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Inside IPFW Special Edition
Adjusting Levels of Service to Reduce Spending


IPFW Physical Plant will respond to the funding shortfall and reduce spending by changing processes, staffing levels, and schedules. Some of these changes may not be noticed by most of campus, but a few will be obvious starting early this year. Beginning January 7, the Building Services third shift custodial crews (10 p.m.-6:30 a.m.) will be moving to second shift (4:30 p.m.-1 a.m.).  This change will make it possible to shut down air handling units from midnight-6 a.m. in many buildings, thereby reducing energy consumption and cost. 


By attrition, many areas of Physical Plant will experience staff reductions. Because of this attrition and coupled with the fact that additional areas (the renovated old bookstore space in Kettler and the Modular Classroom Building on the north end of campus) will need to be cleaned starting in early 2013, the frequency with which offices can be serviced will be reduced. Most faculty and staff offices will be serviced two to three times per week instead of every day. To accommodate offices with occasional overflow between service days, large trash containers will be positioned in the public corridors. As a reminder, we wish to stress the importance of recycling and encourage all staff to use our Single Stream Co-mingle Recycling program (paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass containers) to reduce the amount of material that ultimately gets sent to the land fill, further saving money.


We appreciate your support and cooperation as we move though this transition. If you have questions about these changes or wish to share other cost-saving suggestions, please contact H. Jay Harris, Director Physical Plant and Campus Safety at harrishj@ipfw.edu or 481-6785. 

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