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January 2014 






A Message from Our Director

George Ferrari



George Ferrari


This year, 2014, is the Centennial Year of community foundations observing the very first community foundation which began 100 years ago in Cleveland. Although your Community Foundation of Tompkins County is looking to celebrate our 15th milestone year in 2015, I wanted to share with you some of the magnificent accomplishment of the last century of local philanthropy from community foundations. This month take a look at a special report from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Mott has long been impressed by the simplicity and the power that underlies the community foundation concept, which is to create a local vehicle that can empower the residents of a community to support causes close to home and close to the heart.


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NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act

Governor Cuomo signed the Non-profit Revitalization Act into law in December 2013.  This ground-breaking legislation is designed to reduce the burdens and improve the governance practices of nonprofits in New York State.  Introduced by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the Act is the result of the work of the Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization.  


Although some of the new legislation governs mergers and dissolutions which do not impact the day to day work of nonprofits, there are changes which make a review of individual nonprofit corporation bylaws and policies the prudent course of action for 501(c)(3)s in New York State.


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 Your Community Foundation has once again worked with a group of other local funders to support the Human Services Coalition to offer Highland Consulting's special training opportunity for new and emerging nonprofit leaders. 


Leading with Impact is a special intensive leadership community to be offered later this year. Building greater leadership capacity and stronger organizations within the nonprofit community is the primary goal. The program is designed to enable local nonprofit leaders to leverage their teams, volunteers, and boards, to help guide their organizations to achieve outstanding results. In these times of stress, resource depletion, looming succession realities, and pressing needs - it is critical that leaders lead well. 


This is the second round of this special training supported by Community Foundation grants.


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Fighting Income Inequality Should Be Top Nonprofit Priority
Sam Simmonds/Polaris/Newscom  
Mark Rosenman
Chronicle of Philanthropy

In the long-overdue battle to stem America's growing economic inequality, too many nonprofits are either missing from action or part of the problem.


While charities and foundations do much to help those in poverty, some groups actually perpetuate it through their own compensation practices.

Not only do some nonprofits pay their lowest-ranking staff members so little that they often are eligible for federal antipoverty help, such as food stamps, but the gulf in pay between the CEOs of the nation's wealthiest colleges and hospitals and the average worker's pay at their organizations is unconscionably wide.


That is bad enough, but what is truly damaging is the lack of attention most nonprofits have given to advocacy and other efforts to bring about policy changes that could help the poor and combat inequality. They have done little to push for increases in the minimum wage or greater spending on federal and state programs for needy families.


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NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act
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Who We Are

 community foundations

 Community foundations are not-for-profit organizations founded and staffed by people who are dedicated to seeking out what is needed in our community and what is valuable about Tompkins County and to helping those valuable assets grow important results. We understand our community's needs and help you to turn your charitable passions into results oriented philanthropy. We show donors how to make your gifts go further and accomplish more. 


Contact George Ferrari, Community Foundation of Tompkins County, Executive Director  or call 607-272-9333 if you would like to explore ways for the Community Foundation to assist you in making your philanthropic dreams a reality for Tompkins County.


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Grants and Program Details for period January 1-December 31, 2013 



 2014 Philanthropy Learning Exchange Calendar 

announcing a new series of gatherings to learn more about local giving and gift planning


Tuesday, February 4

Kids Discover the Trail

4pm for all


Tuesday, April 22

Money Personality Types with 

Leslie Strebel of the Stebel Planning Group

12 noon for professional advisors

5pm for donors


Tuesday, July 22

Using Retirement Assets for Gift Planning with staff from 

Cornell University's

Office of Gift Planning 

12 noon for professional advisors

5pm for donors


Tuesday, October 21

Financial Counseling 5 Years Pre and 5 Years Post Retirement with 

Rick Prybyl of Morgan Stanley

12 noon for professional advisors

5pm for donors



 2014 Philanthropy Learning Exchange #1 


Kids Discover the Trail

Tuesday, February 4 from 4-6pm

Borg Warner Room

Tompkins County Public Library


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For information regarding grant opportunities, please visit us online at 

A big thank you to our donors who responded so generously during our annual year-end solicitation.  Your 2013 donations help ensure a growing community charitable asset dedicated to meeting the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.  We are honored that you have chosen the Community Foundation as a partner to build, grow and sustain the services, agencies and the cultural treasures that make our community such a special place.
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