Happy Thanksgivukkah
Lyons Roofing
Hello all,
So what do you say about an event that hasn't happened since 1888 and is projected to not happen again for another 79,000 years?  I live for these anomalies. 
It is rare for holidays to coincide like this and it makes for an interesting event for sure. 
So why does this happen?  Although Thanksgiving is late this year due to the month starting on a Friday, that is not the reason for this event.  Thanksgiving is following the rules and is consistently celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November.  Hanukah usually falls closer to Christmas, making it a well known holiday regardless of religious affiliation.  There's the culprit.  It's Hanukah that is wandering the calendar.  The Jewish calendar uses a 12-month lunar-solar calendar with an extra month occasionally added in, making holidays fluctuate from year to year. As a Jew, I'll admit, I have no clue how our calendar works.  As an American I just wait till the new calendars are out at Barnes and Noble. It is always an adventure to determine when those holidays will fall. 
So this year we get double the reason to celebrate.  Regardless of your religious or political views both Thanksgiving and Hanukah have a similar theme.  They are both celebrations steeped in family traditions , great food and thankfulness. 
So fire up the Menurkies, cook up some sweet potato latkes, and add matzo ball soup to the menu-  a whole new level of carbohydrate coma awaits us all. 
Most importantly, all of us here at Lyons Roofing would like to wish you and your families a warm and festive start to the holiday season. 
Did you know?  The above pictured Menurkie was created by 10 year old Asher Weintraub. His Thanksgivukkah-themed invention, the Menurkey, is selling like hot potato pancakes. 

Weintraub said he came up with the idea for a Menorah, or ritual candelabra, shaped like a turkey when he was driving to Florida with his parents and his mom told him that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day this year.  Asher thought it was a cool idea. Apparently other people agree. Weintraub and his parents have sold somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 Menurkeys so far. 


Good for you Asher, that is truly the best example of when secular and religious holidays collide- profit!  When you pack up your menurkie's pack them well, as it will be another 79,000 years before you use them again. 


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