December 9, 2014 



We have completed addition of the new 8' fencing and gates at the golf course maintenance area. There will be some bushes, probably Bougainvillea, which will be planted along the new fence on the east side of the drive that will further make it difficult to scale the fence along the golf course. Additional lighting is being added to the area outside the gates.  


We already have motion controlled lighting on the corners of the maintenance building along with permanent lighting at the rear of the building along Worthington property.


The motion activated camera system (5 cameras) will hopefully be installed within the next couple of weeks. These cameras will allow us to record and review any events. These cameras will also have monitoring at the main guard house.


There recently was what appeared to be an attempted break-in at a home here in Palmira. A screen on the lanai had been cut and a sliding door was off its track. This resident had installed the suggested locking pins on their sliders, which prevents the door from being lifted from the track and removed. No entry to the home occurred.


The Lee County Sheriff Department reported to me that there were 3 burglaries in the same night at Pelican Landing. In all cases the entry was through UNLOCKED or OPEN lanai sliding doors (how convenient). The crooks again targeted cash and jewelry.


I hope these two instances will motivate everyone to check your own home security and improve where necessary. Again, the Sheriff's department offers free security inspection of your home. You can contact Michelle Sargis at 239-477-1804 to schedule your evaluation.


As promised, the Sheriff's department has increased their visibility in our community with continuing patrols day and night.


As we have said before, your security committee is looking at all areas of security and possible improvements. We will continue to keep you informed.




  • If you have a security system use it, if not, consider getting one. There are inexpensive wireless systems that you can install yourself. Google "wireless security systems" for information.
  • If you have an alarm system, but do not have a motion detector in your master bedroom, consider adding one. This is where almost all the robbers have concentrated.
  • Consider adding security pins to your sliders to prevent the doors from being lifted if you do not have them. Any locksmith can install these.
  • Consider additional motion activated lighting around your home, especially the back where all entries have occurred.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked. Keep cars parked outside locked and garage door openers removed. Keep garage doors closed.
  • If you are away from your home more than a couple of days, stop all paper deliveries or have someone pick up your papers. Same with mail deliveries.
  • Be vigilant. If you see something suspicious call the police.
  • The harder we make it for the crook, the sooner he will go elsewhere.