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*NEW COURSE* BLEND: Implementing blended strategies in your classroom in 7 days or less
Based on the new book, you will be coached through the process of implementing a blended activity/lesson in your own classroom using free resources! You will learn a clear and simple four step process and have access to tons of free blended resources. A copy of the book BLEND is included with registration.

BLENDED I-Strategies for Blended Learning
An overview of blended instruct
ion, including a look a the myths of online learning. A review of the tools for blended that are out there. We will look at free websites, curriculum and strategies as well as online vendors . A look at "how to" begin implementing blended strategies.


BLENDED II-Blended in Action

Read about and hear from educators who are implementing blended programs. You will review actual interviews with educators and explore real examples of blended learning.


BLENDED III-The Changing Role of the Teacher 

Explore the changing role of the teacher in the blended environment. Read research real examples and strategies as we move to a blended environment. 


Flipping the Classroom

This course will provide: An overview of the Flipped Classroom, A clear method for developing Flipped activities, and Cheap or FREE tools and resources to support the Flipped environment  


Real Tools for Using the Most Powerful Student Data: Growth Data

It seems like there is so much student data available today, that you might wonder: which data can help me reach my students? Together we will explore how growth data can be utilized and give you the tools to improve instruction for the students sitting in front of you every day. Growth data is by far the most valuable information you can have and use to meet your student's needs. Facilitator: Tom Fry ("The Data Guy")


Sessions will take place throughout the Winter and Spring...

You choose the dates and times from January-May! 


Courses are $155 each. Graduate Credit Available through Ashland University for an additional $175!


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