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April 10, 2014
University Committee Looking at Faculty and Staff Leaves

The complex array of leaves Purdue provides for employees is being studied by a group of faculty and staff from the West Lafayette, Calumet, Fort Wayne, and North Central campuses.

The committee has been charged with gathering and analyzing leave plan and policy design alternatives for all aspects of faculty and staff leave.


The committee is scheduled to make preliminary recommendations by early summer. The recommendations will be presented to the university community for feedback before final decisions are made. No date has been set for implementing any changes that result from the committee's work.


In addition to the ideas and experiences committee members bring to the discussion, the group has conducted faculty and staff focus groups and has enlisted the help of Pacific Resources, a consulting firm that specializes in employee leaves and benefits.


To keep faculty and staff informed about its work, the committee has set up a Web page that provides the following:

  • Overview of the project
  • Benchmarking information
  • Summary of focus group findings
  • List of those serving on the committee

More information will be added to the website as the project progresses. Faculty and staff may submit questions or comments to the committee anonymously.



Read the entire story in Purdue Today  


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