July 11, 2013
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ELAM Edge, June 20, 2013: An Ending and a New Beginning


ELAM Edge, June 6, 2013: Seven Lessons from a Life in Academic Medicine


ELAM Edge, May 23, 2013: Planning For Being Seen, Being Heard, Being Effective


ELAM Edge, May 9, 2013: Save the Date: 2013 ELAM AAMC Tea



ELAM News to Know
Save the Date...

We are extremely excited to be offering our second advanced professional development program for alumnae: Being Seen, Being Heard, Being Effective

January 9 -12, 2014
the beautiful Omni La Mansion and
Mokara Hotel and Spa in San Antonio, TX


Registration will open in August, so watch for more updates in your email inbox and on our website.

This event is sponsored by:
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Women Faculty Programs, The University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center

ELAM Transitions
Brian Pelowski, our esteemed Director of Operations and Management, is moving on from ELAM - next week is his last week with us. He is starting an exciting new position as Administrator of Shared Scientific Resources at Einstein College of Medicine in New York. We will miss you Brian, but wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
We are pleased to announce the addition of Wenting Luo as our new CRM Data Analyst. She comes to us from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, where she served as a Health Policy Analyst. Welcome Wenting!


Quote of the Day

A willingness to accept the risk of failure is one of the costs of leadership and, therefore, the price of all success.

      - Harold Shapiro, former president of Princeton




Associate Medical Director - Fellowship Program and Associate Medical Director - Research, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Stony Brook Children's Hospital. Submitted by executive search firm ZurickDavis. ELUMs at Stony Brook are Latha Chandran and Meenakshi Singh (SOM); Maria Ryan (SODM).


Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Texas Tech University Health Science Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine. Submitted by executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. ELUMs at the university are Michele Follen, Kathy Horn, and Veronica Mallett (Paul L. Foster SOM); Marjorie Jenkins, Betsy Jones, Cynthia Jumper, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman, and Patti Patterson (SOM).


Chair, Department of Family Medicine, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine. Submitted by executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. An ELUM at the university is Eleanor Harris.


Chair, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Central Florida College of Medicine. Submitted by executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. ELUMs at the university are Diane Davey and Debbie German (COM).


Chair, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center. Submitted by executive search firm Spencer Stuart. ELUMs at the institution are Julia Arnsten, Judy Aschner, Marti Grayson, Nadine Katz, and Ellie Schoenbaum (COM).


Chair, Department of Pathology, Duke University School of Medicine. Submitted by the institution. ELUMs at the university are Ann Brown, Sharon Hull, Mary Klotman, Catherine Kuhn, Holly Lisanby, Chris Marx, Jan Richardson, Vicki Seewaldt, Marilyn Telen, Debara Tucci, and Terri Young (SOM).


Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Submitted by the institution.


Chair, Department of Surgery, University of Vermont College of Medicine. Submitted by executive search firm Isaacson Miller. An ELUM at the university is Debra Leonard (COM).


Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Submitted by the institution. ELUMs at the university are Deborah Helitzer, Melvina McCabe, Martha McGrew, Leslie Morrison, Arti Prasad, Valerie Romero-Leggott, Anne Simpson, Carolyn Voss, and Bronwyn Wilson (SOM).


Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Submitted by the institution.


Chief Medical Officer, Upstate University Hospital, and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, College of Medicine, Upstate Medical University, The State University of New York. Submitted by executive search firm Korn/Ferry International. ELUMs at the university are Leslie Kohman and Margaret Turk.


Inaugural Dean, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin. Submitted by executive search firm Witt Kieffer.




Please send position announcements to Elamjobs@Drexelmed.edu.   




ELUM News 


AAMC CFAS-News, July 3, 2013:

AAMC Chief Scientific Officer Ann Bonham, Ph.D., recently wrote an online commentary for The Scientist on research evaluation.  Dr. Bonham said that by taking the lead in demonstrating accountability as well as evaluating and communicating the value of medical research to broad audiences with a suite of academic and non-academic measures, the medical school community can bolster ongoing public support for funding.


