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January 2013 






A Message from Our Director

George Ferrari



George Ferrari


Best wishes to everyone in the new year.  Your Community Foundation begins 2013 having achieved a number of milestones thanks to the philanthropy and continued support of the engaged and generous people of Tompkins County.  For the first time we have reached a total of more than $10 million of assets.  Our cumulative grant total since our inception in 2000 through the end of 2012 is an additional $4 million. And in December 2012 we opened a record total of 8 new funds with contributions of more than $2.3 million. Your Community Foundation is honored to continue to serve all of your philanthropic needs and to join with Tompkins County residents to address challenges, to build community, and to improve our quality of life.  Thank you.



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Community Foundation Releases 

Pride of Place

the 2009-2012 Listening Learning Report for

Tompkins Rural Communities


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Listening to our neighbors and learning from them is a vital part of the mission of the Community Foundation.  


Beginning in 2009, members of the Foundation's Board of Directors and staff conducted eight conversations with residents from each of the rural towns of the County to ask for insights about the issues that were of greatest importance. Rural populations are uniquely at risk, though particularly resilient, in terms of health care, environmental issues, and economic opportunities.


From the nearly 20 hours of conversations, the Community Foundation has compiled a summary to guide our grant-making work.  This summary is also intended for others to study and learn about the realities of life and pressing needs within the rural towns of Tompkins County.  As important, the lessons learned will help guide political and economic leaders and individual donors toward assisting these townships to find paths to ensure the connections they value, preserve the quality of life they want, and the means to secure their towns' future.


Click here to learn more and to see the full report and the executive summary




Best Gift for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday? Social Impact


BY Ryan Scott


January 17th, 2013




Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that acts of service were the great equalizer.  "Everybody can be great," he noted, "because everybody can serve."  That's why Dr. King's wife, Coretta Scott King, once said that "the greatest birthday gift my husband could receive is if people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds celebrated the day by performing individual acts of kindness through service to others."


Since 1986, three years after President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law, every third Monday in January is designated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday that celebrates Dr. King's life and work.  In 1994, Congress named MLK Jr. Day as a national day of service, and since then Americans have often celebrated the day through acts of service, dubbing the holiday "A Day On, Not a Day Off."  


This movement also aligns with President Obama's national call for all Americans to incorporate volunteerism and public service into their daily lives as a responsibility of citizenship.



First Grant from New Fund Supports 
Friendship Donations Network



With eight new funds opening at the Community Foundation last month alone we are excited about seeing new grants supporting our community. A first grant from the new Blecher Schaffzin Family Fund has been approved for general operating support of the Friendship Donations Network (FDN). The mission of FDN is to rescue fresh nutritious food from stores and farms that would otherwise be thrown away and redistribute it to our neighbors in need. This grant is in memory of long time FDN volunteer leader Judy Dietz.


Click here for more information about Friendship Donations Network



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Contact George Ferrari, Community Foundation of Tompkins County, Executive Director  or call 607-272-9333 if you would like to explore ways for the Community Foundation to assist you in making your philanthropic dreams a reality for Tompkins County.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Community Foundation 2013 Officers Elected 




Robin Masson



Mickie Sanders-Jauquet



David Squires



Mary Berens



Outgoing members completing their terms in 2012 with the thanks and appreciation of the Community Foundation are Jacki Barr, Max Brown, Caroline Cox, Jennifer Gabriel, Wendy Hankle, Anthony Hopson, Laurie Linn, Linda Madeo, Nelson Mead, Ed Morton and John Rogers.


Meet the Board

Board Chair

Robin Masson 


Vice Board Chair

Mickie Sanders-Jauquet 



Mary Berens



David Squires



Richard Banks 
Susan Brown
Tom Colbert

Randy Ehrenberg

Ross Feldman

Marcie Finlay

Mariette Geldenhuys

Bob Jewell

Sara Knobel

Tim Little

Alan Mathios

Diane McDonough

Bill Murphy

Nancy Potter

Carol Travis

Linda Wagenet

Julie Waters

Amy Yale-Loehr


Incorporating Board

Jeff Furman

Howard Hartnett

Bill Myers   Robert Swieringa  John Semmler

Diane Shafer





Executive Director

George Ferrari, Jr.


Program Officer

Janet Cotraccia


Donor Relations Officer

Amy LeViere


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