May 2014
Healthcare Art Report




Have you noticed how industry trends come full circle? Lately I've been thinking more the way certain industries learn from one another.


When I first began working in healthcare art consulting, hospitals had just began striving to mimic the hospitality industry by creating more artful healing environments. Hospital owners took cues from hotels and designed their new spaces to not only incorporate art but to feature art.


Now - more than 15 years later - hotels are taking cues from hospitals. Apparently the healthcare industry has been getting the evidence based design word out, because hoteliers across the globe are recognizing the role art can play in creating a relaxing environment that is specifically geared toward their unique guest population. Hotels, like hospitals are enhancing their viewers experience through artwork purposefully selected to help set the desired atmosphere.


For example, I recently admired the incredibly wonderfully illuminated focal points created by Dale Chihuly's Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon sculptures installed in a lavish casino. Walking into the opulent albeit windowless casino it was impossible to tell the time of day. Visitors immediately focus on the centrally placed radiant sculptures representing both day and night redirecting their external focus and holding it internally. Their presence adds glamor, elegance and excitement to the electric casino atmosphere where time stands still, while their placement was both artistic and insightful as the sculptures seem to announce that days turn into nights and nights turn into days within the casino. While these sculptures would not have connected in the same way with viewers in a metropolitan hotel lobby, they were perfectly placed in the casino.


EBD has helped document the healing effects of healthcare art programs and other industries are paying attention. We are grateful to all those in the field of healthcare who continue to understand, educate and promote healing art programs helping us all to realize that art is for the soul, no matter the setting.











Barbara Harriman, IIDA  

President and Creative Director
Distinctive Art Source

Free Whitepaper: Ways to Partner with Your Community Through a Healthcare Art Program 


Art programs are an excellent way to collaborate with your community, share resources and foster mutually-beneficial relationships. Click here to download our free whitepaper on How to Partner with Your Community Through a Healthcare Art Program.

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Art and Artists of Note




North Georgia Call for Artists Closed 


Last month, DAS issued a Call to Artists for our client North Georgia Health Systems. We received submissions from more than 200 artists and greatly appreciate their interest and participation. We look forward to presenting all submissions to the art committee for review and selection. Note: Artists who submitted to the call will hear from us by soon.


During the spring of 2015, Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Braselton will open its doors to bring exceptional healthcare directly to the Greater Braselton community. The future 100-bed hospital will be the state's first net-new hospital, meaning not a relocation or replacement, in almost 20 years. NGMC Braselton will bring new medical services - modeled around the programs of excellence NGHS has built at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville - to the Greater Braselton community.

ASHE PDC Summit a Success



It was great to see so many friends and colleagues at the International Summit and Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design and Construction March 16-18 in Orlando. We enjoyed the conference, a sunny day of golf and dinner with friends. Hope to see you all again next year or sooner!  


Pictured above (left to right): Lee Klein, Inova Health System, Barbara Harriman, Distinctive Art Source, John Harriman, SmithGroup JJR, and Dan Carney, Children's Medical Center Dallas, at the Disney Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.




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PDC Summit 2014

International Summit & Exhibition On Health Facility Planning,  

Design & Construction

March 16-19, 2014

Orlando, Florida

DAS Welcomes Interns 


Spring Break has been artful for DAS's college intern Lauren Kang and returning intern Celia Delahunty.  


Lauren brings her fine arts skills and interiors background to the office.  









Ceila, also a fine arts major, adds to the creativity of the team.  










Welcome, ladies!  

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Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. Distinctive Art Source connects clients with hundreds of artists throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.

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