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Now is an excellent time to set your intentions and take action toward manifesting your hearts-desire.


Growth and change are a healthy part of our human experience and there is great planetary and astrological support for our personal transformation and ability to manifest our dreams. The Western calendar reset on January 1st, giving us a fresh start at the beginning of the month. The Chinese New Year 'Wood Horse' on January 31st gave us another burst of energy with a bit more focus; energy is high and production is rewarded


At this time on my personal path I am acknowledging my past, experiencing the present and setting intentions for the future. Join me in setting in motion your intentions for the future.


My intention is for Spaces Within is to provide clients with the support they need for transformation and transition through Interior Design and Massage Therapy. Yes, you read that right - massage therapy. At the inception of Spaces Within in 1997 my intention was to combine the practice of interior design with a massage practice; both modalities require a great deal of reciprocal trust and compassion and are healing practices that support clients on their own unique journey.


I would be delighted to help you along your personal journey of transformation. I invite you to visit my updated website and to contact me.

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