Dear VDA Member, 
The Virginia Board of Dentistry's regulations pertaining to sedation and anesthesia permits were published on April 7, 2014.  They will become effective on May 7, 2014.  If you administer sedation and anesthesia, it is your responsibility to review these regulations and abide by them as a licensed dentist in the state of Virginia.  You can find a copy of the regulations on the Virginia Register of Regulations webpage by clicking here
According to the Virginia Board of Dentistry, a permit is not required to administer analgesia, inhalation analgesia and minimal sedation as defined in these regulations.  If you conclude that you never administer conscious/moderate sedation or deep sedation/general anesthesia in your practice, you are not required to hold a permit.
Applications for permits to administer deep sedation/general anesthesia and to administer conscious/moderate sedation can be found on the Virginia Board of Dentistry's website on their applications and forms page  If you have questions regarding these regulations, the Virginia Board of Dentistry can be reached at 804-367-4538. 
The VDA is supportive of these regulations as we advocate providing quality care for patients in Virginia through safe sedation and anesthesia practices. By doing so, VDA members are continuing to protect the right of dentists to provide sedation and anesthesia care for their patients and the rights of those who follow in this extraordinary field of dentistry. 

Ted Sherwin, DDS 

President, Virginia Dental Association