employee for general documents

* Create one big folder to hold all your employee Form I-9's, to be available in case of inspection

* Create a medical folder for each employee, separate from the general employee folder, for confidentiality reasons

* Employee Handbook, to explain your company's policies and expectations

* Labor Law posters - state and federal, posted in a prominent place

* An effective employment application form

* An all-purpose Status Change form

* A good Performance Evaluation form

* A Disciplinary Action form to protect you from lawsuits

All this is discussed in greater detail in my FREE eBook, HR Basics Click Here for a copy.

And by the way, Click Here for a FREE download of the boring new Form I-9.

Managing your employees and your business are the keys to success. I hope you found some helpful tips and examples from this article that suggest how to best navigate your workplace environment.   



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