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July 2014

A Message from our CEO, George Ferrari
George Ferrari
Your Community Foundation continues to grow and I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Thanks to the support and generosity of Tompkins County philanthropists like you we have reached a new milestone of more than $1 million in grants for the current fiscal year! And I remind you that we are just slightly beyond the midpoint of 2014. This amazing community has the passion, the wisdom, the resources and the spirit to engage in powerful philanthropy focused on solving problems, preserving a high quality of life and investing in the nonprofit agencies which make our community such a vibrant place. We are honored to continue to serve you as donor, professional advisor, grantee, and agency participant. Take a look at the 2Q14 dashboard to learn more about our gifts, assets, investment return and grants.

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Two Community Foundation Funds Support Big Changes in Local Services to Homeless Men in Tompkins County

Three years ago, Carmen Guidi was bringing pizza and blankets to the people living in "the jungle". He listened to their stories and started to help them access medical care, rehabilitation  programs and jobs. He developed trusting relationships with them. In January 2013, Carmen bought camping trailers to house these men and then launched an initiative to build cottages on his business property on Rt. 13 in Newfield for them. From September 2013- January 2014, six single-occupancy year-round cottages were built with the support of donated equipment and services. These men receive support from two part-time staff and have gained greater stability in their lives. Support for this project has come from across the sectors with contributions of materials, money, labor and expertise. Over $120,000 has been raised thus far and more is needed as plans for more cottages and a community center come to fruition. As a result of a Letter of Inquiry to the Community Foundation, two grants have been made to support this expansion, $5,000 from the Ridenour Family Fund and $1,000 from the Community Enrichment Fund. The Community Foundation is pleased to support new alternatives in serving our homeless population. For pictures and more information about Second Wind Cottages, visit their website.

For Purpose...

Why do we give? Why do we reach into our wallets and send a percentage of our paycheck, a slice of our savings or portion of our assets to one of the many organizations that have asked us to consider a gift? Giving is personal; we give for different reasons. We give because there is a need. We give to make a difference. We give because we can. We give because we should. We give for a purpose.

Victor Younger and Brigid Hubberman, CFTC Open House

Last week, at our Community Foundation Open House, one could move around the offices, hearing a wonderful buzz of bits and pieces from varied conversations about our community's happenings, challenges, possibilities and future. During one of these conversations, Brigid Hubberman, Executive Director of Family Reading Partnership pointed out, we are not a "Non-Profit Sector" we are "For Purpose."


Organizations, agencies and programs doing mission driven, charitable work in our communities isn't "non-profit", but is indeed for very specific and powerful purpose.


And so, Thank You to our donors who give "For Purpose" and truly make a difference in our local community!

Assets at Community Foundations Climb to Record $66-billion
Megan O'Neil
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
July 15, 2014
Aided by a high-flying stock market and an influx of gifts, community foundations' total assets climbed to a record $66-billion in 2013, up from $58-billion the previous year, according to a new report.

Gifts to community foundations increased by $600-million to $7.5-billion, while grant making increased by $400-million to $4.9-billion.


The overall increase in gifts was driven by more giving to foundations with assets of at least $250-million. Gifts to foundations with assets of $50-million to $249-million decreased, and those to organizations with less than $50-million remained relatively flat.


The report, published last week by CF Insights and the Council on Foundations, is based on survey responses from 285 community funds. They account for more than 90 percent of assets estimated to be under the control of community foundations.


Among the findings:

  • The Silicon Valley Community Foundation had the most assets of all funds in the report, with $4.7-billion, followed by the Tulsa Community Foundation, with $3.9-billion, and the New York Community Trust, with $2.4-billion.
  • Nearly all of the foundations surveyed reported asset growth from 2012 to 2013.
  • Ninety-two percent of community funds now have total assets that exceed what they had before the onset of the 2008 recession.

On average, grants by community foundations increased in 2013 regardless of their size, the report said. Forty-six percent of those surveyed reported either a significant or a moderate grant-making increase-defined as at least 11 percent-in grant making. Twenty-six percent reported no marked change, with the balance reporting a decrease.


In addition, some three-fourths of the foundations that participated in the survey said they increased their operating expenses in 2013 from previous year. The average increase was 17 percent.


"Guideposts for Growth and Aspirations: 2013 Columbus Survey Findings" is available free on the CF Insights site.

Your Community Foundation's Asset Growth

From 2012 to 2013, your Community Foundation experienced a growth of assets from $10.8 million to $13.5 million and growth of grants from $419,863 to $962,539 thanks to the amazing generosity of the people of Tompkins County! Grant dollars from your Community Foundation continue to grow in the first six months of 2014 with grants from the first half of 2014 compared to the first half of 2013 up by 29% compared to the commercial funds reporting an increase of 19%.

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