February 27, 2015 

Dear Palmira Residents,  


There are no new incidents to report since the last burglary in December.


At the Master Homeowners Association Board meeting on February 24, the board voted to not install the security fencing proposed for the front of the community.  


This was a very complex issue and there was a lot of discussion. Some of the issues involved were:


  • Our community is unique among other gated communities because our amenities (pool, tennis, RCC) are all outside of the gate. As a result, there is a lot of movement of people in and out of the front gate area.
  • We do not know with certainty that the criminals are coming from outside the community, and if so how and where they are entering. Could be from inside the community a resident, a renter, an employee or a vendor.
  • There is no guarantee the fencing would protect from future intrusions. If the fencing was installed and we had another event, what could we do next?
  • The fencing would affect the beauty of our entrance.
  • The proposed automatic pedestrian gate on the sidewalk by the guard house would be an inconvenience to our residents.
  • Cost of $110,000 minimum without the gates at the guard house was high and would require an assessment to all residents .

We received a lot of input both pro and con from a lot of residents in each of our individual communities and this was a significant factor on how each individual board member cast their vote.


We will be looking at possibility of installing more lighting and security cameras at the main guard house area.


There was a strong discussion about protecting your own property. This has been repeatedly emphasized on the security website.