May 2, 2013   

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Eat $mart
So often we hear, "Eating healthy is SO expensive."      
Far too often we hear how expensive it is to eat healthy. I beg you to see how expensive it is to eat junk! 
Take one week and tally up your junk food and drink costs. How much of that is for foods that are packaged, or processed and premade?

The average adult spends $2,000/year on just coffee outside of the home. That's just the coffee at the coffee, donut and convenience stores. That's a lot of money just on coffee drinks. (geez that's a vacation!) It costs a fraction of that to make it at home. coffee
How much $ are you spending on foods you are cooking? Hhhhmmmm, now that is usually a different story.
How often do you eat out? (This includes when you order take-out too.) Making that food at home costs MUCH less, and you will usually make it healthier than they do. If you never eat at home try to do so once a week to start. If you already eat at home, try to add in one more home cooked meal per week. Each meal you make at home is less money you're spending. Each meal you make at home is less salt, fat, cholesterol and weight gained.
"What if fast food is my only option?"

Then be smart about it, don't eat the fries, get the salad and use only � the dressing; or get the burger and don't eat the bun. There are always ways to improve things, just don't cave to the temptations of the fries each time (we know how good they smell- just stay strong!) Get water and do NOT supersize anything!
"I don't have time for that! Don't you know how busy I am?"
We do, we really do. Plan a little, and you will be glad you did. Planning ahead will not only save you money and time, but tons of calories and pounds too! How much do you think you will be spending on medication or procedures AFTER you have the problem? How much will you pay when you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, knee/hip surgery? These are just a few. The treatment of cardiovascular disease costs well over $11 billion/year. How much can you afford to spend to prevent this from happening? 80% of heart disease is preventable--we can fix this--we can prevent this, just by making a little more effort in the things you eat (and don't' eat)!
No one wants to have to say- "If only I had..." If only I had watched just what I ate even a little bit. If only I had exercised more. If only I had walked more. Already you're thinking, if I had time I would. Yet you manage every day to juggle work, home, kids, parents and more. Schedule in one day a week (less than an hour) to make one or two meals you can freeze. If you're making one meal, make it double and freeze the second one. It's like a gift from above when you come home to a meal already made in your freezer, one that YOU made ahead of time. Trust us--this one's a gift you give yourself.
Your proudest achievements in life have required work, discipline and a few sacrifices along the way. Getting healthy can be your finest achievement yet. Take things one step at a time. You can do this. You are worth the effort!
Special Thanks:
Thank you to Duff Company! As part of Duff's wellness initiative they are including CAROL For Heart events in their program. That means the more their staff participates in our CFH events, the more points they win towards their wellness competition. Thank you Duff Co. for including CAROL For Heart in your program and encouraging your staff to help and support our mission.

Thank you to PJM Corporate Communications! To help promote heart health and awareness for our Girls With Gears event, PJM caf� prepared one of the recipes from our website! Thank you PJM for sharing heart health in new and creative ways with your employees.
How are you working in heart health? Share with us what your office/business/cubicle is doing to get healthier hearts at your workplace!  
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chef hat 1Carol's Cooking Night 

Carlow Cookery 
Doylestown, PA 
May 9, 2013

There are still a few seats left at Carol's Cooking Night - act now to reserve your seat!

Plan to be there May 9th while we watch the meal being prepared, ask questions, learn great cooking tips and techniques and enjoy the delicious food and wine. Who can ask for a better night?! Reserve your seat now!

*$15.00 of each $45.00 regular ticket price is subsidized by Carol For Heart as part of our ongoing mission to provide heart healthy education to the community.
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Exercise & Menus 
sneaker EXERCISE: Walk

Walk, walk, walk. Walk anywhere and everywhere you can, take the long way to wherever you are headed. Every step matters and makes a big difference to your heart. We need you to keep entering your steps to help us reach 100 million. Everyone who received a pedometer at one of our programs please be sure to enter at least one day's worth of steps to help us reach our goal. If you didn't get a pedometer yet, just enter the amounts you are walking in steps or miles. Help us to celebrate our 10th year of CAROL For Heart and get walking (and of course entering those steps too).
MENU: Black Bean Burgers 
These are so delicious and beans are a great healthy inexpensive source of lean protein! Get going, make something delicious--here it is!!!!

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