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The Planning Commission meets twice monthly and is an advisory body to the Council on land use and comprehensive planning policies. Issues on the work plan this year include updates to parking regulations, zoning and design standards for the brewery district, and new design review guidelines City-wide. The current vacancy is open to a Tumwater resident and a four-year commitment is preferred.

The Tumwater Tree Board advises the City Council on urban forestry issues. Meetings are held monthly and a three-year commitment is preferred. Of the three current vacancies, one member may live in Tumwater's Urban Growth Area; at least two must be City residents. This year, the board will work on updating the City's Comprehensive Street Tree Plan.

Please visit the City's website to download an application or call (360) 754-4120 to request a mailed packet.
Pete Kmet, Mayor   




2014 Report to the Taxpayers

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Street maintenance program equals an ounce of prevention
streetThe City's transportation system includes approximately 101 centerline miles of streets with an estimated value of $176 million. From the moment of construction, streets suffer wear and tear from traffic and weather. Streets need ongoing maintenance to preserve conditions. As a rule, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - it is less expensive to maintain streets than it is to repair or replace them. The City Council established maintenance of this asset as one of its strategic priorities. 

Tumwater uses a pavement management system to assess and prioritize treatment of City streets. Overall, 84 percent of the City's streets are in good or satisfactory condition. However, nine (9) percent of Tumwater roads are in fair condition and seven (7) percent are failing. Without proper maintenance, streets that are now in satisfactory condition will continue to degrade.

The longer maintenance is delayed, the more expensive the repair. The City of Tumwater does
not have a dedicated funding source for a street maintenance program. Over the past few years,
significant amounts of failing roadway surfaces have been replaced in conjunction with large construction projects, mostly funded by grants and impact fees. The ongoing annual costs
to preserve and maintain street infrastructure continues to rise. In addition, funding for street maintenance and construction has been drastically reduced, due to several statewide initiatives and legislative actions, leaving the City with no consistent funding source for maintenance.

This year, City leaders will consider a Transportation Benefit District (TBD), authorized by Chapter 36.73 RCW. A TBD provides for levying additional revenue for transportation system
maintenance and preservation, e.g., a $20 license tab fee or additional sales tax. A TBD would create a consistent, predictable and dedicated funding source for a street maintenance program to protect our public street system asset. 

Permits are required for solicitors in Tumwater 
permitAll door-to-door solicitors must obtain an Occupational Permit from  the City of Tumwater in order to canvass neighborhoods and businesses within the City limits. The permit process was established to improve safety in the community and requires background checks and fingerprinting.  Those soliciting must keep the permit in plain view at all times and must produce it when requested by those being solicited, according to Tumwater Municipal Code (TMC) 5.06. 

The Business Licensing Clerk is available from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday to answer questions about Occupational Permits. You may contact the clerk by either calling (360) 754-4136 or stop by City Hall at 555 Israel Rd SW, Tumwater WA.


Please report solicitors without proper permits to the Tumwater Police Department at (360) 754-4200 (daytime) or after-hours on the non-emergency dispatch at (360) 704-2740. Visit the City website for more information about Business Licensing.


What Moves You?  Tell Us!
surveyDo you live, work, go to school, shop or relax in Thurston County? If so, you're a local transportation expert. Consider some big ideas for making travel better in Thurston County between now and 2040, and tell us what you want. Your priorities will guide where limited transportation funding is invested in the coming years.

Visit www.ThurstonWhatMovesYou.org. Take a short survey. Try the investment calculator.

Not online or need assistance?

Call (360) 956-7575. For TDD call toll free 1-800-833-6388. Or email the folks at Thurston Regional Planning Council at info@trpc.org.   



Pioneer Park service project on Saturday, May 17
projectJoin us for a Volunteer Tumwater project on Saturday, May 17. Help prepare Pioneer Park for tree planting this fall! 

Tools, gloves, water and light refreshments will be provided. Boots are the suggested footwear. 
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 Volunteers remove Scotch broom at Pioneer Park during the March 2014 
Volunteer Tumwater service project.

Tumwater City Hall

555 Israel Road SW

Tumwater WA 98501

(360) 754-5855