Rena D'Souza, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. (ELAM '10) was featured in the July 2 Wall Street Journal article, "To Avoid Root Canals, Teeth That Replace Themselves."


ASPH Friday Letter, June 21, 2013:

Study Shows All Seniors Over 70 Should Be Screened for Frailty

Everyone older than 70 should be checked for frailty, a condition that is both readily treated and potentially deadly, according to an article authored by leading experts on aging including Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Dean Linda P. Fried (ELAM '97). The article, titled "Frailty Consensus: A Call to Action," appears in the June edition of the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association.


Catherine Kuhn, M.D. (ELAM '05) has been appointed Designated Institutional Official, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, and Director of Graduate Medical Education at Duke University School of Medicine.


Carol A. Lefebvre, D.D.S, M.S. (ELAM '06), has been named Interim Dean of the Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine.



The AAMC has announced their Council of Deans Fellows for 2013-2014, two of which are ELUMs: Karin Muraszko, M.D. (ELAM '03) and Elizabeth Petty, M.D. (ELAM '10).Thank you to Elizabeth for informing us of this, and also for updating us on her newest adventures - songwriting, Ladies Rock Camp, and learning to play the drums! 


ASPH Friday Letter, June 28, 2013:

Yale Researcher Will Serve on Steering Committee for Multimillion-Dollar Initiative

A researcher from the Yale School of Public Health (Melinda Pettigrew, Ph.D., ELAM '13) will help direct a new clinical research network formed to address the rising health problem of antibacterial resistance. The project is being starting with a $2 million grant and could total up to $62 million by 2019. Funding for the initiative comes from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health.


AAMC CAS/CFAS-Mail, June 28, 2013:

John E. Maupin Jr., D.D.S., president of the Morehouse School of Medicine, on Friday announced his planned retirement. Effective July 1, 2014, after the end of the upcoming academic year, Dr. Maupin will be succeeded by Valerie Montgomery Rice, M.D. (ELAM '04), a obstetrician and gynecologist, who was named as executive vice president and dean in 2011. Dr. Montgomery Rice will retain the position of dean when she becomes president next year. According to the school, "With this announcement, Dr. Montgomery Rice becomes the nation's first African-American woman to lead a free-standing medical school as chief executive officer."


Susan Rosenthal, M.D. (ELAM '11), is the new Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Counseling at Jefferson Medical College.



If you have news about yourself, your ELAM Learning Community, or other ELUMs that you would like to share in the Edge, please send it to ELAM@DrexelMed.edu. 






ELUM Articles


Academic Medicine, July 2013 - Volume 88 - Issue 7:

Are Medical Students Aware of Their Anti-obesity Bias?

Miller, David P. MD, MS; Spangler, John G. MD, MPH; Vitolins, Mara Z. DrPH, RD; Davis, Stephen W. MA; Ip, Edward H. PhD; Marion, Gail S. PA, PhD; Crandall, Sonia J. PhD


The Mentoring Competency Assessment: Validation of a New Instrument to Evaluate Skills of Research Mentors

Fleming, Michael MD; House, Stephanie MA; Hanson, Vansa Shewakramani MS; Yu, Lan PhD; Garbutt, Jane MD; McGee, Richard PhD; Kroenke, Kurt MD; Abedin, Zainab MPH; Rubio, Doris M. PhD



Articles of Note


The Glass Hammer, June 18, 2013:

Passion and Purpose - Why Leadership Means Following Your Heart

Last week, thousands of women took part in S.H.E. Summit Week, a week-long event designed to empower women to take ownership of their careers and dreams. The week of pop-up events around the world culminated with a two-day conference on work and life in New York City. Speakers included people like Cindy Gallop, Joi Gordon, Gloria Feldt, Reshma Saujani, and John Gerzema, who examined the powerful and positive ways women leaders are reshaping the 21st century.


Inside Higher Ed, June 20, 2013:

New Effort to Promote Faculty Work-Family Balance

The American Council on Education on Wednesday launched a campaign asking college and university presidents to promote faculty career flexibility on their campuses.


