January 18, 2013   

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minutes1 525,600 minutes - so starts the song Seasons of Love from the Broadway show Rent. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year? It's one of my favorite songs- in fact it's my go-to song when I'm trying to run on the treadmill - when I'm feeling no motivation, fatigue, and wondering what excuse to come up with so I can stop. I hear it--really hear it--listen to the words and the meaning in the song, find the rhythm, and go faster. I feel better after that. I am stronger physically and emotionally. Physically because I pushed myself to work out harder, and emotionally because I pushed myself to work harder - and accomplished it. It might not look pretty - as you will see me mouthing the words (in my head I'm really belting it out as I go - which also helps me to regulate my breathing) but that's what works for me.  
Sometimes it's a song that motivates you - other times it's a story. We are proud to share with you, and are very proud of, Amy's Story. Amy's life changed dramatically when she attended (ok, by default she was there and didn't feel like she could get up and leave) a CAROL For Heart program. She was incredibly kind enough to share her story. It's a powerful expression of every woman I know. Amy was brave enough to put it in print and allow us to share it with you all. I know you will relate. Take a few minutes to read Amy's story - it's worth your time - it might even save your life too.
This is January, the start of the New Year. We're still here; the world didn't end. Maybe you've already broken your New Year's resolutions - so what if you did! Every minute is a new start. We have a little bit less than 525,600 minutes left in this year - but that's a lot of minutes to make new and better choices. Let that be your motivation. There are countless avenues to find information this month on making good choices, the right foods, cooking methods, and exercise tips. It doesn't matter where you find it - just find something to do for yourself that will keep you a little healthier than yesterday.                                 
calendarRemember our motto - More exercise today than yesterday, and eat foods that are less bad. Use it as your mantra - sing it in your head, use it as your "ohm" to meditate. We're here all year round for you with this help, we're not a January story that fades to something else as time goes by. We're in it for the long haul with you. One day at a time, one hour, one minute, sometimes it's one breath at a time that will get you through.

525,600 minutes - make each one the best it can be.
  chef hat 1 Carol's Cooking Night 

Carlow Cookery 
Doylestown, PA 
February 7, 2013

Reserve your seat now.

Seating is limited and you don't want to miss this. ACT NOW!

Relax, ask questions, watch, learn and eat. You can't ask for a better evening.
Cost is $30*.

This month's recipe includes Phyllo stuffed with spinach, feta and oven-roasted tomatoes; Mediterranean kale and white bean soup with clams and smoked sausage; Black bean and papper jack burgers with fresh tomato relish and sliced avocado; Provencal wheat berry salad with shrimp and mustard caper dressing.

*$15.00 of each $45.00 regular ticket price is subsidized by Carol For Heart as part of our ongoing mission to provide heart healthy education to the community. 
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Stay Tuned steps  
100 Million Steps ---its coming.

This is CAROL For Heart's 10th year!

Wow-more information on its way....

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bicepsExercise & Menus 
EXERCISE:  Horizontal Bicep Curls

These aren't the bicep curls you're imagining. Get those great arms you're wishing for.

 Chicken 1
Sauteed Chicken with Orzo & Caramelized Fennel 
This is a Carlow Cookery recipe, and like all of their recipes, it's delicious!

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