ASCCA What You Need To KnowJune 13, 2016
Automotive Aftermarket Summit - June 24, 2016
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Join the ASCCA at this year's Automotive Aftermarket Summit in lovely Long Beach. The event will take place the day before the June Team Weekend, and will be held at the Hotel Maya.
June 2016 ASCCA Team Weekend in Torrance
Come and join ASCCA at our June Team Weekend in Torrance. The event will follow the Automotive Aftermarket Summit in Long Beach.
ASCCA Efforts to Amend SB 778 (Allen) Pay Off
Last week ASCCA reported on the grassroots efforts being made to amend SB 778 (Allen).  Our efforts have paid off and amendments recommended by ASCCA have been incorporated into the bill.
As introduced, the bill would have required automotive repair dealers, prior to performing any work, to notify customers purchasing oil changes of recommended oil drain intervals, oil grade and viscosity specified in the maintenance schedule of the vehicle's owner's manual.  According to the author, the goal of the bill is to address the myth that all vehicles must have their oil changed every 3,000 miles and to ensure that all auto repair dealers follow the manufacturer's recommendations when listing the date or mileage for the customer's next oil change through window stickers or other means. 
ASCCA has advocated for amendments that would improve the bill and provide a "real world" approach to protecting consumers while ensuring a fair and competitive automotive repair market place.
This past week Senator Allen adopted ASCCA's recommended amendments.  As amended, the bill will: 
  1. Require all Oil/Lube change businesses to be licensed/registered (ARD) with BAR jurisdiction.
  2. If an ARD recommends a date or mileage oil drain interval, then ARD must follow the vehicle manufacturer schedules.
  3. If an ARD recommends a date or mileage oil drain interval that deviates from the vehicle manufacturer schedule, then the ARD must note the basis on the invoice.
  4. Nothing prohibits the customer from selecting oil drain interval of choice.
  5. Defines "recommendation", as any writing (i.e. window sticker, key tag, etc.) and programmable oil monitor settings. Excludes simply resetting of the oil life monitors that are non-programmable or based on vehicle algorithm.
  6. When an ARD performs an oil change, the ARD shall include the following disclosure on the invoice or attachment to invoice: "It is important to change your oil at proper intervals. Your vehicle manufacturer publishes oil change intervals in your owner's manual and on the manufacturer web site."
Senator Allen has removed any references to the ARD having to notify the customer of the vehicle manufacturer oil drain internals; deleted any requirement that an ARD notify the customer of oil grades, performance standards and oil quality; deleted any references to terms such as "normal" and "severe."
Overall, the bill is much improved and includes many of ASCCA recommendations.
NorCal Broadens the Lead in the Countertop Display Contest
NorCal has continued to increase their lead in the 2016 Countertop Display Contest. As of June 3rd, NorCal leads SoCal 48 to 28.
Don't forget about the bonus point opportunities for:
Submissions before July 31st; including last year's display; and for featuring the ASCCA Code of Ethics.
Send more entries today to Ryan at [email protected]
To the left we have a 4 point entry from Brad's Motor Werke's in Newbury Park.
ASCCA, Where Members Have Each Other's Backs
We all have one of those days where something goes wrong and we need a friend or even an acquaintance to help out in a time of need. Having a statewide network of automotive professionals and repair shop owners is vital in these kinds of situations. Just ask John Barlogio who was lent a hand by ASCCA Past President Mary Kemnitz when his car broke down during a family road trip. 
"A few days ago my wife and I stopped to visit our grandson Joel and daughter in Concord. We were headed to Pinole to deliver a sofa we had brought up from Visalia. The El Camino would not crank- nothing. Ugh I thought, broken car, my car!!! But fear not I am an ASCCA member and I knew exactly where my car was going. I called up D&H in Concord and Mary answered the phone, got my car in, and had it done the same afternoon. The sofa was delivered and got back to our home in Lodi by 8pm!  Mary not only got it fixed, but my charge was the cost of the starter $41.85!  She said 'you would have done the same for me' and yes I would have. I am so thankful for this organization and am thankful for D&H in Concord. Mary K you are the best!"  
