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July 2013

Greetings Anchorage resident!


I would  like to bring your attention to an event that showcased the work ethic that I am proud of in our Municipal employees. 


Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility Street Maintenance driver Darrell Bussell went above and beyond his line of work when he extinguished a fire that had started in a boat and was threatening to engulf an apartment complex in Mountain View.


His brave actions undoubtedly contained the fire and preventing it from spreading any further. Please join me in thanking Mr. Bussell for his community-orientated mind-frame and his willingness to help without being asked.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Mayor Dan Sullivan

AEDC's 3-Year Economic Outlook Luncheon


Every summer, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation hosts an Economic Outlook Luncheon to present the economic forecast of our city for the next 3 years. Guest Speaker Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO of Gallup, will be talking about job creation.


I will be giving a presentation on the Municipality's economy today at noon. Click here to view a live stream of the presentation. 

Electronic Timekeeping: Kronos/SAP


The Municipality of Anchorage is currently undergoing a transition to electronic timekeeping in order to make the process more streamlined and efficient. I would like to keep you updated as things are being switched over. We are very excited for the improvements that are on the way!


The University of Nebraska recently outlined some important benefits of electronic timekeeping: 


Accuracy - Electronic timecards are far more accurate than the old paper timecards, as the electronic versions do not need to be re-keyed into SAP. Pay will be more accurate, and time will be saved in going over potential errors with employees. 


Efficiency - Helps supervisors who have a large number of employees to supervise efficiently manage timekeeping. 


Timeliness - Adjustments to pay through overtime or time taken off can be made on a weekly basis. In addition, overtime can be monitored on a daily basis and restricted if necessary. 


Environmental - Using electronic time cards also results in less waste of paper and ink. In a large company with thousands of employees, this can add up to great savings. 


Reporting - Electronic time integrated with SAP allows for better reporting for supervisors and in some instances the ability to show how much time is spent on various tasks. 


Accountability - Electronic time provides the Auditors a reliable method of tracking employee work hours, ensure payroll rules are followed and ensuring that employees are being paid correctly.

Education Matters: Great Teacher Colloquium Session 1 Report

In April of 2013, Education Matters, Inc., a non-profit corporation formed after the Mayor's Education Summit, identified significant challenges in student performance. The first session of a 3-part "Great Teacher Colloquium" brought together over 50 educators, state and local school board members, elected officials, business and other community leaders to consider approaches to ensure that every classroom in the ASD has a "great" teacher.


Over the course of the one-and-a-half day session, participants had the opportunity to hear from national and international experts, including ones from Singapore and Finland, about high-performing school systems in other countries and the validity and usefulness of standard U.S. measures of teacher quality.


You can view the entire session report here.

Kiplinger's Top 10 Places to Live, 2013 recently named Anchorage as the 9th best place to live in 2013. This accolade was determined based on good jobs, reasonably priced homes, decent schools, great health care, and manageable population size. Uniqueness of the city was also used in this study, which know our city has a lot of.


You can view the full list of rankings here.


What an accomplishment for Anchorage!

Landfill Gas Utilization Award

The Anchorage Landfill Gas to Energy Project (LFGTE) is a partnership between the Municipality of Anchorage and Doyon Utilities (DU) to beneficially use landfill gas (LFG) produced by the Anchorage Regional Landfill (ARL).

This project recently received the Silver Award for Landfill Gas Utilization from the Solid Waste Association of North America. Awards are given to the most innovative and dynamic organizations throughout North America as judged by their peers and SWANA.
Great job to everyone involved.
Solid Waste Services Open House 

Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services is hosting a customer appreciation open house this Saturday, August 3rd, 11am to 3pm, at the Central Transfer Station (1111 E. 56th Avenue, Anchorage).  This family-friendly event will include free food, face painting, games, prizes, and equipment demonstrations. 


Several other municipal departments will be participating, including the Anchorage Police Department, Anchorage Fire Department, Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility, Public Transportation, and the Department of Health and Human Services


Take a self-guided tour of SWS programs and facilities with your "Waste Passport" and you can choose a prize. There will be stations for the Refuse Collections utility, Waste Disposal utility, Recycling program, and the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

You can also bring one unwanted but still usable household item to contribute to the swap table then choose an item from the table.  Swap table rules: Bring an item, take an item. No electronics (anything with a power cord or battery).  No hazardous waste. Pick up your unswapped item by 3pm or it will be donated, recycled, or disposed.  Nonprofits may claim any remaining items after 3pm.  After 4pm, any remaining items will be recycled or disposed, as appropriate. Nonprofits must bring a copy of their 501(c)(3) letter to claim items.


Learn more about the department at


Summer Interns 2013

The summer interns have been a fantastic resource for the Municipality of Anchorage. Many of the interns will head back to school within the next few weeks. I'd like to thank everyone who applied and wish them luck at school!
Mayor Dan Sullivan with the 2013 Summer Interns
Anchorage Centennial Update 

Join us on Tuesday August 6th at 1pm for our monthly Anchorage Centennial Committee meeting held in the Mayor's Conference Room, 8th Floor, City Hall.


If you have an existing event, we would love to include you on our calendar!  Please visit to submit your event.

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