The Chronicle of Higher Education, On Hiring, June 21, 2013:

Picture Yourself

A female scientist reminds women not to undervalue their professional expertise.


Fast Company, June 21, 2013:

3 Ways To Get More Out Of--Or Just Get Out Of--Your Next Meeting

Chances are, more than a third of you day is spent in meetings. Most of them are laborious, sucking away precious time and energy. Here are a few tips for keeping meetings efficient and satisfying.


Fast Company, June 27, 2013:

The Simple Question That Helps You Use LinkedIn Better

LinkedIn can accelerate your career--if you understand this key to the site.


Fast Company, July 1, 2013:

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner On The Value Of Under-Scheduling

Strategic thinking doesn't find itself. It needs time--about 30 to 90 minutes--and space. LinkedIn's Jeff Weiner shows us why.


Knowledge@Wharton, July 1, 2013:

'Decisive': Chip Heath on How to Make Better Choices

In Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, bestselling authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath argue that humans don't have a particularly strong track record of making good choices -- whether it is about our careers, business matters or our personal lives. In their book, they explore the common decision-making traps we fall into and how to overcome them to make better decisions. Knowledge@Wharton recently had an opportunity to talk with Chip about how widening your options, reality-testing your assumptions, attaining distance before deciding and preparing to be wrong can make all the difference.


Inside Higher Ed, July 9, 2013:

London Mayor Criticized for Saying Women Go to College for Husbands

London Mayor Boris Johnson is under attack for a quip suggesting that female students are still after Mrs. degrees.


Harvard Business Review Blog Network, July 5, 2013:
Successfully Integrate Your Work, Home, Community, and Self

You can be a committed A-player executive, a good parent, an attentive spouse, and a healthy person with time for community engagement and hobbies. How on earth do you do all that? Stop juggling and start integrating. (Article written by Stew Friedman, ELAM Facilitator)



Calls for Application, Nomination, Etc.


AAMC CAS/CFAS-Mail, June 25, 2013:

AAMC Diversity Policy and Programs has released a new video in its Diversity 3.0 Learning Series: "Exploring Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine." In the video, AAMC Chief Diversity Officer Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D., interviews Howard Ross, Founder & Chief Learning Officer of Cook Ross and author of ReInventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose, and Performance. AAMC also has partnered with Cook Ross to develop a three-day intensive program, "Learning Lab on Unconscious Bias in the Health Professions." The training is designed specifically for administrators and faculty of academic medicine to dive deeper into the origins of unconscious bias and learn proven strategies and interventions for recognizing and preventing it in healthcare settings. The next Learning Lab takes place from July 23-25, 2013 and registration is open now.
http://tinyurl.com/qb8ujoa (video)
http://tinyurl.com/cwzamal (training program)


AAMC STAT, July 8, 2013:

AAMC Offers Unique Workshop to Help Members Build Strategic Plans
The "
Creating and Implementing Strategic Plans Workshop" on Sept. 19-20 in Washington, D.C., is for beginners and experienced planners who are looking for guidance regarding critical steps in the strategic planning process, such as getting buy-in and creating performance metrics. Topics will include assessment of the local health care market, environmental assessment tools, and action plan development, among others. The workshop, sponsored by the AAMC Group on Institutional Planning, is intended both for those with significant experience in organizational strategic planning and those who are newly tasked with developing strategy for a unit, department, or center within a medical school or teaching hospital. To learn more, please visit the Web site.


To share with your colleagues:

2013 Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar

September 20, 2013 - September 23, 2013

New Orleans, Louisiana

This three-day professional development seminar is designed for junior faculty (senior clinical and research fellows, instructors, and assistant professors) and post docs (MD, MD/PhDs and PhDs) who aspire to leadership positions in academic medicine.


American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is now accepting nominations for their 2014 National Awards, which recognize exceptional contributions to medicine and to AMWA. Deadline for nominations is October 15, 2013.


The Last Word


Fast Company, June 25, 2013:

#Unplug: The Complete, Printable Guide

Step-by-step instructions for ditching your devices and navigating the world without an Internet connection.


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