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Letter from the Mayor
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Thank you Tumwater!

You may have heard by now that Proposition 1 is on its way to passing with over 68% of voters approving the measure.  This is more than a 2 to 1 margin of approval - a strong recognition of the need and vote of confidence in your City government.

Proposition 1 approves a 0.2% sales tax increase (2 cents on a $10 purchase) for street and sidewalk maintenance for ten years. The State Department of Revenue will begin collecting this tax on October 1, 2015.  Because of the normal delay in processing tax receipts, Tumwater will begin to receive these revenues in December.


As noted in the election materials, our Public Works staff have rated the condition of our streets and identified those in greatest need of repair and those that would benefit from preventative maintenance.  Now the hard work begins to coordinate this work with underground utility repairs and other construction, so we can sequence  improvements efficiently over the next ten years.

Over the next several months, the City Council, acting in its capacity as the Transportation Benefit District Board, will work with staff to establish priorities for next summer's (2016) street maintenance schedule. 

Again, thank you for the vote of support. I look forward to your input as we map out future sidewalk and pavement repairs in Tumwater.  

Mayor Kmet
Celebrate Public Works Week May 17-23

PWTumwater's Public Works Department helps to build and protect the foundation for our community and quality of life. Public Works provides access to clean water, maintains our transportation system, and responds to major events like snow and ice. Public Works Week is the City's opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the value of public works. This year's theme, "community begins here," celebrates the importance of public works to every city. 

  • Our crews manage and maintain critical facilities for public and environmental health, such as 11 storm water treatment facilities intended to help improve water quality in our groundwater, lakes, streams and rivers. 
  • The City maintains 13 wells and three major treatment plants - producing over 1 billion gallons of water last year, sending it to our customers through 118 miles of water mains.  
  • We have over 91 miles of sewer pipe and 29 pump stations, ultimately sending about 1.6 million gallons of waste water to LOTT for treatment every day. 
  • Public works maintains over 100 miles of roadway, and all the associated signage, sidewalks, lighting, traffic signals and bike lanes to keep Tumwater moving - in their cars, on bikes and by foot. 

For more information please visit our website.

Complete the 2015 Community Survey today

ComSurThe Tumwater Comprehensive Plan is a legal document adopted by the City Council that establishes policies that guide future development and community character. It is used by the City Council, Planning Commission, private firms, and individuals when faced with decisions about land use, capital improvements, and the enactment of development regulations and related growth management legislation.


As with all plans, the comprehensive plan requires feedback and adjustment. The 2015 Community Survey is the perfect opportunity for every community member to provide that feedback, and help city planners develop the City of Tumwater. What do you value? What aspect of the City requires the most attention?


Take the survey: 2015 Tumwater Community Survey

LED streetlight replacement nearly complete
The City of Tumwater is installing high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) streetlights. This is part of an energy savings project to replace 80% of the City's existing High Pressure Sodium streetlights. The new LED system will save electricity and reduce maintenance while providing significantly better light quality. It has the added advantage of eliminating mercury waste disposal. The total project cost is $884,000. The project is partially funded by a Department of Commerce grant ($220,000),utility incentives ($158,000), and the City Transportation Capital Facility funds ($506,000). This is just one part of a $2 million energy project to improve efficiency in City facilities and services.


The City has also completed the conversion of Tumwater's 29 traffic signals to LED lamps. The last two intersections, Mottman/Crosby and Crosby/Irving, were re-lamped by staff in April 2015. The conversion to LED traffic signals began in 2005. Since 2008, the City has upgraded multiple signals each year. The extended life of LEDs has reduced maintenance costs already. 


For more information, please visit our website at: LED Street Light Replacement 

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Tumwater Farmers Market is open for the season

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The Tumwater Farmers Market is open Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., May through September.

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