February 14, 2013
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Applications are in!


The applications for the 2013-2014 ELAM fellowship year are now in! We are extremely excited to once again have a large and extremely qualified pool of applicants. We received a total of 97 applications. The applications came from 69 schools of medicine (including two Canadian schools), 6 schools of dentistry, 2 schools of public health, one osteopathic school, and the NIH. Ten institutions (6 Schools of Medicine, 1 School of Dentistry, 1 School of Osteopathic Medicine, 2 Schools of Public Health) have never before nominated an ELAM Fellow:
  • Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University 
  • Loma Linda University School of Medicine
  • The Commonwealth Medical College
  • The Texas A & M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine
  • University of Central Florida College of Medicine
  • University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
  • University of Mississippi School of Medicine
  • University of South Florida College of Public Health

Of the 79 institutions submitting applications, 61 forwarded a single candidate and 18 forwarded two candidates. Nine applicants applied previously to ELAM. Twenty-five applicants identified their race as non-Caucasian or "other" and four identified themselves as being of Hispanic origin. The pool includes 55 MDs (or equivalent), 2 DOs, 27 PhDs, 5 DDSs (or equivalent), and 5 MD/PhDs.


The new class will be announced in April.

Best wishes to all of the candidates!



Quote of the Day

When you get into a tight place, hang on -- for that is just the place and time the tide will turn.

       - Harriet Beecher Stowe




Director, Center on Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Wake Forest School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Lynne Wagenknecht. Other ELUMs at Wake Forest are Sarah Berga, Allison Brashear, Sonia Crandall, Debra Diz, Claudine Legault, Amy McMichael, Sally Shumaker, Mary Lou Voytko, Janice Wagner, and Gretchen Wells.


Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Stony Brook University School of Medicine. ELUMs at Stony Brook are Latha Chandran, Meenakshi Singh (SOM); and Maria Ryan (SODM).


Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Indiana University School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Mary Dankoski. Other ELUMs at the university are Maryellen Gusic, Abby Klemsz, Aina Puce (SOM); and Melanie Peterson (SOD).


Chair, Department of Surgery, Duke University School of Medicine. Submitted by the institution. ELUMs at Duke are Ann Brown, Mary Klotman, Catherine Kuhn, Holly Lisanby, Chris Marx, Jan Richardson, Vicki Seewaldt, Marilyn Telen, Debara Tucci, and Terri Young (SOM).


Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin. Submitted by the institution. ELUMs at the college are Pat Donohoue, Beth Drolet, Judy Kersten, Karen Marcdante, Mary Otterson, Julie Panepinto, Ann Rosenthal, Paula Termuhlen, and Earnestine Willis.


Please send position announcements to elamjobs@Drexelmed.edu.  




ELUM News 


AAMC CAS-Chairs, February 7, 2013:

Sharon K. Hull, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACPM, (ELAM '08) Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and Director of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Collaborative at Summa Health System in Ohio, has been named Chief of the Division of Family Medicine, within the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine. She will start on April 1.


ELUMs Etta Pisano (ELAM '04) and Diane Magrane (ELAM '03) were mentioned in the article, Women Still Face Barriers to Leadership Roles in Academic Medicine, from the December 2012 issue of the AAMC Reporter.



If you have news about yourself, your ELAM Learning Community, or other ELUMs that you would like to share in the Edge, please send it to ELAM@Drexel.edu.




ELUM Articles


Journal of Women's Health, Vol. 22, No. 2, February 2013:

Do Menopausal Status and Use of Hormone Therapy Affect Antidepressant Treatment Response? Findings from the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) Study

Susan G. Kornstein, Marisa Toups, A. John Rush, Stephen R. Wisniewski, Michael E. Thase, James Luther, Diane Warden, Maurizio Fava, and Madhukar H. Trivedi


AAMC CAS-Chairs, February 7, 2013:

There are several interesting new posts to the Wing of Zock innovation web site. Dr. Ann Bonham, AAMC's Chief Scientific Officer, wrote an essay about the evidence base needed to support patient centered care. Dr. Joanne Conroy, AAMC's Chief Health Care Officer, wrote an essay concerning consumer directed healthcare and its role in transforming health care delivery.




