October 12, 2012  

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Carol's 9th Annual Run Of Love 5K
was a success! 

We thank alrun logol of you who attended, donated, volunteered and sent us good wishes. It was a beautiful day (yet again-thanks Carol) and we all had a great time.

*  For those of you who ran it
    for the first time ever -
    Congratulations. We are so proud of you for working so hard.

*  For those of you who haven't run for a long time but
   came out and did it - well done! We're glad you
   brought fitness back to your lives, and we're really
   glad you did it with us!

*  For those of you who came out and walked - way to
   go! Whatever the frequency in which you walk for
   exercise - we applaud you for doing it with us!

2012 run We hope you all will continue increasing your physical activity each and every day. You are lowering your heart disease risk with every step! You are worth it! We thank all of you for keeping us going. We are able to continue to offer our heart programs for FREE! And we could not do it without you. YOU are helping to save lives; to increase quality of life.

Please plan on attending next year's event. Our 10th year! WOW! We can't believe it either. Plan on attending and please bring a friend, or better yet, bring two! We want you there. You won't want to miss it!

magic The Magic Answer

"What's the magic answer? What is the one thing I can do to prevent this? To be healthier?"  We hear this all the time. There has to be that one magical thing to get us on track. We have that answer...but it's not one thing, it's two! Two isn't so bad--I mean if you can do one thing, you can do two! "So what is it? What's the magic solution to all my problems? What's the answer to why I am gaining weight? What's the answer to why my blood tests aren't good? What can I do? Help!" 
There is a magic answer. There is no magic pill, medicine or procedure. Of course there are medicines and procedures that definitely help when our problems get severe. But why are we waiting for the magic solution when it's too late? Why aren't we working on the solution now?   
80% of heart disease is preventable. 80%! That's almost all of it! WOW! 80% of heart disease is preventable. It was worth repeating. If we can fix 80% of this, why aren't we? Why aren't we using the magic solution now instead of trying to reverse the damage after it's already been done? Just what are you waiting for?  
The magic answer = eat better foods and get more physical activity. Oh--that.  Yup--you kind of knew it was coming didn't you? It really is that simple. Everything you put in your mouth--every drop and every morsel, counts. It matters. Each yummy bite has a calorie and nutrient count. Most of what we are eating has lots of calories and hardly any nutrients! Each and every sip of that beverage you have--with its long list of ingredients--counts. Calories turn into fat and fat turns into that goop that clogs your arteries and encases your heart in fat! Picture that.  Your heart wrapped in a nice cushion of fat--kind of like sausage casing, only fattier! That's what we are doing to ourselves. We don't really want to hear about that magic answer. The one that screams I am responsible for what I eat and drink. I am the one who controls what I consume. What I consume really matters and it counts. I am the one who can get me up off the couch and out the door to move. 80% of heart disease is preventable. Repeat it again. Write the magic answer down and post it on the refrigerator, on the cabinet, at your desk, in your car. Make the magic answer your goal.
There are 11 full weeks left in 2012--that's 11 positive changes you can make before the year's end. Take one thing each week and make it your habit. (remember no more dieting). Post your goals (aka magic answer) everywhere! Enlist the help of your coworkers, family and friends. Post it on your Facebook; tweet about it. The more you do together, the easier it will be. What will your one change be this week? Mine is to add more veggies. I'm tired of empty calories --ones that don't have any nutritional benefit--the ones that are wasting my time, sucking the energy out of me, and thickening my waistline. The goal is 5/day. We can do this together!  
green We're GREEN - or at least as green as possible. We have eliminated most of our paper mailings. You will still get a few for some of our events, but most of our communication will be through email newsletters. If you know of someone who isn't getting our newsletter please forward it to them. Have them register through our home page.  
And we're PINK pink - October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We want women to be healthy--all over. Carol's Mom, Rosalie, died from breast cancer. Take the time to get checked. Take care of yourself--get that mammo - make that doctor appointment, do that self exam. The best prevention for cancer is the same as heart disease---eat right and exercise (the magic answer). You'll be helping your body in countless ways. So now-really-what are you waiting for?!?!?! 
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cooking Carol's Cooking Night is BACK 
You can register now. Remember our seating is limited. This is a delicious night of food, wine, cooking tips and eating all the good foods! It's a great time. Remember the more you cook at home, the healthier you will be eating.  

Carlow Cookery, Doylestown, PA
November 15, 2012
7:00 p.m.

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Exercise & Menus 
  pushupEXERCISE: Push-ups

Yes, back to the basics. The ones you learned how to do in high school, or maybe basic training. They work! Push-ups are so great because they work your whole body. It's all part of the magic answer. Start now. Watch your form--that's important. Can't do them on the floor? Do them standing against the wall (feet farther away from the wall so you're on an angle). Sneak in some exercise anywhere! Do them against the counter or desk in between meetings, or in between running the kids to their activities. You can do it. The time is now! 

beets MENU: 
 Beet and Orange Salad 
People are always asking for new ways to get the good fat, and cut down on the bad fat. This recipe is a great example. Add the nuts for the good fat boost. You can even add your favorite mix of leafy greens (remember Kale, Spinach, Romaine) to boost your HDL even more. This is a delicious way to celebrate fall.

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