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Patient Testimonia

"They are personable by talking to you to understand what you want to accomplish in therapy. They explained what you need to do to reach your goals. They were patient but persistent to help you increase your reps. Therapist spoke to us the whole time so that time flew by with just enough rest break to catch breath and get on to next exercise.


Phone answered quickly or called back if message left. Good directions given. Always pleasantly greeted when arrived for appointment. Friendly staff."


~Tamia, West Side Center patient

Oxford Physical Therapy Centers News



Hello from Oxford Physical Therapy Centers!  


This month's newsletter features the staff at our West Side Center.  The West Side Center is located at 2859 Boudinot Avenue, Suite 205, Cincinnati, OH 45238.


We are excited to include information about the Jersey Watch Network, a group that we have recently partnered with to help bring injury prevention awareness to the youth sports community.  Read below to learn more about Jersey Watch Network.


Have you ever had shin splints?  Most of us have had them before and don't know how to get rid of them!  We have included information below on what shin splints are, commons signs and symptoms, how to prevent them, and what to do when you have shin splints.

Clinic Feature


 (Our creative West Side Center staff recently won our St. Patrick's Day Facebook photo contest!  Pictured from left to right is Alison Konerman, Lindsey Brown, and Carol Roell)


Alison Konerman, PT, DPT, ATC, AT, sees all patients at our West Side Center!  Alison received her undergraduate degree in athletic training at the University of Toledo and her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Pittsburgh.  Alison is also treating patients at our Hyde Park Center on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  


Alison is joined by PT aide Lindsey and Carol at the front desk.  We look forward to seeing you at our West Side Center!

Jersey Watch Network


We have recently partnered with a fast-growing sports website platform called The Jersey Watch Network.  As a no-cost sports management and website service, Jersey Watch serves Cincinnati-area sports leagues, clubs and organizations with free, professional-websites that include a suite of online features like schedules, scores, highlights, social media integration, and an injury prevention page. Each website is customizable to specific sport clients and part of a larger regional network.


Jersey Watch first launched in Columbus, OH and has grown to the Cincinnati and Dayton markets in the past few months. With a footprint approaching 20,000 athletes across 2,500 teams, Jersey Watch provides a local connection opportunity for regional partners to support youth sports in their market.


"We were thrilled to partner with Oxford Physical Therapy earlier this year," stated David Carter, Founder and CEO of Digital Edge Sports, Inc., which launched Jersey Watch last spring. "Oxford's involvement helps keep Jersey Watch completely free to community organizations and sports teams. It's great to see their interest in supporting youth sports across Cincinnati."


If you would like to learn more about Jersey Watch Network, please visit their website at www.jerseywatch.com.

Shin Splints

Due to the stress that walking and running can put on the lower body, it is important to help keep your body healthy by understanding possible injuries and how to prevent them.  One of the most common injuries that is seen within the running population is shin splints. 


Shin splints are an overuse injury that appears over time.  Shin splints are an inflammation of the coverings that surround the tibia (shin bone) that occurs from traction forces caused by the muscles of the calf.  This injury can be caused by several factors.  Many to be aware of are having shoes that do not provide adequate support to the foot, which are generally old worn out shoes, increasing mileage too quickly so the body cannot slowly adapt to the exercise, running on hard surfaces such as cement, or it could be due to the mechanics of the individuals body and how the foot moves.




Shin splints can be recognized by a few common signs and symptoms.   The most often symptom that people recognize is pain over the lower half of the shin, right along the bone, that occurs at the beginning of exercise but ceases as exercise continues.  Following exercise the pain often returns.  Pain also may occur the day following exercise, or when the foot and toes are pointed downward.  Sometimes there may be bumps or lumps felt, sometimes swelling and there may also be redness that appears, although this is not as common. 


The best way to deal with shin splints is to take care of yourself before they arise.  The best ways to do this are to make sure you ease into your training regimen, have properly fitting shoes that provide you with the proper support for your feet, stretch your calf muscles (Figure A above), stretch your soleus muscles (Figure B above), and run on softer surfaces.  If this is not enough and you begin to notice the pain associated with shin splints apply ice to the area, continue with stretching of the calf muscles, get insoles that can provide some shock absorbency, and pick up some activities to continue working on your fitness that doesn't involve the repetitive pounding on your shins such as swimming, biking or aqua jogging.


If you follow these healthy tips and monitor your body you should have a shin splint free running season!  If you have questions or feel like these precautions are not helping, be sure to stop in or give us a call at 513.701.6100.

As always, we are here to help you maintain your active lifestyle.  All of our centers offer free injury screens.  If you or someone you know are not feeling 100% we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.



The Oxford Physical Therapy Family

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