Articles of Note


The Scientist, February 2013:

Let's Make a Deal

Six myths about job and salary negotiations and how they may hinder your ability to bargain effectively.


Women in Higher Education, February 2013:

Texas Chancellor Shares 11 Secrets to Leadership Success

I think women can have it all," keynoter Erma Johnson Hadley said at the Women's Leadership Institute on Amelia Island FL in December. She's a wife, mother and grandmother as well as chancellor of the more than 100,000-student Tarrant County College (TCC) District in Fort Worth TX since 2010.


AAMC STAT, February 4, 2013:

2011-12 AAMC Faculty Salary Report Available
The updated edition of the AAMC's faculty compensation report is now available. The
"Report on Medical School Faculty Salaries, 2011-2012" contains 33 tables that present total compensation attributable to teaching, patient care, or research for full-time medical school faculty. The data are presented by faculty rank, department, and specialty as well as U.S. region.

AAMC Releases New Data on Diversity in Medical Education
The AAMC recently published
"Diversity in Medical Education: Facts & Figures 2012," the 17th data book in the Facts & Figures Data Series. According to the report, Caucasian applicants declined approximately 26 percent over the past three decades and, in 2011, half of all applicants were nonwhite. The publication provides students, medical educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders with a collection of detailed statistical information on race and ethnicity and gender in medical education in the United States for the 2011 academic year, as well as nearly a decade's worth of trending information for select topics.


Forbes, February 4, 2013:

Why Women Make Better Leaders (Part II)

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post here on Forbes, The Results Are In: Women Are Better Leaders. I was astonished at the flurry of anti-female (and anti-me) comments it evoked.


Fast Company, February 6, 2013:

Guess Who Finally Cares About Workplace Flexibility? Men

After two generations of paid-leave policy driven by gender equality and pregnancy, the conversation is expanding. Flex schedules are becoming a top-priority perk for office workers of all ages, family situations, and genders. Oh, let's just say it: men.


Harvard Business Review Blog Network, February 7, 2013:

How Female Leaders Should Handle Double-Standards

IMF head Christine Lagarde tells a story about a woman leader she met who took over at a tough moment in her country's history and resolved to be different. They had to cut the deficit and she wanted to set standards by personal example. When she travelled around the country, she took a small entourage of five cars. But the women she met in the villages asked her why only five cars when the men before her travelled with twenty-five. Stereotypes have been set and cast in stone, explained Lagarde, making women feel they have to act like men to be heard. "Keep your five cars," Lagarde advised her, "dare the difference. Sometimes our five cars are better than their twenty-five."


The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 11, 2013:

On Being a Rookie Chair
Everyone assumes my life is now extraordinarily difficult and stressful. Should I let them?



Calls for Applications, Nominations, Etc.


For Philadelphia-area ELUMs: Join WHYY and Vision 2020 on Thursday, February 21st for a very special preview-screening of the documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Make America. This screening is free and open to the public, however registration is required.


Register now for Doing More With Less . . . Intelligently: Lean Healthcare and Educating Health Professionals - June 14 - 15, 2013 at the Hilton Lexington Downtown in Lexington, KY. This conference will provide an Introduction to Lean Theory, use of real examples to demonstrate improvement in systems and operations, and problem solving applications for use of the Lean Concept for enhancement of the academic mission. Sessions will focus on separating accountability from responsibility, the role of vertical vs. distributed decision making authority and how it impacts instructions and curriculum, and the need for vigorous assessment in decision making. [Note that this event is being organized by ELUMs Kris Lohr and Sharon Turner, and that ELUM Laura Schweitzer is presenting.]


The Last Word


AAMC CAS-Chairs, February 4, 2013:

An interesting article in The Atlantic asks, "Is the Lecture Dead?" Dr. Richard Gunderman, vice-chair of the Radiology Department at Indiana University School of Medicine, contends that "Education isn't just about conveying information as efficiently as possible. A lecture, done right, gets to the heart of why a lesson is worth learning." He concludes, "...widespread reports of the lecture's demise are somewhat exaggerated."


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