Forging relationships and connecting with members across the state is what ASCCA Team Talk is all about. This forum is set up for members to discuss automotive industry issues with fellow members, and allow you to forge relationships no matter where you're at in the state.
ASCCA President Defends Rights Of Auto Repair Shops, Customers At Legislative Hearing
Parts & People has a great article about ASCCA's President Dennis Montalbano's testimony at the Joint Legislative Committee back in March.
Nick Modesti Named ASCCA'S June 2016 Member of the Month
The ASCCA Membership Committee is proud to announce that it has selected Nick Modesti of Modesti's Car Care Center as the ASCCA Member of the Month for June 2016. Each month, an ASCCA member is recognized for going above and beyond to support ASCCA's Core Purpose: To elevate and unite automotive professionals and give them voice.
Each One Reach One: ASCCA 2016 Membership Drive with Contest and Raffle!
As a member of ASCCA, you understand the importance of strength in numbers. It's what helps ASCCA achieve its core purpose of elevating and uniting automotive professionals, and giving them voice.
Each year, thousands of new bills are introduced in Sacramento, many of which will impact small business owners. Thanks in large part to members like you, we've helped forge important relationships with state policymakers, regulators, and other industry professionals. Leveraging these relationships, ASCCA has been able to weigh in on important legislative discussions in Sacramento that would directly affect your business and your bottom line. But we still need your help!
Click here to read the complete Each One Reach One flyer.
Visit the ASCCA Member Resources page for more information including talking points on recent ASCCA achievements which can be used as a leave-behind for new member recruitment.
In Need of Legal Advice? ASCCA Has You Covered
Legal issues are something that every small business owner will face at one point or another, and the decision alone to seek legal advice can come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, as an ASCCA member, you are entitled to 30 minutes of free legal advice every month from ASCCA's lobbyist and legal counsel, Jack Molodanof, Esq.-and it doesn't even have to be shop-related.
In addition to his work for ASCCA, Mr. Molodanof is also president of Molodanof Government Relations, a public affairs firm which specializes in community relations, advocacy, and lobbying, and is a practicing attorney representing trade associations with an emphasis on general business transactions and small business issues.
So next time you need legal advice, don't try answering it yourself and risking getting into deeper legal issues. Call or email our expert, Jack Molodanof at (916) 447-0313 with your business or personal legal questions. This service can be used either by you or any of your employees.
August 2016 ASCCA Team Weekend in Anaheim
In the link below, please find detailed information on the upcoming AUGUST Team Weekend in Anaheim. We are hosting a reception and Team Weekend in conjunction with the NACE | CARS 2016 Expo and Conference.
Office Depot Deals Available Exclusively to ASCCA Members
ASCCA has worked with Office Depot to secure pricing so good that it rivals Fortune 500 pricing on each and every item that you purchase. If you haven't already, contact Bill Lewis, the ASCCA's Business Account Manager:
855.337.6811 x 16116
Upcoming ASCCA Chapter Events
June 14th: Chapter 16 Meeting
June 15th: Chapter 48 Meeting
June 21th: Chapters 18, 24 and 14 Meetings
Member Discount Alert! ASCCA Partners with Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) Again in 2016 for Discounted Courses

Seminar courses are normally $149.95. ASCCA members pay only $95 per attendee -- a savings of almost $55 per class! Service writer courses are normally $1,500. ASCCA members pay only $950 per attendee!


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iATN Discounts Available to ASCCA Members

The International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) is the world's first and largest online network of automotive service industry professionals. Since 1995, iATN has been providing outstanding service industry resources to members worldwide. ASCCA members can enjoy a $9-per-month discount off of the regular price of iATN Business+ premium membership, at $45-per-month.  This membership provides your shop with up to 5 premium access accounts.

Link to iATN's website


ASCCA Member Resources
Are you taking full advantage of your membership in the ASCCA? Check out our Member Resources page to see many of benefits of being a member.
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