Aging, Health and Longevity - What Are They?


To Age: To grow old. To make old or cause to grow or seem old. To mature, as do wine, cheese, wood.


Old: Far advanced in years or life, as if or appearing to be far advanced in years.


Gerascophobia: Fear of getting old, derived from the Greek 'gerazo,' meaning "I am getting old."


In our youth-obsessed culture, aging and old seem to be anathema. Some cultures revere their elderly. Americans retire them, as if the younger generation hopes they will go away before they drain society of more medical dollars. In my opinion, entrepreneurs feed on our cultural gerascophobia, marketing make-up, skin creams, hair restoration and plastic surgery, all attempts to fake being young. None of them improve internal aging, health or longevity.


In this and next month's newsletter I address some of the issues related to aging and commercial efforts intended to alter the process.

Promise of Youth: Cosmetic Procedures
Plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures may stretch wrinkles, carve away loose skin folds and suck out fat, but they don't make the face, butt, chest or body any younger.
Slowing Aging: Is It Possible?
Aging relates to what's going on while a person is still alive. Are there things we can do that promote physical vitality, a youthful appearance and general serenity of "healthy aging"?

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