Celebrate your Freedom

Thank a Veteran


...with gratitude

I grew up watching wars.  

They say that the Vietnam war was the first "television war."  I have memories of watching the "horror of war" on our small black and white television.  Some say the effect of televising that war prompted the anti-war movement at that time.  It was all so shocking.  

Where have we come since?  

War images have become more graphic, more often and coming to us in multiple mediums.  Interestingly enough, I think the illusion of understanding war through those mediums has had a desensitizing affect. We see it so much, that the actual gravity of war is missed.   As exceptional as the graphics of Hollywood and Call of Duty games are; it is not the real thing.   

The true courage of our veterans cannot possibly be understood from this distance.  

So from all of us here at Lyons Roofing, thank you to all the Veterans who put it all on the line to protect our freedom, even our innocence.  

We are grateful!

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