May 2015
Healthcare Art Report

Confrontation - nobody likes it. What do you do with the one person who has an objection to everything before you even get a chance to explain? We like to invite them to join the Art Committee! That's because we know some of the most vocal opponents can eventually become our strongest advocates - if only they are given a chance to speak their mind.


In fact, that's part of the experience when working at Distinctive Art Source - we want to make sure that decision makers and stakeholders get a voice at the table. We believe a committee of diverse opinions and relevant experiences creates the most successful outcomes.


We understand that change is difficult. But we've learned that ownership helps people accept change. So we want nurses and other staff members to have a say in artwork on their unit.


We listen...we educate...we create. Ultimately, we guide committees through the process helping them to develop art programs that surpasses their goals. We take the time to understand personalities, procedures and cultures, and get people engaged from the very beginning.


What are you doing in your work to ensure that stakeholders are given a voice at the table? I'm curious to hear how it works in your environment.









Barbara Harriman, IIDA  

President/Creative Director
Distinctive Art Source

Cherokee Indian Hospital Holds Cultural Orientation


DAS is fortunate to be working with the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians to develop an art program that celebrates their artful culture and is rooted in history and nature.The healing art program at Cherokee Indian Hospital, will reflect the beauty of the land they've called their own since before Columbus's time.


One of the many things we've been impressed with while working with Cherokee Indian Hospital (CIH) is the staff's commitment to educate others about their community. During a recent visit, we had the opportunity to attend a Cultural Orientation for construction staff, where CIH admin took the time to create a historical presentation to help the construction team understand what they were becoming a part of. They want to be sure that everyone who participates in the building of the new facility understands the role they are playing in Cherokee history. This extra effort goes a long way in creating ownership and a sense of belonging on the project.


Cherokee Indian Hospital is owned and operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians through the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority since 2002. It serves approximately 10,000 enrolled members with Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency, Dental, and Pharmacy services, to name a few. Cherokee Indian Hospital is accredited through the Joint Commission and recognized as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home. Cherokee Indian Hospital has provided services to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians for over 75 years.   


Next Generation Hospital Playrooms


Creative Machines, Inc., in Tucson, AZ, continues to bring innovative and interactive elements into hospitals. They create some of the most engaging and creative play environments we've seen. Enjoy the brochure they have developed on Next Generation Hospital Playrooms. Click here to view.  


Artists of Note: Studios 


Roto Studios  - experiential art 


Experia  - multisensory art 


Creative Machines  - interactive play places.  


Preston Memorial Hospital Opens



Congratulations to our friends at Preston Memorial Hospital in Kingwood, WV, on the opening of their new facility May 17. DAS enjoyed working with local photographers to create PMH's first ever art program. 


We were excited about the strong use of color throughout this hospital. The team at PMH was not afraid to use bright colors - even in large quantities! So we took advantage of the opportunity to leave the beige and tan colors behind and cover the interior with vibrant hues that complement the natural surroundings of the Kingwood area.


The new Preston Memorial Hospital features nearly 100 photographs by local and regional artists. Their images of national forests, waterfalls and landscapes reflect the color palette provided by Mother Nature in the surrounding area. We selected artwork that complemented the bold interior finishes, which also complement the natural color palette of the area.  


Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton Opens


Elsie Dresch, Early Spring

DAS is pleased to share the opening of long-time client Northeast Georgia Health System's newest facility - NGMC Braselton. The 100-bed hospital is the state's first net-new hospital, meaning not a relocation or replacement, in almost 20 years. The Braselton campus is also home to a medical office building, Medical Plaza 1, which houses an urgent care center, imaging center, endoscopy suite, outpatient lab and therapy services and more than 20 physician offices.


Distinctive Art Source continues to enjoy partnering with the NGHS team and working with local artists in their communites.

A Word from Our Client

""Hiring an art consultant was a big deal for us - we had never even had a budget for art on a project before. And we had a general bias against consultants - we questioned the value. But Distinctive Art Source gave us personal attention and brought ideas and resources we didn't have. Now that I've been through the process, I can tell it would have been overwhelming to try to find and install the art on our own. The art program is a major contribution to the healing environment."



-  Carol K. Tulenko, Senior Project Manager, Real Estate Department, Presbyterian Healthcare Services



Roger Ulrich Receives Changemaker Award


Kudos to Roger Ulrich, a pioneer in the field of healthcare art and evidence based design, on being named as a Changemaker award recipient by The Center for Health Design. Given annually at Healthcare Design Conference, the award honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional ability to change the way healthcare facilities are designed and built, and whose work has broad impact on the advancement of healthcare design. 


Ulrich is currently guest professor of Architecture at the Center for Healthcare Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, as well as professor emeritus of architecture at Texas A&M University. He is the most frequently cited researcher internationally in evidence-based healthcare design. Here at Distinctive Art Source, we reference Ulrich's research on a regular basis - and we're grateful that he paved the way for art in healthcare!


About Distinctive Art Source

Distinctive Art Source is one of only two premiere healthcare art consultancies working exclusively in healthcare in the U.S. We believe that thoughtfully developed art programs contribute to a positive patient experience. Our work goes beyond evidence-based design and patient-centered care. We help clients create customized art programs with innovative art solutions that tell the story of their community, reflect unique facility goals, foster mutually-beneficial relationships and support an integrated visual experience that is both dynamic and distinctive.


Our turnkey solutions range from goal development through installation. And our art resources are unlimited. DAS connects clients with hundreds of artists throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.


Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. We are honored to work closely with some of the nation's most renowned healthcare architects, designers and artists. Our firm's architectural background allows the creation of the art program to blend seamlessly into existing architectural processes, keeping projects on time and within budget.



Learn more about the Distinctive Art Source team here.  
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