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Happy Spring! We are growing and changing.
EHSC draft logo

EHSC Draft Logo

You may have noticed that we are working on a new EHSC logo. We have various designs that represent different cores. New graphics and web design are also on the horizon. Nothing is official yet.    

EHSC is Now on Twitter and Facebook

Twitter has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, and it is filled with scientists, science writers, journalists, and stakeholders who want to learn about our research. It is designed for two-way communication, so there are also lots of opportunities for "chats" and networking.

The tweets for both the SRP (@SRP_Oregonstate) and EHSC (@OSU_EHSC) include: 
  • Recently published papersFollow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook 
  • Center activities and awards 
  • Center stories in the news 
  • Related research stories in the news  
  • Career and professional development resources for grad students
  • Open positions within our Centers  
  • General information about environmental health science issues 
Facebook has a more general audience, but also includes many of our stakeholders.  Facebook is a great place to have dialogue with people about the basics of environmental health science and the latest research findings that empower them to make healthy choices. Our strategy is to have seasonal themes, as well as relevant timely news and information that goes in depth behind the news headlines.  Contributions are encouraged, and you may be called upon to provide specific information.

If you are already using Facebook, the Facebook page will be easy to share with family and friends. It will then expand the reach to our community audiences. 

We receive the analytics on users, impact, and engagement for both Twitter and Facebook. We will share report summaries in future newsletters. Let's have a big year for social media growth!   

PLEASE don't forget to SHARE PHOTOS of activities and awards (as well as communicate feedback) to naomi.hirsch@oregonstate.edu.   Learn more about social media on the SRP Website: Web and Emerging Technology Resources for Scientists

Old NIEHS logo
NIEHS logo no longer used
Bid Farewell to the Colorful NIEHS Man
The NIEHS logo is no longer being used. NIH passed down a new logo version to all of the institutes under its umbrella.  The SRP world logo (used in this newsletter banner) will also be phased out.  NIEHS is still figuring out how its grantees will use this new logo. The text is the most important part to remember for posters and print. For example for SRP:
"The Superfund Research Program is federally funded and administered by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS grant #P42 ES016465), an institute of the National Institutes of Health."
LSU Symposium - January 2013
Kim Anderson, Steven O'Connell, and Lane Tidwell
at LSU

Activity Highlights 


Response, Recovery, and Resilience to Oil Spills and Environmental Disasters:  Engaging Experts and Communities A symposium and workshop on January 29th for community stakeholders, researchers and policy makers to enhance communication between experts and citizens, encouraging better monitoring and sharing of information concerning local environmental conditions following disasters.

Sponsors included the LSU Superfund Research Program; the LSU Department of Environmental Sciences; OSU Superfund Research Program; and the OSU Environmental Health Sciences Center. Dr. Kim Anderson, Dr. Anna Harding, and graduate trainees Steven O'Connell and Lane Tidwell presented.  See photos and summary on the SRP site.  

ScienceOnline Watch Party 2013
ScienceOnline Watch Party at OSU
Some ScienceOnline Attendees

On January 31 - Feb. 4, Terra Research Magazine and EHSC/SRP sponsored a ScienceOnline Watch Party to bring the 7th annual international meeting on Science and the Web to OSU.  50 people registered on-line and a post-survey supported the continuation of professional development, training and resources related to communicating science. We decided to form a group called "OSU Science Communicators" and create a steering committee to share resources and create opportunities. See the blog.

EHSC received an enormous amount of exposure for hosting the Watch Party, both within the university and around the world (due to social media).  The EHSC Web Site received 702 more pageviews from individuals who visited the site because of the event.  The web site continues to get visitor by sharing resources through the Wrap-Up Page. 
Investigator Highlights: Molly Kile

5th Annual NW Environmental Health Conference  
EHSC-affiliated faculty and doctoral students were featured speakers at the at the 5th Annual Northwest Environmental Health Conference in Portland, OR. (3/15/13). Eric Coker, PhD student in environmental & occupational health and safety, presented "Association between gas stoves in homes and respiratory illness in children: importance of using a vent".  Molly Kile, Asst Professor in Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety presented on "Prenatal arsenic exposure and DNA methylation in fetal tissues" 
Groundwater and Arsenic Workshop in Harney County 
Molly Kile and the Harney County Health Department collaborated on a groundwater quality workshop in Harney County, Oregon. This workshop provided residents with an opportunity to test their private wells for arsenic at a discounted price and to discuss their results with Dr Kile and Harney County officials. The general public was also invited to the workshop to learn more about arsenic in groundwater which is a concern in Harney County. Forty-seven people took advantage of the water quality testing and sixty people participated in the workshop. The workshop was a considered a success and the community has requested that we conduct a second workshop in the summer.
Bangladesh Arsenic Exposure Research 
Molly Kile in Bangladesh
Molly Kile traveled to Bangladesh in February to conduct a field visit and participate in stakeholder meetings regarding her NIEHS-funded research "Epigenetic effects of prenatal arsenic exposure on fetal growth". Dr Kile visited arsenic-affected communities to report back results and learn about the community's interest in participating in additional research activities. She also gave a Grand Rounds lecture on "Community-University Partnerships: Arsenic exposure and health effects in Bangladesh" at Dhaka Community Hospital Medical School. 

NIEHS Core Center Director's Meeting, April 17-20, Seattle, WA
  • COEC will be presenting a poster entitled: Fostering Inter-Disciplinary Research Utilizing Novel Technologies to Empower Communities and Promote Change
  • Molly Kile will be a panelist at the Science Symposium 2: Emerging Issues in Global Environmental Health 
  • Naomi Hirsch will be facilitating a COEC session on the value of social media for inter-center collaboration and dialogue with our communities. 
#HealthyAir Tweetfest: April 29 - May 3
An event on Twitter that highlights healthy air related resources, activities, and research in support of EPA's Air Quality Awareness Week and Asthma Awareness Month in May.  This year EHSC COEC/SRP RTC will collaborate with The University of Cincinnati COEC to spearhead this event. There is a growing number of NIEHS Centers using social media, and the event expands our network and builds relationships with our stakeholders like EPA, the American Lung Association, and so many more.

Pet Day, May 4th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 
Davinci Days Sun Booth

EHSC COEC will have an educational table and activity at Pet Day, a community and family event sponsored by VetMed. Come by with your pet! The "Sun Booth" which will focus on Vitamin D and sun exposure education with a hands-on activity making bracelets, zip-ties using UV-reactive beads.  Volunteers are needed! There are three two-hour shifts. If you would like to help in this fun outreach activity, please contact Isabela at Isabela.mackey@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-4374

You can also volunteer at Davinci Days on July 20-21. Remember that you get a free daily pass bracelet as a volunteer. Contact Isabela if you're interested.


2013 International Symposium on Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (ISPAC 2013)  Conference, September 8-12, 2013, OSU Campus 
Submit your abstract and register now!

SRP Annual Meeting Oct. 15-18th, 2013
Baton Rouge, LA  *SAVE THE DATE*

Webinar Highlights


April 24, 2013 - 2:30-3:30 p.m. ET 

In the Know: Social Media for Public Health
On-going this Spring. Presentations are archived.

AAAS Annual Meeting 2013: Communicating Science Seminar
Archived presentation on Engaging with Social Media designed for scientists and grad students


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