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Message from the Mayor

As you walk or drive around Tumwater in the spring you will see many flowering trees. But one variety in particular stands out - a non-fruit bearing tree with pink blossoms, called "thundercloud flowering plum". You will find many of these aging trees scattered throughout the streets and yards of the older parts of Tumwater. But do you know how they got there? 
I figured that there must have been some kind of civic tree planting initiative that occurred many years ago, as these trees are too unusual and plentiful to have gotten there through random plantings.
A few years ago I had an opportunity to ask Jim Brown, about the origin of these trees. Jim grew up in Tumwater, was a former City Councilmember and City Public Works Superintendent (1966-86) and affectionally known as "Mr. Tumwater". He told me they originated around 1980.  Apparently, the State had a bunch of surplus trees and asked if anyone wanted them. Jim snapped them and planted them on streets throughout the City and in anybody's yard they'd let him. It wasn't like there was an elaborate selection process, and Jim noted he wasn't particularly attached to the trees, it was just an opportunity for some free trees.
But here we are over 40 years later and these aging trees continue to bloom, adding color and vibrancy to Tumwater every spring. Many of these trees have since passed on (as Jim did a few years ago) due to the toll of time, damage from ice storms, or the victim of poor pruning and disease. But you still see spots of pink blossoms around town. 
We are gradually replacing these trees with newer ones or other varieties that are more disease resistant and easier to maintain. But the legacy of Jim's initiative continues to live on well beyond the person who planted them.
What kind of community will we leave behind for our children's children? Next time you have an opportunity to plant a seed, either literally or figuratively, think about Tumwater's flowering plum trees.
Mayor Pete Kmet

Celebrate Earth Day and the Historical Park Trail ribbon cutting

The City of Tumwater will celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 23, 2016. Hundreds of volunteers in our area will be pitching in to help restore the parks and trails in Thurston County! This year, Tumwater's volunteer event will take place in Historical Park on Saturday, April 23, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Celebrate with us by volunteering for a local service project, a Stream Team event, or even create your own stewardship project. 

In addition to a volunteer project, join Mayor Pete Kmet and other elected officials at the dedication ceremony for the new ADA accessible Tumwater Historical Park Trail. This new trail connects the Deschutes Valley Trail at the south to the beginning of the Capitol Lake Interpretive Trail to the north. The ribbon cutting ceremony to take place on the trail at 12:00 p.m. with light refreshments provided.

Pre-registration is required for the volunteer event. Click the button below to register and then submit to Tumwater Parks & Recreation.
Join us for a Stormwater Pond Class

With over 1,000 privately owned stormwater retention ponds in Thurston County, the responsibility for maintenance lies mostly with local homeowner associations (HOAs). To help prevent the need for costly repairs and encourage periodic upkeep, Thurston County's stormwater program is partnering with the cities of Olympia and Tumwater to offer a free class for residents and association board members. 

Residents and HOA members will learn how to inspect and maintain their neighborhood stormwater pond. The workshop will take place from 9 a.m. to noon at Tumwater City Hall, 555 Israel Road SW in Tumwater. Participants will visit several stormwater ponds, learn about resources available to HOAs to make stormwater pond maintenance easier, practice filling out annual maintenance reports required by their local jurisdiction, and enjoy light food and drink refreshments.
Save money and energy through Puget Sound Energy programs

The lighting in your home can represent up to 20 percent of your energy use. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to save energy is to switch to ENERGY STAR light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The City is partnering with Puget Sound Energy to make low cost LED light bulbs more accessible for Tumwater residents. Stop by City Hall's Main Conference Room on April 13th, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to purchase an energy saving Home Kit. Kits include six LED light bulbs, one 1.5gpm showerhead, and three aerators for $10. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.
To view the Lighting Fair flyer for more information, click the button below.


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